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Galadria: LMAO

February 15, 2008

It’s dirty and NSFW, but I was laughing so hard my co-workers were wondering about me!

Go read if you’re not a minor… and don’t hold it against me…

From 4Healz: Happy Valentines Day!


Funny Raid Wipes and Stories

February 13, 2008

Matticus asked for some funny stories in his post today.  Without further ado: 

From Galadria

I think the best story I have is from Old Hills.  We were on the last boss and it was going badly.  We finally got through the waves after an issue with overused fear…  ahem, I’m talking to you Warlocks…  Anywhoo we were on the boss and were dropping like flies.  It got down to me, the Hunter and the tank and we manage to get hin down to about 2% and we all died.  Guess who was still alive…  Thrall.  He finished off the last 2% of the boss; took him about 2 full minutes, but he got the job done with about 2% health himself.  In those days I was usually the only one who ran back after a wipe, so I released to rez everyone and missed the quest update.  We had to go and do the whole thing again.

From Vladvin

I’ve got a few stories…

We have a Warlock who has connection issues.  Her roommate is not very considerate and starts huge torrents while we’re raiding.  She frequently lags out and then we hear over vent “I’m going to kill that b!@$%”  The other day in SSC everytime she would get on an elevator thelag was so bad she couldn’t get off.  By the time she got moving the elevator was already going back down.  We would have to have the other Warlock summon her up to the group so she wouldn’t get on the elevator.

Our main tank hails from Tazmania so he has connection issues every now and then just from the distance.  They’re not that bad since he’s still our MT.  This story actually has nothing to do with that, but he did disconnect in the middle of a boss fight.  He had aparently been running some kind of utility in the background and it poped a window up in the middle of a fight.  He didn’t really look at it, just clicked to get rid of it.  After a few seconds it dawns on him that the utility wanted to restart his computer and he had just OK’ed it to do so.  His toon is standing still and all we hear is “Oh, no!”  The funny thing was his tone of voice, it was very quiet and he really sounded like a little kid.  He had actually said “Oh, no!  My computer’s going to restart.” but he got cut off when it actually shut down.  It’s become a running joke in the guild any time something goes wrong we all say “Oh, no!”

I wasn’t present for this one, but like the previous one it’s a running joke.  One of our Bear tanks was doing a 5 man with some guildies, the GM included.  He went afk, for some reason that has since been forgotten, very early in the run; in the middle of a pull actually.  The group decided to press on and 4-manned the instance without him.  Everytime someone talks about him tanking they say “___’s a great tank!” (Name omitted 🙂 )

This last one’s not so much funny, but I think we can all relate to it.  We have a hunter who likes to play around.  It’s usually in good humor.  We were getting ready for an attempt on Vashj and he decides to have some fun with Misdirect.  He puts a MD on one of our Mages and shoots Vashj.  The Mage iceblocks and resets her.  Ding-dong Hunter decides it would be funny to do it again.  While we’re waiting for the rest of the raid to show up he does it again and just as he shoots realizes that the Mage has’t clicked off the MD like he expected.  He wanted the Mage to click it off and he would FD to reset her.  All didn’t go according to plan and she took a full 5 mins to track everyone down and kill us all.  Some people drowned them-selves just to make it go faster.