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Warlock Demonology Leveling Spec

October 30, 2008

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m leveling a Warlock with my hubby (who is playing a Druid).  We dinged 40 last night and he respecced from Feral to Boomkin.  We’ve been using the Voidwalker for a tank and it’s not working so well any more.  Since neither of us currently has a threat dump we need a better tank.  I’m looking at respeccing from Affliction to Demonology to make the Blueberry a better tank for us.  Since we are working as a pair we are often fighting +4 or +5 mobs where spell hit can be a problem and it takes quite a while to kill them.

Below is the spec I’m looking at taking.  For those of you who might be new readers here’s how I’m going to explain this.  I want to get to my 31 point talent so I need 5 points in every tier to get to the next.  I’m looking at each Tier placing 5 points and moving on to the next.  Sometimes those 5 points will be backfilled into a previous Tier.  Doing it this way also shows what order I would take the points in if I were leveling from level 10 while using this spec.  Surf on over to a Talent Calculator and follow along with me!  If any warlocks happen to be reading I’d love some feedback!

Goals:  Want a better Void tank.  At current level (40) want to get to Demonic Empowerment.  Also going to take talents to improve Sta, threat, and damage of my minion.

  • Tier 1 – Levels 10-14
    • 2/2 Imp Healthstone – We use the HS a LOT so the points are worth it to me.
    • 3/5 Demonic Embrace – Sta increase is always nice for a ‘Lock
    • Notes: Passing on Imp Imp since I don’t currently use him.
  • Tier 2 – Levels 15-19
    • 3/3 Demonic Brutality – Increases effectivness of all Void spells
    • 2/2 Imp Health Funnel – This will allow me to heal the Void without loosing too much my self
    • Notes: Fel Vitality is a good place for talent points and I’m going to come and backfill here later
  • Tier 3 – Levels 20-24
    • 1/1 Soul Link – Requirement for Demonic Empowerment and will share the damage I take when I pull aggro or get an add.
    • 3/3 Fel Vitality – Told you I was going to come back and take this one!
    • 4/5 Demonic Embrace – Backfilling here to get the next point to move on to the next tier
    • Notes: Fel Domination seems like a PvP talent.  I’m mostlikley going to be summoning my minion OOC.  Will backfill later.  Don’t use Succy so passing on  Imp Succubus.  Demonic Ageis seems good but passing for now, may come back later.
  • Tier 4 – Levels 25-29
    • 5/5 Unholy Power – Increase to Minion damage… all good
    • Notes: This is the only option in this tier since I didn’t take Fel Domination
  • Tier 5 – Levels 30-34
    • 2/2 Master Conjuror – I find these very usefull and an increase in stats is all good
    • 3/3 Demonic Ageis – Back filling to get this talent
    • Notes:  This is an interesting Tier.  I don’t think Priests have any place where there aren’t 5 points available in that tier.  You have to go back and put at least 3 points on an earlier tier.  Seems to work… just haven’t seen it before.  Also, I’m passing on Demonic Sacrifice since I’m not doing anything with a tank I’ll never be able to sacrifice my minion.  Seems like a raiding talent anyway.
  • Tier 6 – Levels 35-39
    • 5/5 Master Demonologist – Required for Demonic Empowerment
    • Notes: Have yet to use Enslave Demon so there’s no point in improving it, Mana Feed looks nice, but don’t have points for it yet… may come back later
  • Tier 7 – Level 40
    • Demonic Empowerment

That gets me to level 40!  Here’s a link to the finished spec.  I’m not really sure where I’m going to put talents from here on, need a little more time to think on that one.  As I said before I’d appreciate feedback from anyone more knowledgeable about Warlocks!

Hope everyone has a great weeknd!  I’m off to Kansas to see my nephew get baptised.  I’ve got my iPhone to respond to comments but I won’t be posting until next week.  Plus I’m working on a guest post for Matt since he’s swamped 🙂


Quest Helper

October 29, 2008

I wanted to share a great little addon with you.  This addon was recommended to me by Mugglebane over at The Sacred and Profane.  It’s called Quest Helper and does exactly what it sounds like!  Helps you get your quests done in the most efficent manor.

What it Does

  • Scans your quest log and uses it’s database to tell you where to obtain your quest objectives and plots out an order of opperations that minimizes travel time.
  • The path and order of operations are plotted out on your map with helpful icons at each stop (? marks for turn-ins, boxes for item pick-ups, mean faces for killing mobs)
  • Your quest tracking updates as you complete quests and reorders itself to put the quest you are currently working on top.
  • If you have Cartographer, a colored arrow and simple directions are displayed on your screen.  The arrow will change colors based on your proximity to your quest objective and the directions will tell you what objective it’s pointing you to for which quest.
  • It perodically re-evaluates your position and recalculates the most efficent path to take.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • The pathing calculations are based on straight line distances.  This can make it a little misleading.  I’m thinking of places like Stonetalon Mountains where there isn’t a straight line path to anywhere!  you’ll get half way to your destination and all of a sudden it tells you to go do something else because by now you’re closer to a new quest objective that you are to the original.
  • It doesn’t give you details about what the quest entails, just points you to where the quest objective can be obtained.  This probably won’t be a problem if this is your second or third toon to levlel, but if you’re like me and leveling on the other side you may need to look up quests on WoWHead to know what it is you’re suposed to be doing once you reach your destination.  LightHeaded can be helpful for this.  It adds another panel to your Quest Log that displays WoWHead info about each quest.
  • This does not take dificulty into consideration.  It won’t care if the quest is too high or too low for you to complete.  If you want to work on a different quest, simply head in that direction and once you are closer to it than to the previous quest it will update your pathing information and quest tracking.

I hope you find this addon helpful!  I have found it to be really great for the Recruit-A-Friend questing.  A normal quest guide that I would normally follow has way more quests than we need to do to level.  We go to a quest hub, pick up all the quests, follow Quest Helper’s directions until we have leveled enough to move on to the next zone, delete the quest log of any unfinished quests, rinse, and repeat.  It’s working quite well for us!

The Trouble With Zombies

October 27, 2008

I normally don’t get into this kind of thing.  I try to stay positive in this blog space… but I can’t keep this one to my self.  If you don’t want to read yet another opinion on the Zombie event, feel free to mark this on as read and move on.

/rant on

As two other bloggers (that I know of, I’m sure there are more) have already said, the concept of the whole zombie thing is great.  The execution… not so much.  As they have both said, what has resulted is nothing more than lowbie greifing in all the major quest hubs, and general asshattey in major cities.  BBB is a 70 and having trouble getting things done while dealing with all the asshats.  Lume is having trouble leveling her alts, but has a 70 to come in and protect herself and others (and good on her for doing so!).  Me… I’m leveling new toons on a new server.  I’ve got a 30 Priest and a 32 Warlock that can’t even protect themselves.  My ONLY option when a zombie comes after me is to run.  My quest NPC’s are fighting zombies or are zombies themselves EVERY SINGLE TIME I get back to a quest hub.  I’m trying to level my professions in my down time but I can’t stay in one place in a major city for more than a few minutes without zombies comming after me (can’t get much smelting done whilst running).

Unlike BBB and Lume, I am on a PvP server (not by personal choice mind you, but I’m going to play where my hubby plays, that’s non-negoatiable) but I’m not getting ganked out in Hillsbarad or Stranglethorn… this is happening in a F#$^ing city!  What is the word that comes up on your screen when you enter Shatt…. “Sanctuary”  Well, not so much any more. 

Let me say again, I LOVE the idea!  It’s a great concept.  But right now… it’s ruining my ability to play the game, and that’s what this is… a game.  And I’m NOT having fun right now.

As Hannelore said… “I’m going to hide out in my Panic Room until [the zombies] all decay.”

/rant off

Edit:  I realized that I’ve complained with out proposing a solution.  The solution is simple… a way to opt out.  The corpse runs are killing me and the low level quest hubs, banks, AH’s, and FP’s in major cities need a little extra protection so that us low levels can get on about our business.  I don’t really mind waiting a little bit for NPC’s to respawn but I can’t get ANYTHING done (except maybe leveling Mining).


October 22, 2008

If you haven’t heard of this from Blizzard, it’s worth looking into.  Here’s the basic idea.  You, as a current WoW player, can “recruit” up to 5 people to play the game.  If the invitation is accepted the recuit gets a free trial account and I think some free play time once they upgrade to a paid account.  When they accept your accounts are linked.  Any toons from the accounts get triple XP when they are playing together up to level 60.  They must be with in 4 levels of eachother, partied, and with in range.  This includes XP from quests and killing mobs.  Any toon from either account can summon any toon from the other account to them once an hour (I beleive there is a level cap of 60 on this summon, but I haven’t been able to test it yet).  For every level the recruit account gains, the veteran account is given a free level to give to any toon on the veteran account (I think the idea behind this one is that the veteran account will probably be playing a main as well as leveling an alt with the recruit and the free levels are to help the veteran keep up with the recruit since they will only be playing the one toon).

The hubby has opened a second account account to level with me.  We have about 8 hours /played and are already 16, this includes some substantial city roaming the actual played time is probably closer to 5.5-6 hours.  I’ve got some friends that are doing this as well and they got to level 36 with about 16 hours /played.  The leveling goes incredibly fast!!  We’ve been dinging twice on each quest loop (only consisting of 3-4 quests).  We’ll ding once while killing mobs and then again while turning in quests. 

The Downsides

  • Cash –  If you are like us, and doing this as an easy way to level alts, not a new player, you’ll have to pay for a second account.  This is a $40 game key (for BC, $20 for Classic only) plus the $15/month to keep the account.  I do recommend getting a retail game key instead of paying for it online.  The retail key will upgrade your account from Trial status instantly and the online takes up to 3 business days (I’ve seen reports that are more like 7 days). 
  • The triple XP only applies when you are playing together – You’ll have to work out a schedule with the other person to play together.  Also, the benefits go away at 60.  You have to do it old school after that. 
  • Gear – The leveling goes so fast you don’t really have time to accumulate gear (cash flow is also a problem).  You’re not doing nearly as many quests and not killing nearly as many mobs so the gear just doesn’t show up.  We haven’t really had a problem yet, but I suspect we will have to buy some gear soon (My off the hip guess is that we’ll have to put a little AH $$ into gear about every 10-15 levels).  The fast leveling won’t be near as nice if you can’t keep your stats high enough to kill the mobs.

If you decide to go this route here are a few tips:

  • Skip Professions – The idea here is fast leveling.  Professions take time and can be easily powerleveled later.  The only profession I’m taking is First Aid.  It’s just to easy to pass up (and on top of that I’m a Warlock; Life Tap + Bandage works great!)
  • Skip “Gathering” quests – Unless you know that the drop rate is at or close to 100% skip quests that have you gather items/drops and focus your time on quests that have you kill a specific number of mobs.  Since there’s 2 of you, you’ll have to kill 2x the number of mobs to get the drops and you don’t really need to do that, there’s plenty of other types of quests to level you up.
  • Reputation – As I’ve said already, you won’t be doing as many quests and therefore you will hit 60 with much lower reputations with all factions than someone leveling the normal way.  If you want reputation (for mounts or acheivements or whatever) you’ll have to go back and grind it out later.  With the new tracking function for low level quests this won’t be as hard as it would have been previously.
  • Cash – It’s really helpful to have a higher level toon send you and your partner some cash and bags.  Since you aren’t doing as many quests or killing as many mobs the cash just doesn’t flow like normal.  It’s hard to scrape up enough money for training.  Because of this I don’t recommend re-rolling on a new server.  It will just be really hard to keep enough money on hand to take care of the stuff you need.
  • Make sure to stay close – Be sure to stay close to eachother while questing to make sure you both get the triple XP.  Also turn in the quests together.  If you aren’t close enough you won’t get the triple XP for turning in the quests.
  • If possible, choose synergistic classes or specs – 2 low DPS classes isn’t going to be a lot of fun.  Healer/Tank or Healer/DPS combinations work really well as I think 2 high DPS classes would.  Our ‘Lock/Druid combo is working well.  The Voidwalker tanks and I DOT up several mobs, hubby contributes to the DPS and heals when necessary.  However, if the two of you want to play Prot Warrior/Prot Pally,  or Holy Priest/Resto Shaman who am I to tell you not to 🙂

I’m considering writing a questing guide for this kind of leveling.  Let me know if anyone has an interest in that (or if you want to help me write it!)


The return of of the points!  Name that movie for 10 points!

“You’re a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie. What would you be doing if you weren’t out making yourself a better citizen?”

Leveling Tips

October 20, 2008

Since I am going through the drudgery of leveling a new toon I thought I might share some tips for leveling quickly and efficently.  Some people really enjoy leveling and following the story lines… I’m not one of them.  For me, the game starts at 70 (soon to be 80).  I’ve done the whole leveling thing once already, I just want to get to 70.  I might feel different if I were leveling another class, but I’m not.  Here are some tips for getting to 70 as fast as possible.

Quest Loops

Using quest loops will save you a lot of time running around.  The idea is to do all quests in a specific area so you don’t have to keep going back to that area for each indvidual quest.  Most leveling guides have you do quest loops (Jame’s guides are well written, easy to follow, and most importantly free!)  If you don’t like using guides for leveling there are addons that will help you plan your own quest loops.  Light Headed will show you WoWHead info.  Take a little time to look at your quest log and plot out a course that will minimize walking time while allowing you to come back to a town often enough to empty your bags and repair.

Skip PITA Quests

This is another advantage of the leveling guide.  They will skip quests that don’t give enough XP to make the time/effort worth it.  Most of the time Group quests will not be worth doing as it takes too long to find and organize a group.  If you are unsure if a quest is worth your effort you can look it up on WoWHead to see what the drop rates look like and try to get a feel for the effort involved.  It should also tell you how much XP you will get when turn it in.  Then you can make your own decision if it is worth your effort.


There are several addons that will help you while leveing.  I definatley recommend getting some kind of map addon (MetaMaps and Cartographer for example).  What you want to look for is a way to display coordinates so you can easily find quest objectives.  Some of the paid leveling guides will come with a database of map points that you can upload and will display all of the quest objectives in the guide.  Also the ability to see unexplored areas of the map will help you plan quest loops and help you make sure you are walking in the right direction!  I also like to have a buff mod that will let me know when my buffs have worn off.  Even small buffs will help you last longer and hit harder, both of which will help you level more efficently. An addon to automatically sell off gray items may also be helpful. 


Generally I don’t recommend PUG’ing instances when you are trying to level quickly (VC and Uldaman are exceptions since they are usually easy to find groups for and have GREAT loot for their level).  If you can get a regular group to do instances they might be worth your time and energy.  Zerging through instances with a high level buddy is not as beneficial as it used to be.  If you have someone willing to zerg you the gear can be worth the effort, but don’t plan on significant XP from killing the mobs. 


If you just want to get to 70 as quick as you can then you should probably skip professions.  First Aid and Cooking are 2 possible exceptions.  FA is really easy to level as you will almost always be gathering cloth while killing humanoids and the Well Fed buffs from cooking are nice to have.  If you want to make money while leveling or have the professions leveled when you hit 70 I would recommend 2 gathering professions as they are easy to level while you play.  If you plan on having a crafting profession at 70 you can collect mats for powerleveling as you play and then fill in any gaps later.


While leveling I like to set my hearthstone in Shatt.  That way I can easly get to any major city.  Being an Inscriptionist makes this even more beneficial since I can use Scrolls of Recall and hearth every 20 mins.

Holiday Quests

I like to do the Holiday events.  The quests are usually doable at any level and give good XP.  I’m currently trying to do all of the Candy Bucket quests on Galadria, which are giving me a little over 1000 XP at level 24-26.  I’ve been able to get all but 4 of them by my self.  I probably could do all of them but it would require a lot more corpse walking than I’m wanting to do.  My hubby is going to walk around with me to finish up the last few.  The other advantage is that while I’m walking around I’m getting the flight paths which will make questing later on easier since I’m getting the walking done now!

I’m going to save Talents for another post!  Hope this helps the leveling grind and remember the most important thing: Have Fun!!!

Raiding Guide

October 17, 2008

By popular demand the raiding guide is back up with a note explaining it’s outdated-ness.  If anyone would like to contribure to updating it please let me know.  I’m a little short on the time to do the research and I’m just getting back into the game anyway.  I’ll work on it as I can and let you guys know when updates are made.

Have a great weekend!

Inscription Leveling and Addons

October 15, 2008

About all I had time to do last night after I got home was level Inscription to about 55.  Banana Shoulders has a great guide that I’m following (as a side note, go to her site and don’t read it out of your reader, it’s been updated!).  I meant to keep track of my mat usage to compare and see if there were any obvious changes from PTR/Beta to the live version but I was halfway through before I remembered that intention… sorry guys 😦  I did get really lucky and got points on several yellow and green recepies.  I wonder if Blizz decided to make leveling a little easier for a few days?  Doesn’t seem likley… think I’m just lucky! 

I’m really liking the profession, it’s kind of cool.  The only think I don’t like is how long Milling takes.  Is there an addon to perhaps automate Milling?  So I don’t have to click on stacks of herbs.  I guess I’m wishing it was more like smelting… click “Mill All” and watch TV for a while 🙂 

On another note, I think I’m going to overhaul my addons and interface tonight.  I’m just going to take the opportunity to evaluate all my addons and figure out if I really like them or if I’m just keeping them because I’ve always used them.  The one I’m not happy about is Bongos.  As I understand it’s no longer supported and doesn’t work with the new patch.  I really liked Bongos… I guess I’m going to have to give Bartender a try.  Anybody have recomendations?  What addons can you not play without?

Here’s my favorites (links to be added later)

  • XPerl – UI
  • Bongos2 – Bar/button mod, what I haven’t seen anywhere else is the ability to move the mini map
  • Fishing Buddy – the best fishing mod I’ve found, allows a double click over water to recast, will also automatically attach lures and change your gear if you have any.  If you are interested will keep track of what you catch
  • Smart Buff – again, the best I’ve seen for this type.  Scans for castable buffs on self/party/raid, has MANY settings for who gets which buffs and will cast group buffs when applicable.  It works with any class and will cast buffs with the scroll wheel or on click of a button.
  • Meta Maps – I’m not particuarly attached to this one.  I just need a easy to read and preferably moveable coords and when I pull up the map I want it to not take up the whole screen and allow me to move while I’m looking at the map.  The placeable markers are nice but I’ve never actually used that functionality.
  • Gatherer – This on keeps a record of herbs/mining nodes/treasure/mote clouds and will display known locations on the map so you can plan loops for farming.  Also has a HUD.  When the database gets full it can be a bit sluggish.  If there’s a better addon I’m open to sugestions.
  • Advanced Trade Skill Window – This changes the profession window, makes it bigger and easier to read (the built in window is very dificult for me to use).  It takes into account mats that are purchaseable/on alts/in the bank to tell you how many items you can make.  Also allows customizable menu organization.
  • ArcHUD – Places small arcs around your character that are customizable.  I have my health, mana, and cast bar and the other side has the same for my target.  It’s highly customizable (I think you can put up to 10 arcs on each side with all kinds of information) and very non intrusive.
  • Proximo – Arena addon that displays your enemies and their class/spec when you or your partners target them.  Again, not attached, this one just works well

Those are the big ones.  If you know of one that does the same functionality but is cleaner or better let me know!  Also if you know if something that I HAVE to try out I’m very opem to sugestions!

Hope you all out there on the Intarwebs are having a great day and not getting rained on like I am here in Austin!