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Little Richard is in the House!!!

December 16, 2008

I’m so excited I can hardly contain my self…


Yep that’s right!  That’s a Little Richard plushie from LFG!  You do read LFG right… If you don’t you should.  Go read the archives, you’ll love it.

He will keep my company and hopefully won’t burn the place down with a random “FWOOSH!”

And yes… that is my blog on the screen in the background 🙂

“Rejoyce!  For bad things are about to happen!”


Just Because it Amuses Me

December 9, 2008

Aparently we all remember Geek Code because there’s now a WoW version.  Simply because it amuses me:

M:BEPr79-Disc, Alt:BEWl59-Demo, S:Lightninghoof(US) RPPvP, G:Inept, !PvP, Y:2007.02, D, TBC:Hyj/BT, L-, C:Pr++ !RO, :D, V 0.1

Incomming Links

December 6, 2007

While perusing through my “Referrers” list today I saw something that caught my eye…  The link went something like this:, blah, blah

Lolwhut?  Am I reading this correctly?  Hide the dead girl?  So being the adventerous person that I am, I clicked the link…  Then I get prompted for a username and password. is something you have to register for?  I’m getting an icky feeling…  So, again, the adventure.  I enter the url with out all the stuff at the end and daringly press enter… here’s what I got:

hide the dead girl

Huh?  I will admit my daring ended there…  I have not dared to click the links…  I’m skeered…


Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From WoW

December 3, 2007

I was wondering when this would roll around to me… I got tagged by Kestrel this morning.

Not Ready Yet

Be patient! All things come in good time, including mob deaths. If you force your character to go on to the next spell before she’s ready, bad things happen (well nothing happens, but that’s not my point)


Anything is achievable if you just work together. It takes 10 people to kill any of the Kara or ZA meanies, and 25 to kill Gruul, etc. Set a goal, work towards it as a team and you can do anything!  (This is my guild’s first kill of Prince, I’m the one levitating in the back)


Reputation is very important! Put your best face forward all the time and people will like you! Hopefully like you enough to give you fabulous Purples!


All the good things in life will be hard to get, that’s part of what makes them good things! The effort will be worth it in the end. I can see myself on that Nether Ray now…


Dance for no reason at all! Don’t be afraid to let your hair down every now and then and just have FUN!  (This is me and the hubby dancing in Steamvaults)

Leeroy Kitty

October 31, 2007

Since this one’s WoW related…. I had to share, even though it’s obviously Photo Shop’ed.

Leeroy Jenkins

Picture from I Can Has Cheezburger?