Crazy Canadians

Sorry, no WoW today.  This was just too good to pass up.  Go read this from the LICD forums

You done yet?  Everyone here? 

You in the back… eyes up here!

I’m at a loss for words on this one.  I don’t live in Canada but I do have readers in Canada and if this goes through (I’ll be astouonded if it does) they won’t be able to access my site because it’s not Canadian.  See aparently the Internet should be a national thing.  Each country needs their own little WORLD WIDE WEB!

Anyone laughing as hard as I am?  Does anyone seriously think that the internet needs this much regulation?  Charging ISP’s to access creative content is just plain crazy talk.  I can just hear it now… “Sorry dude, I can’t go look at your site because my ISP doesn’t pay for that one” 

Anyone who lives in the Austin area will be familiar with this.  LIN TV, who owns the local chanel KXAN (who is our NBC affiliate by the way), wanted to charge additional fees back in October and Time Warner (who I would guess has about 70% of the market share around here) refused to pay the higher costs.  Whether the higher rates are reasonable or not is debatable and depends on who you ask, that’s another story though.  Time Warner droped KXAN from their lineup for about a month while ironing out details.  Everyone who subscribes to cable with Time Warner was without programing because the big wigs couldn’t get their act together. 

Do we really need more of that crap in our lives?  Do we really need more bureaucracy?  If you live in Canada you should consider making your voice heard on this subject.  Someone posted down in the comments of that forum post where to get more info.  We as internet users need to call bullsh!t on this one.

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