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Hiya folks, I’d like to introduce you to a new author here at the Holy Light, Vladvin.  He plays a soon to be Shadow Priest on the Lightninghoof server.  He’s exactly 180 degrees (male, Horde, Shadow, RP PvP server) apart from me so it should make for some interesting discussion.  He’ll be guest posting articles every now and then about raiding with his priest.  The guild he’s in is much farther along than ours so there will be a new and different perspective.  Without further ado, here he is:

Hello everyone!  As Galadria said, I’m Vladvin.  I have recently hit 70 and have decided to go Shadow for raiding.  My guild only takes 1 or 2 Holy Priests on the 25 man raids and I just don’t want to deal with that kind of competition.  Everyone loves a mana battery right?  Since the guild is far enough along in progression I’m being power-geared through Kara (anything that drops that I can use is mine since no one else will need it).  I just need a few more pieces and I’ll be switching to Shadow for good!  When I make the switch, I’ll talk about my spec and what I decide to do, so look for my first post in a week or so.  See you all soon!

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  1. loni2shoes Says:

    Welcome, Vladvin! I look forward to reading about the world from your perspective. I’ve no doubt that having you as a guest writer will make this already awesome blog even better/more well-rounded. Great idea, Galadria!

  2. Matticus Says:

    So, name change to (Un)Holy Light? :O

    Anyway, that’s fantastic to see. I’ve noticed a lack of posting lately (compared to say 60 days ago). It’s nice to have extra guest writers around =).

  3. Galadria Says:

    Thanks! I’m hoping to make this more of a “Priest” blog than a “Holy Priest” blog.

    No name change yet (though I have been trying to think of a good one to include both talent trees). I think I’ll wait to see how long Vladvin sticks around, he may start his own blog.

    Life has been really busy for me latley so the extra brain should help me pick up the slack. I’m in insurance and the end of the year is always really busy with all the renewals on 1/1. Hopefully things will slow down after the New Year.

  4. krill Says:


    I respecced to shadow as well not so long ago (3 weeks) so I look forward to your experiences and views.

  5. Aulya Says:

    Was shadow since 61 till now.
    Raiding in a 25 man is cool as a shadow priest with 2 factions wanting ya to be in their group.
    Known as the caster and healer factions. lol.
    Oh ya. Why did i go shadow?
    Cause i can’t and never will heal well =P

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