Little Bit of Theorycraft

I’m going to cut and paste the forum article that inspired this post here.  This came from Kemerogh, Dark Fallen Regin, Lightninghoof (US) in their guild forums.

Two shaman are raid healing. one with 1900+ Heal and 86 mp5, and thee other with 1650 + heal and 160 mp5. Let’s assume for my timelyness that both have exactly 10,000 mana. and are casting Chain heal , Let’s give both shaman the benefeit of the doubt and say Chain heal hit’s all three jumps and does no over heal. Chain heal at 1900 + heal on the first jump heals for 3,000 then 1,500 then 750 or 5200 total heal per cast. Chain heal at 1650 + heal hit’s for 2,800 then 1400, then 700. or 4900 per cast. Now Let’s set a constant Time period, assume the average boss time for an on farm boss is 7.5 minutes or 450 seconds. 450/5 = 90. So through your 7.5 minute boss encounter you get 90 ticks. 90*86= 7,740 mana regen through your boss encounter. Essentially through 7.5 minutes allowing for a mana pool of 17,740 mana. Take that mana pool and divide it by the cost of chain heal 513 mana. 17,740/513 = 34. Now multiply by the average heal amount of 5200. 5200* 34=176,800. So with 1900+ Heal and 86 Mana per 5 seconds you can heal for 176,800 Best case senario in 7.5 minutes.Now Let’s Run some number for 1650 heal with 160 Mp5. Again we take the constant of 90 ticks, But multiply instead by 160 . 90*160=14,400 mana regen through 7.5 minutes, allowing for a base mana pool of 24,400. Now again divide by 513. 24,400/513 =47. Now again multiply the average heal amount of 4900. 4900*47=230,300. So with 1650+heal and 160 mp5 you can heal for 230,300 best case senario in 7.5 minutes.

By sacrificing 250+ heal for mp5 You can increase your healing done by 230,300-176,800. or 53,500. Also Please consider. Assuming No latency at a 2.5 second Cast time chain heal Can be cast 180 times in a 7.5 minute period. leaving Room for vast improvment as shown above at 160 mp5 you will only be able to cast it 47 times before you OOM. 180/47=3.829. 3.829*230,300=882,000 Possibly healing in 7.5 minutes. Now of course this number wouldnt be attainable without nough Mp5 to keep you with mana the whole fight requiring almost 1,000 mp5, I use it simply as an example of the room that is available if Mp5 is prioritized.

Now For Priests.  I will say that I played around with Warcrafter this morning and I’m having trouble making the #’s work right.  It seems that Blizzard understands that Priests need more MP5 and a lot of the healing gear has those stats, so I could not replicate the same #’s using that tool.  If anyone wants to post their raid buffed +Heal and MP5 in the comments so I can get some more accurate examples to work with, I’ll re-do the math with some more realistic stats for Priests.  I’m going to use 1.5k +Heal with 250 MP5 and 2k +Heal with 150 MP5.  For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to pretend that your spamming Flash Heal (I know that’s not terrbily realistic, but I think it will demonstrate my point), costing 470 Mana (according to Warcrafter).  I’m using the spreadsheet that I linked to in my Links section to produce the average amount healed for Flash Heal. 

With 1500 +Heal FH will go for 2245 on average.  Using his 7.5 min boss fight, with 250 MP5 you would regen 22,500 mana (7.5 min*60 secs/5 secs*250MP5) giving you a total mana pool of 32,500.  That would allow you to cast 69 Flash Heals (which would take you aprox 103 secs compared to the 450 secs the boss fight will take), giving you a total healed of 154,905.

With 2000 +Heal FH will go for 2525 on average.  Across the 7.5 mins and 150 MP5 you will regen 13,500 mana (calculated the same way as above) giving a total Mana pool of 23500.  This will allow you to cast 50 Flash heals (which would take 75 secs of the 450), giving you a total healed of 126,250.

The point of this post?  Once you get to a high level of +Heal MP5 becomes much more important.  With 100 more MP5 you will heal for almost 30,000 more for the life of the boss fight.  This also doesn’t account for the 5 sec waltz and you can see that there will be a lot of time OFSR using the time spent casting I talked about up there).  If I were to incorporate that I think the difference would be even more drastic.  Hopefully someone who is much better at this stuff than I *cough*Kirk*cough* can figure out how to incorporate time OFSR to get a more accurate picture.

Before I close this post, a small disclaimer.  As with almost all theory crafting, this took a lot of assumptions.  I think I did a good job of stating what those assumptions were so you can use the appropiate amount of salt with this information.  Also please don’t flame me if some of my #’s are a little off.  My point isn’t the numbers, it’s that MP5 may be better to itemize for once you have high enough +Healing.  Go out there and have some fun!

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  2. Calandris Says:

    Love this post. great information. I am a raiding priest and I can’t remember my in FSR mana regen for my life. I think when fully raid buffed I’m at

    +1650 healing
    184 mp5

    I have not been raiding long on my priest but here are a few things to think about.

    1st point
    You take the gear that falls. This one hurts sometimes. So far I have not seen a main hand drop….at all. So I’m still carrying the crappy essence focuser. Not much I can do there.

    2nd point
    This one is more in line with the article. I use 2 ranks of greater heal. rank 1 and rank 7 If my + healing keeps going up at its current pace I can easily foresee +2000 healing soon. What to do? downrank more. All that + healing converts into mp/5 when you downrank your heals where they need to be. Not only do your spell cost less for the same amount of healing… actually get more heals per point of mana the more you downrank. Of course you still need to have a big enough spell to keep the tank up. And of course I can cast 3 massively downranked greater heals with 0 time out of 5SR or 1 big heal with time outside of 5SR.

    So much to think about….but again I loved the post

    Calandris – Priest

  3. Galadria Says:

    Excellent point about downranking! I do something very similar with downranking. I actually have 5 spells on my tool bar that heal for aprox 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k, and 5k. The first 2 are Flash Heal and the others are Greater Heal. I rarely cast the Greater Heals because they take so long and I don’t need that much out of a heal very often (fights like Prince and Nightbane being exceptions since they hit like a ton of bricks), I spend most of my time spot healing the raid so I don’t need more than 2k very often and 1k is usually plenty.

    As for your point about gear… yes that is how it goes. You do have to wait for what drops. However, if you’re a good little Priest (any class for that matter) you never throw away gear (I have about 5 trinkets and 6 or 7 rings sitting in the bank and everytime I get something new I revaluate all my gear choices and make sure I like what I’ve got on). That way you can choose an item you have in your bag that has a little less +Heal but awesome Stam or Int or MP5 if you get something else that will make up the difference or swap out items for specific fights. You might consider getting the Shatar mace or the crafted one if your still using the Essence Focuser, that way if it ever does drop you can either keep it and have choices or pass to someone else who needs the upgrade.

  4. Nullspace Says:

    Well during raid encounters you can pot @every cooldown = 100 MP5 so if you use that advantage you can still skipp lost of manaregen and still heal for loads.

  5. Galadria Says:

    I did mention that I hadn’t taken everything into account here. That wasn’t really the point. I’m just saying that maxing +Heal isn’t the best idea, Spi or MP5 will actually allow you to heal for more over the course of a long fight.

  6. Kestrel Says:

    This is good stuff, Gala. Somehow, perhaps out of ignorance, I intuited that at some point, +Heal has diminishing returns with respect to MP5. I’m not there yet, but I think I can see that on the horizon.

    Now if I could just get in some pre-Kara instances to get a few gear upgrades…etc…

  7. Elevnmoon Says:

    Great article. I have 1850 plus healing and 2050 raid buffed and about 225 mp5 while casting buffed. I am usually healing the main tank and I do flash heals and greater heals. I take a mana pot at 75% and send in my fiend at 55% and then watch my pot cooldown to take another one. I have not run out of mana. I don’t care about over heals becuase if the main tank dies, we all die. We usually have a holy pally, me and a tree druid on the main tank. Maybe I should get the Voide Reaver trinket (16mp5) and give up a +73 healing one.

  8. Kolm Says:

    Hi Galadria,

    This might be slightly off topic, but did you state in one of your posts you ended up getting your own blog blocked at work? I’ve been working on mine in my spare time and all of a sudden today my mainpage is blocked. I was wondering if maybe I used some keywords that triggered it. As a fellow blogger, any advice on how to avoid this?

  9. Galadria Says:

    That does happen to me from time to time. The filter here at work will block anything with the word “blog” in the URL and most of the sites with “wow” in the URL. If the same is true for your filters do you maybe have “blog” in a meta tag or something of that nature?

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  11. Kemerogh Says:

    Thanks for posting my Theorycraft. It was a nice surprise to see this on the web.

  12. Galadria Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! This really changed the way I itemized and I have much more longevity now.

  13. Effy Says:

    raid buffed 1946 +heal

    290mp5 whilst casting

  14. Kemerogh Says:

    I’m glad to hear it helped you out. Mp5 is the way to go I feel for every healing class. Even paladins while Crit= mp5 need to have about 100 plain ol Mp5. 290 Mp5 aint bad. Full raid buffed counting my trinkets and mana spring im at about 330.

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