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Outland Gourmet

January 18, 2009

I’ve got a post comming on Tuesday the details the parts of the Hail to the Chef Achievement, just like the fishing one I did last week.  Since the Outland Gorumet of the Achievment is so large, I moved it to it’s own post.

A few notes:

  • Do the Shattrath cooking daily!  There are several recipes that are only available through this daily.  You will need to keep doing the daily until you have all of these recipes.
  • Some of the recipes are quest rewards.  If you weren’t a Chef when you did those quests and vendored the recipe a GM should be able to restore it for you if you submit a ticket.  You may also be able to purchase the recipes on the Auction House.
  • If you don’t fish you will need to purchase some from the AH or find a buddy to get them for you.
  • Purchasing all of the needed meat/fish from the AH is an option, but one that I hesitate to recomend.  Since these are now “old-school” mats they will either be really cheap (because no one needs them any more) or really expensive (because no one farms them any more) depending on your server.  Either way, it may be hard to find everything and you’ll probably have to buy more than you need.  Once you have all of the recipes, you should be able to farm everything you will need in one sitting if you are level 80.

Assuming you are like me, and don’t have any of these recipes, here’s where you will need to go to get all of the recipes:

Once you have all of the recipes, here’s a complete materials list to cook all the recipes.  (Note: Mok’Nathal Short Ribs, Crunchy Serpent, Roasted Clefthoof, and Warp Burgers are left out as you will already have cooked them if you’ve done the Shattrath Dailies and if you have all of the recipes you will most certianly have done the Shattrath Dailies)

  • Vendors – all of these are available from vendors in lower city
    • Simple Flour – 8
    • Ice Cold Milk – 4
    • Flask of Port – 2
    • Goldenbark Apple – 5
    • Soothing Spices – 9
    • Mild Spices – 4
    • Hot Spices – 1
  • Meat
    • Buzzard Meat – 2
    • Clefthoof Meat – 2
    • Talbuk Venison – 2
    • Ravager Flesh – 1
    • Chunk o’ Basilisk = 1
  • Fish
    • Spotted Feltail – 1
    • Huge Spotted Feltail – 1
    • Figluster’s Mudfish – 1
    • Lightning Eel – 1 (Found in several places, but not Outland, highest drop rate in Feralas
    • Bloodfin Catfish – 1 (found in Deadwind Pass and Zul’Aman)
    • Crescent-Tail Skullfish – 1 (found in Deadwind Pass and Zul’Aman)
    • Barbed Gill Trout – 2
    • Enormous Barbed Gill Trout – 1
    • Zangarian Sporefish – 1
    • Icefin Bluefish – 1
    • Golden Darter – 1
    • Furious Crawdad – 1
  • Other
    • Small Egg – 8
    • Mageroyal – 3
    • Strange Spores – 1
    • Jagal Clam Meat – 2

    Inscription Leveling and Addons

    October 15, 2008

    About all I had time to do last night after I got home was level Inscription to about 55.  Banana Shoulders has a great guide that I’m following (as a side note, go to her site and don’t read it out of your reader, it’s been updated!).  I meant to keep track of my mat usage to compare and see if there were any obvious changes from PTR/Beta to the live version but I was halfway through before I remembered that intention… sorry guys 😦  I did get really lucky and got points on several yellow and green recepies.  I wonder if Blizz decided to make leveling a little easier for a few days?  Doesn’t seem likley… think I’m just lucky! 

    I’m really liking the profession, it’s kind of cool.  The only think I don’t like is how long Milling takes.  Is there an addon to perhaps automate Milling?  So I don’t have to click on stacks of herbs.  I guess I’m wishing it was more like smelting… click “Mill All” and watch TV for a while 🙂 

    On another note, I think I’m going to overhaul my addons and interface tonight.  I’m just going to take the opportunity to evaluate all my addons and figure out if I really like them or if I’m just keeping them because I’ve always used them.  The one I’m not happy about is Bongos.  As I understand it’s no longer supported and doesn’t work with the new patch.  I really liked Bongos… I guess I’m going to have to give Bartender a try.  Anybody have recomendations?  What addons can you not play without?

    Here’s my favorites (links to be added later)

    • XPerl – UI
    • Bongos2 – Bar/button mod, what I haven’t seen anywhere else is the ability to move the mini map
    • Fishing Buddy – the best fishing mod I’ve found, allows a double click over water to recast, will also automatically attach lures and change your gear if you have any.  If you are interested will keep track of what you catch
    • Smart Buff – again, the best I’ve seen for this type.  Scans for castable buffs on self/party/raid, has MANY settings for who gets which buffs and will cast group buffs when applicable.  It works with any class and will cast buffs with the scroll wheel or on click of a button.
    • Meta Maps – I’m not particuarly attached to this one.  I just need a easy to read and preferably moveable coords and when I pull up the map I want it to not take up the whole screen and allow me to move while I’m looking at the map.  The placeable markers are nice but I’ve never actually used that functionality.
    • Gatherer – This on keeps a record of herbs/mining nodes/treasure/mote clouds and will display known locations on the map so you can plan loops for farming.  Also has a HUD.  When the database gets full it can be a bit sluggish.  If there’s a better addon I’m open to sugestions.
    • Advanced Trade Skill Window – This changes the profession window, makes it bigger and easier to read (the built in window is very dificult for me to use).  It takes into account mats that are purchaseable/on alts/in the bank to tell you how many items you can make.  Also allows customizable menu organization.
    • ArcHUD – Places small arcs around your character that are customizable.  I have my health, mana, and cast bar and the other side has the same for my target.  It’s highly customizable (I think you can put up to 10 arcs on each side with all kinds of information) and very non intrusive.
    • Proximo – Arena addon that displays your enemies and their class/spec when you or your partners target them.  Again, not attached, this one just works well

    Those are the big ones.  If you know of one that does the same functionality but is cleaner or better let me know!  Also if you know if something that I HAVE to try out I’m very opem to sugestions!

    Hope you all out there on the Intarwebs are having a great day and not getting rained on like I am here in Austin!

    Vladvin: How Very… Anti-Climactic

    January 18, 2008

    After Wednesday night’s ramapge last night was, as the title sugests, anti-climactic.  We went into SSC and struggled on content that is suposed to be on farm.  We wiped once on Hydross… the tanks weren’t switching smoothly (and therefore died) and the healers seemed to be having trouble with not pulling aggro.  The second try was still messy, but he went down.  I got an off-hand, but it was so marginal I don’t even remember the name of it.  There were no DKP bids and I won the roll with a 96.  Lurker also took 2 tries.  People kept dying to the spouts, tanks were going down on the add phase, heals were bad…  it was just messy.  On our way to Tidewalker one of our officers, up and quit.  He said he was done and just logged off.  Out GM talked to him in another vent chanel and he came back, but it was still very strange.  He’s usually a very dedicated player.  I was quite baffled by the whole thing.  When we actually got to Tidewalker things kind of clicked.  He’s usually a boss we have a lot of trouble with.  He’s kind of like Prince, somtimes you just get really unlucky; getting 3 infernals droped right on top of you or getting 5 healers sent to watery graves.  Tidewalker went down in one very smooth shot, but the bad mood/karma damage had already been done for the night and we decided not to continue on to Karathress.  The other Spriest won a DKP bid from Tidewalker, but again I can’t remember what it was.  It was a bigger upgrade for him so I’m glad he got it. 

    In other news, I got my Frozen Shadow Weave Robe crafted last night!  Now I just need some gloves and my head enchant and I will be happy with my gear.  Gloves should happen on this week’s kara run, either Handwraps of Flowing Thought will drop or I’ll have the Badges to get Studious Wraps.

    Have a great Friday and I hope your raiding goes smoother than mine did!

    Vladvin: Many Bosses Down!

    January 17, 2008

    Our guild had a long, fruitful night of raiding!  We went into TK first; Al’ar, Void Reaver, and Solarian all down in one shot (first time for a 1-shot on Solarian).  I died to the fire on the 2nd phase of Al’ar again.  At least I can say that I’m not walking into it, it spawned exactly on top of me again and by the time I got to the edge I was dead.  I’m sure there’s something different I could have done (there always is) but I’m just not sure what.  Anyway, I got the Band of Al’ar, bumped my Shadow damage almost to 1k unbuffed!  After leaving TK we went and 1-shot Kazzak and then Doomwalker with no griefing from the Allies!  We actually got some help on Doomwalker from 2 other guilds that each had 1/2 of a BT raid waiting outside.  After that they (I didn’t go, needed to get my dailies done and work on my herbing, now at 315) did High King and Gruul.  That’s 7 bosses down in one night and all but High King in one shot!  Tonight SSC and hopefully we’ll get Vashj.  If she goes down I’m guessing we’ll go after Kael’thas this weekend. 

    On another note, I started working on some Spell Review articles for the Dark Side and they just don’t work as well as Galadria’s Holy ones.  There’s just not much that’s insightful to say about them.  I’m still working on it, but in the mean time I’m starting another project.  I’ll be writing articles on boss tactics with some general strageties that have worked for us and some specific things for the Shadow Priest.  I’ve gotten most of the Kara bosses written but I’m waiting until we go in there this weekend (waiting for a friend to hit 70 so we can take him in there) to get some screenshots.  I also plan on working up through the progression to cover all of the bosses that I’ve seen.

    Alas, I must go do something my boss will consider productive…  I can’t seem to convince her that blogging is productive.

    Vladvin: I Want Your Flowers!

    January 15, 2008

    I’m getting closer to my FSW Robe, I’ve got 5 cloth and a guildie holding a cooldown for me (so that makes 7 out of 14 I think).  My cooldown is up soon too.  My goal for tonight is to get my herbing up to at least 300.  I’m really hurting for cash and it will help a lot if I don’t have to buy flasks.  I’m levling Alchemy on an alt that has been sitting at 60 for a long time.  I have no desire to go back and play that toon but I may need to in order to get some rep recipes. 

    We go into TK tomorow night; Al’ar, Solarian, and Loot Reaver.  If we down Al’ar tomorow I think we can call that fight on farm.  It really is an easy encounter, just takes some coordination.  We could stand to be a little cleaner with the add pickup, but it wasn’t a huge problem last time.  I’m praying for some Priest loot, I’m sick and tired of Hunter, Mage, Warlock.  Yes, I know they need gear too but I swear it’s all that ever drops.

    Herbing 300, here I come!  Any lowbies trying to level Herbalism on Lightninghoof… I promise to ninja your flowers 🙂

    In case any of you are curious, I have been updating my Goals post as I complete them.  If you go check it out, you’ll see that I’m plugging along at it!

    Leveling Your Priest: Sidone at 25

    November 20, 2007

    Sidone is FINALLY at 25, so here goes!

    Talents – (0/0/16)

    The first 11 are the same as last time, but for a recap:

    • 5/5 Spirit Tap
    • 5/5 Shadow Focus
    • 1/1 Mind Flay
    • 2/2 Imp SW:P
    • 2/5 Imp Mind Blast
    • 1/2 Shadow Reach

    I am now seeing mobs die before SW:P times out, I think this is largely because I’m fighting 1 and 2 over level mobs, but whatever the cause, I filled in Imp SW:P. Next I took 2/5 in Imp Mind Blast, and 1/2 in Shadow Reach for the increased range.

    Spell Rotation

    I have 3 spell rotations that I’m currently using. The first is for killing mobs that I don’t have the room to fear, the second is for killing 2 mobs at the same time while fearing them, and the third is for killing overlevel mobs espcially ones that hit hard.

    Normal Spell Rotation (fear is not available/possible):

    1. Pull with Mind Blast
    2. SW:P
    3. Shield
    4. Mind Flay x2 (x1 if substantially under level)
    5. Wand until death

    With this rotation I get enough mana regen that I don’t have to stop and drink very often.

    Fear Juggling (if you are a regular reader, you’ll have seen this allready but I’m posting this here again anyway and I now know for sure that this will need to change at later levels, but that’s another post!):

    1. Pull mob A with MB and SW:P
    2. Shield
    3. Pul Mob B with SW:P
    4. When it’s in range, fear both
    5. MF Mob A until dead (I can usually get 2 MF’s off before the fear wears off and if it’s not dead a 3rd will kill it before it gets back)
    6. Kill Mob B however you like, it should be at about 1/2 health (if I’m trying to conserve mana, I’ll do SW:P and wand, if not MB then Smite will do the job)

    Overlevel mobs, the most recent ones that I had a hard time with were the raptors in the archaelogical dig site in the Wetlands. They were 2-3 levels over me and hit hard for that level.

    1. For this I pull out Holy Fire, it does a good amount of damage and adds another DOT that helps taking down the tough mobs
    2. Shield SW:P
    3. Mind Blast
    4. Fear if possible
    5. Mind Flay x 2 (and a 3rd if the shield is still up)
    6. Mind Blast

    The last Mind Blast usually kills off the mob, if not I’ll throw a Smite. For this rotation I like to kill with a spell instead of wanding. I’m not really concerned with mana efficency, this is for guys that hit hard, have a relativley large amount of health and therefore need to die quickly.

    Where I Played

    I started out by trying the Absent Minded Prospector quest in Darkshore… I was not able to solo it and after SEVERAL tries gave up. Then I tried the escort quest from Grove of the Ancients to Myathstra’s Post in Ashenvale and a stupid Tauren kept killing my NPC…. gave up again. I think you can understand I was a bit discouraged at this point. I moved on and did some more questing in Ashenvale, moved on to Stonetalon Point for Pridewing venom sacs and killed some Venture Co. peons. Then back to Ashenvale to work on getting Dartol’s Rod of Transformation (haven’t finished that one yet) and on to the Wetlands. Killed some murlocs, young crocolisks, raptors, and currently collecting war banners.


    I’ve picked up Fishing and Cooking, I’m going to pass on First Aid for now. I’m probably going to want it later on since I’ll be Shadow but it’ll be really easy to power level later and I want the cloth for leveling Tailoring. A great way to level fishing is to do the fishing quests in Darkshore. On a side note, I got Galadria’s fishing up to 298 last night before I had to go do Arena (that’s another story for another post).


    I’m slowly replacing the greens that I picked up from Azuremist and Bloodmist with Tailoring greens. I’m still not finding much in the way of quest rewards that is better, but the tailoring peices are nice. Although I picked up my first pair of shoulders last night!


    This one is easy… but it’s one of my favorite movies (my husband proposed while we were watching this one!)

    “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Spell Review: Psychic Scream

    October 28, 2007

    Psychic Scream aka Fear, if I use PS I’ll feel like I’m writing a million Post Scripts!

    Tooltip – Rank 4 (as of 10/25/2007)

    • Cast Time: Instant
    • Cooldown: 30 sec
    • Duration: 8 secs
    • Mana: 189 mana

    The caster lets out a psychic scream, causing 5 enemies within 8 yards to flee for 8 sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect.”

    Mechanics – What does the tooltip mean?

    • One thing to remeber about Priest Fear is that it will wear off before the cooldown is up. Chain Fearing is not an option so you should have a plan for what to do after 8 secs.
    • I’m not sure about this, but I do belive that they will build aggro while feared.
    • In most cases damage will break the fear early but it seems to be burst damage that will do it. In my experimentation SW:P and MF won’t break the Fear but MB will.

    Between the Lines – What the tooltip doesn’t say

    • You can Fear enemy players as well as mobs!
    • When you Fear a mob you can’t control where they run (I know some ‘Locks that can fear in a general direction, before you scoff I’ve actually seen it, but Priest fear isn’t that controllable). If your feared mob happens to run into another mob, it can aggro onto you. Because of this it’s usually a good idea to have a good amount of open space to fear into so you don’t risk adds.
    • Another neat thing is that a Feared player will not stop when they come to a cliff, if the Fear takes them in that direction they will fall off of the edge. A Feared mob will turn before falling off.

    Tips, Tricks, and Pitfalls

    • Fearing into other mobs and getting adds is the big one here. This is the main reason I recommend extreme caution when Fearing in an instance. It’s just too easy to bring another group of mobs down on top of you.
    • Sidone has herbalism and I use Fear to farm for herbs and not have to kill anything. As long as the mobs are on level or close you can run towards your herb node, Shield to keep the incoming damage to a minimum and stand directly over your herb. Fear the mobs you have aggroed and the duration of the Fear is just long enough to pick the herb and if your quick, usually time for another try if you fail. Then Shield again and run until the mobs turn around. This works better as you get higher ranks, the lowest will only Fear 2 targets, but the highest will Fear 5 targets in range.
    • Warlocks are known for what’s called Fear juggling. For them, the idea is to aggro a few mobs and put DOT’s on all of them and fear all of them. If done correctly, they will be dead before the Feared mobs come back. Priests can do something similar but I’ve never seen anyone able to fear juggle more than 3 mobs and 2 is much more common (a Lock can usually handle 5 or 6). It’s pretty much mandatory to have Mind Flay in order to make fear juggling work for a Priest since we really only have 1 DOT, it’s just not enough damage to kill anything before the fear wears off. The way I do it with my Shadow priest (she’s just a wee-baby right now so it may work different at higher levels) is like this
    1. Pull mob A with Mind Blast
    2. SW:P mob A
    3. Shield
    4. Pull mob B with SW:P
    5. When it reaches the 8 yard range Fear both
    6. Mind Flay mob A until death
    7. Mind Flay Mob B until death

    The Fear will probably have worn off by the time you get to #7, so kill mob B however you like, but it should be half dead by the time it gets back to you.

    [Edit: See comment below by Thames, he gives a spell rotation for Fear juggling up to 5 mobs, do-able with spell damage upwards of 900 and I’d assume you would need the points in Imp SW:P, thanks for the comment Thames!]

    Related Macros

    I don’t use any, but if anyone out there has a macro, please leave a comment!


    “The whole purpose of places like Starbucks is for people with no decision-making ability whatsoever to make six decisions just to buy one cup of coffee. Short, tall, light, dark, caf, decaf, low-fat, non-fat, etc. So people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing or who on earth they are can, for only $2.95, get not just a cup of coffee but an absolutely defining sense of self: Tall. Decaf. Cappuccino.”

    From one of my favorite movies… the price on the coffee should give you a hint on when this movie was made 🙂