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New Look

December 31, 2007

Galadria let me change the look!  It took much convincing, believe it or not she really wanted to keep the old one 🙂  The header image will change, it’s just a screenie I had laying around and I’ll be adding a few things here and there and just generally making my self at home.   Still looking for suggestions for a name, anyone feel like sharing your creativity?


Vladvin, First Post

December 30, 2007

Galadria has just about talked me into blogging here (why start my own when she already has a reader base?). We’ll probably be renaming the blog and maybe get a new domain. We’re taking suggestions on new names for the blog, I’d like to have something about holy and shadow or light and shadow but we can’t come up with anything we really like.

As some of you may remember, in the last post about me, I was about to respec to Shadow. I did that about a week ago and I am LOVING it! I still need LOTS of gear but I’m plugging along at it. The holidays have really put a damper on my ability to play but I should be back after the New Year. Hopefully I’ll get a Kara run in tonight and maybe something will drop for me. The last time I was in there I could have had anything I wanted but nothing droped, it was all hunter crap (no offense to the hunters out there but I have no need for Agi). That’s the way the game goes right? Anyways, I’ll probably follow Galadria and Rashtag and make a list of goals in the next few days. I feel so scatter-brained right now, there’s so many things I need to get done and I can’t ever seem to decide which one to work on.

That’s all for now, Happy New Year everyone!

Best of 2007

December 26, 2007

Matticus just did a post on what he thought the best of his blog was in 2007 and I like the idea! So to follow in his footsteps, here goes:

Galadria Starts a Blog!

I started this blog after reading Ego and Kirk. I had been writing random articles about my thoughts and expirences and just had a few laying around. I gave it a try and had no idea how much I would enjoy it. Writing this blog has made me a much better Priest!

  • My first post was on August 15, 2007 and I’ve written 66 posts since then.
  • I’ve had 310 comments and I’ve loved the feedback (and hated the ~2200 spam comments)
  • I’ve had about 17k views total and my best day was 311 views (Dec 7 if anyone is curious)

The Best of the Holy Light

As Matticus did, here’s what I think are the best of what I’ve written, in no particular order:

Updates and Changes

As I mentioned in my Merry Christmas post, I’m no longer raiding with Galadria and that’s primarially why my posting has been non-existent. The toon that my blog is based on isn’t being played. The guild my RL friends and I started has collapsed. We were not ever able to make a 2nd Kara group, let alone gett 25 for Gruul. We all sat down one night and had a come-to-Jesus-meeting and it came out that we all wanted to progress further but everyone except me (not QQ’ing, just stating fact) wanted less responsibility. That doesn’t work. We all agreed that more was needed (recruiting, ZA, raid management) but no one wanted to do it. Therefore we agreed to not schedule any more guild raids and let everyone look for raiding opportunities elsewhere. The guild wasn’t going to last forever anyway. Most of us have decided to level toons on another server to play with another RL friend who has a guild that’s almost into BT. I haven’t quit the game but since I’m not playing Galadria I just don’t have much to write about. I’m still reading everyone’s blogs and I’ll comment when I’ve got something to say but for the most part I think I’ve said all I have to say. I may post every now and then (my Review on Starshards is still sitting in my Drafts half finished) but it will by no means be regular posting. However, I do believe that Vladvin has decided to start his own blog (I offered him this one, but he said he’d rather start from scratch, Holy Light doesn’t really work for a Shadow Priest) and I’ll let you know when his site gets off of the ground.

I’m very sad that my blogging seems to be comming to an end. I have so throughly enjoyed this process and I thank all of you for reading my humble little corner of the blogosphere. I’d espcially like to thank Ego and Kirk for giving me something to aspire to and much inspiration. Matticus and Kestrel for sending many readers my way and helping show me how to be a good blogger. BRK, Rashtag, TJ, and BBB for making me laugh every day. There are many more but my brain isn’t working properly at the moment. I’ll take that as a hint to close this post and wish all of you a Happy New Year! I hope all of you are safe, happy and warm this holiday season!

And for your enjoyment, my hubby and my shoe-eating puppy on Christmas Morning:

Puppy and Hubby (it’s really big so I’ll link it)

Merry Christmas Folks!!

December 25, 2007

I wanted to wish all of you out there on teh intarweb a Merry/Happy [Insert Holiday Here]!!  We had a wonderful, lazy day and I’m glad to be home and about to log in and go farm some Netherweave :-).  I’m sorry my posting has been slow lately but I’ve had some issues and just don’t have the drive to write right now.  The short story is that I’m not raiding with Galadria any more (haven’t been for about 3 weeks now) and I just don’t have anything meaningful to say and I don’t like to blog about Skittles (if you live in Austin you might get that joke, basically I don’t like to write when I have nothing meaningful to say).  I’ll explain more after I get a little more settled and make a few decisions.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!!

Little Bit of Theorycraft

December 14, 2007

I’m going to cut and paste the forum article that inspired this post here.  This came from Kemerogh, Dark Fallen Regin, Lightninghoof (US) in their guild forums.

Two shaman are raid healing. one with 1900+ Heal and 86 mp5, and thee other with 1650 + heal and 160 mp5. Let’s assume for my timelyness that both have exactly 10,000 mana. and are casting Chain heal , Let’s give both shaman the benefeit of the doubt and say Chain heal hit’s all three jumps and does no over heal. Chain heal at 1900 + heal on the first jump heals for 3,000 then 1,500 then 750 or 5200 total heal per cast. Chain heal at 1650 + heal hit’s for 2,800 then 1400, then 700. or 4900 per cast. Now Let’s set a constant Time period, assume the average boss time for an on farm boss is 7.5 minutes or 450 seconds. 450/5 = 90. So through your 7.5 minute boss encounter you get 90 ticks. 90*86= 7,740 mana regen through your boss encounter. Essentially through 7.5 minutes allowing for a mana pool of 17,740 mana. Take that mana pool and divide it by the cost of chain heal 513 mana. 17,740/513 = 34. Now multiply by the average heal amount of 5200. 5200* 34=176,800. So with 1900+ Heal and 86 Mana per 5 seconds you can heal for 176,800 Best case senario in 7.5 minutes.Now Let’s Run some number for 1650 heal with 160 Mp5. Again we take the constant of 90 ticks, But multiply instead by 160 . 90*160=14,400 mana regen through 7.5 minutes, allowing for a base mana pool of 24,400. Now again divide by 513. 24,400/513 =47. Now again multiply the average heal amount of 4900. 4900*47=230,300. So with 1650+heal and 160 mp5 you can heal for 230,300 best case senario in 7.5 minutes.

By sacrificing 250+ heal for mp5 You can increase your healing done by 230,300-176,800. or 53,500. Also Please consider. Assuming No latency at a 2.5 second Cast time chain heal Can be cast 180 times in a 7.5 minute period. leaving Room for vast improvment as shown above at 160 mp5 you will only be able to cast it 47 times before you OOM. 180/47=3.829. 3.829*230,300=882,000 Possibly healing in 7.5 minutes. Now of course this number wouldnt be attainable without nough Mp5 to keep you with mana the whole fight requiring almost 1,000 mp5, I use it simply as an example of the room that is available if Mp5 is prioritized.

Now For Priests.  I will say that I played around with Warcrafter this morning and I’m having trouble making the #’s work right.  It seems that Blizzard understands that Priests need more MP5 and a lot of the healing gear has those stats, so I could not replicate the same #’s using that tool.  If anyone wants to post their raid buffed +Heal and MP5 in the comments so I can get some more accurate examples to work with, I’ll re-do the math with some more realistic stats for Priests.  I’m going to use 1.5k +Heal with 250 MP5 and 2k +Heal with 150 MP5.  For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to pretend that your spamming Flash Heal (I know that’s not terrbily realistic, but I think it will demonstrate my point), costing 470 Mana (according to Warcrafter).  I’m using the spreadsheet that I linked to in my Links section to produce the average amount healed for Flash Heal. 

With 1500 +Heal FH will go for 2245 on average.  Using his 7.5 min boss fight, with 250 MP5 you would regen 22,500 mana (7.5 min*60 secs/5 secs*250MP5) giving you a total mana pool of 32,500.  That would allow you to cast 69 Flash Heals (which would take you aprox 103 secs compared to the 450 secs the boss fight will take), giving you a total healed of 154,905.

With 2000 +Heal FH will go for 2525 on average.  Across the 7.5 mins and 150 MP5 you will regen 13,500 mana (calculated the same way as above) giving a total Mana pool of 23500.  This will allow you to cast 50 Flash heals (which would take 75 secs of the 450), giving you a total healed of 126,250.

The point of this post?  Once you get to a high level of +Heal MP5 becomes much more important.  With 100 more MP5 you will heal for almost 30,000 more for the life of the boss fight.  This also doesn’t account for the 5 sec waltz and you can see that there will be a lot of time OFSR using the time spent casting I talked about up there).  If I were to incorporate that I think the difference would be even more drastic.  Hopefully someone who is much better at this stuff than I *cough*Kirk*cough* can figure out how to incorporate time OFSR to get a more accurate picture.

Before I close this post, a small disclaimer.  As with almost all theory crafting, this took a lot of assumptions.  I think I did a good job of stating what those assumptions were so you can use the appropiate amount of salt with this information.  Also please don’t flame me if some of my #’s are a little off.  My point isn’t the numbers, it’s that MP5 may be better to itemize for once you have high enough +Healing.  Go out there and have some fun!

PvE and PvP Gear

December 12, 2007

Nope, I’m not going to start in on a tirade about raiding and arena gear, like so many others have over the last 2 weeks.  I’m going to point you to Apathy, Inc.  What is written in that article just about summs up my feelings on the entire matter.  Both sides are being ‘tards and need to be quiet!

A New Voice

December 11, 2007

Hiya folks, I’d like to introduce you to a new author here at the Holy Light, Vladvin.  He plays a soon to be Shadow Priest on the Lightninghoof server.  He’s exactly 180 degrees (male, Horde, Shadow, RP PvP server) apart from me so it should make for some interesting discussion.  He’ll be guest posting articles every now and then about raiding with his priest.  The guild he’s in is much farther along than ours so there will be a new and different perspective.  Without further ado, here he is:

Hello everyone!  As Galadria said, I’m Vladvin.  I have recently hit 70 and have decided to go Shadow for raiding.  My guild only takes 1 or 2 Holy Priests on the 25 man raids and I just don’t want to deal with that kind of competition.  Everyone loves a mana battery right?  Since the guild is far enough along in progression I’m being power-geared through Kara (anything that drops that I can use is mine since no one else will need it).  I just need a few more pieces and I’ll be switching to Shadow for good!  When I make the switch, I’ll talk about my spec and what I decide to do, so look for my first post in a week or so.  See you all soon!