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A Little Update

November 24, 2008

I’m 72 now.  We pretty much finished Howling Fjord (tho I’ve got a small area on the map that never got uncovered so I’m thinking we might have missed a quest hub… maybe it’s Alliance only?  Must look into that) and are now working our way through Borean Tundra.  I agree with almost everyone I’ve read on this matter, I like HF a lot more than BT.  Although I haven’t had any quests in HF that I went “Damn that was cool!” but the tank thing in BT… that was a BLAST!!!  I do, however, love the daily sea lion quest… sooooo cute! 

I feel, like others, that there is a distinct lack of herb nodes.  Maybe there’s just too much competition right now… maybe there really aren’t that many nodes… maybe I need to get to the higher level zones… I’m not sure what the issue is, but it’s making leveling Inscription a bit of a pain.  We did the quests ins Coldarra last night and I was able to herb all the walking trees (the Hubby and I call them Ents… I know, we’re mixing mythologies, but that’s what they are!)  I got a whole lot of new herbs that I can’t even pick yet, unfortunatley not enough of anything to Mill.  Speaking of Inscription… I have horrible luck with discovering Minor Glyphs.  I seem to be able to discover Every. Single. Worthless. Stupid. Glyph.  Except for the worthless, stupid one that I want!  I’m sick and tired of needing Light Feathers gosh darnit!!  I’m actually using Levitate a lot these days with all of the elevation changes in the terrain and I’d really like to not take up bag space with feathers.

I’m a little tired of all the ganking…  We’re getting better at  defending ourselves so we’re not getting our asses handed to us quite so often, but it’s getting old.  I understand that being on a RPPvP server there’s going to be a lot more “Red is Dead” mentality… but I’m a little tired of it.  And before you flame me I did not choose this server, it’s where my friends play so it’s where I play, and I’m constantly advocating for a server transfer but no one’s taking me up on that one.  We had one hunter last night who just wouldn’t give up.  He must have had some kind of vendetta against the Hubby (or he was just really stupid) because he consistently ignored me and tried to kill the Hubby… understandably he was only sucessful if I wasn’t there.  Pocket healer = I win button.  Aparently we also have some kind of Guild war with an Alliance guild and we are Kill on Sight for them.  Kinda sucks.  At least they don’t camp. 

My last thought is on gear.  Since I didn’t raid at all with this toon, just about everything is an upgrade for me.  However my bank is quickly filling with gear.  So much has changed with the Priest mechanics I don’t really know how much I need for each stat.  On top of that I’m not sure what spec I’ll be playing when I hit 80 so I’m having to keep EVERYTHING.  The Cloth pieces are usually easy since there will always be alternatives but Trinkets can be hard to come by and each one is a little different.  Since they’re all quest rewards I can’t ever go back and get them again.  I’m probably stressing about this a little too much but I just don’t want to get to 80 and think “Why didn’t I keep [insert piece of gear here] I got way back when”  I’m thinking about things like the Vengance of the Ildari.  A lot of us wore that thing well into Kara and it’s a quest reward for a level 62 quest.

I think that’s all I’ve got for today.  I think a lot of us bloggers are feeling the lack of anything insightful to say.  All this content is so new and most of us are still trying to level.  You guys will have to live with our “What I did today” posts for a little while 🙂


Northrend Tonight

November 20, 2008

After a marathon questing session with the hubby last night we dinged 68!  I’m now off to Northrend.  The Hybby is going to leave his Druid behind and play his main in Northrend with me.  I’m excited to have a built in tank again.  Before hitting 60 I was playing my Warlock and we had my minion as a tank.  Once we got to Outland I went back to playing my Priest… no more Felguard 😦  His main is a Hunter so we’ll have his gorilladin tank (actually we’ll probably have Sassy, his cat).  I actually have an engagement party to go to tonight (congratulations K & K) so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to play tonight but we’ll at least get out there and get a port/summon to Dalaran from guildies.

The Nexsus: Horde Side

November 19, 2008

Here’s Siha’s Alliance Quest Guide: Instance Quest Checklist : The Nexsus

Here we go for the Horde:

  • Have They Ne Shame?
    • Quest Level: 71 – Required to Start: 70
    • Quest Giver: Librarian Serrah in Transitus Shield, Coldarra
    • Quest Goal: to pick up a book inside the instance
    • Prerequisite: None

That’s it for us Hordies.  Stay tuned for the next installment!

[Edit: see comments… that’s what I get for only using one source… won’t make that mistake again 🙂  I’ll update tonight when I get home]

Utgarde Keep: Horde Side

November 17, 2008

Siha over at Banana Shoulders has some great quest guides for the Northrend Instances.  Unfortunately her’s are Alliance only.  I decided to do the same for the Horde quests!

Siha’s is here : Instance Quest Checklist: Utgarde Keep

Here’s my list for all you Hordies out there!

  • Disarmament
    • Quest Level: 71 – Required to Start 70
    • Quest Giver: Dark Ranger Marrah inside Utgarde Keep
    • Quest Goals: 5 Vrykul Weapon, which are scattered around the instance
    • Prerequisite: None
  • Ingvar Must Die
  • There you have it!  Stay tuned for Horde Quests for The Nexsus!

    Child’s Play Charity Raffle

    November 13, 2008

    BBB is sponsoring a raffle for the Child’s Play charity.  It’s a great cause (started by the guys over at Penny Arcade), they provide games for sick children in the hospital.  Here’s something about the charity that I read over at their site recently, this is a letter from a hospital that received a grant from Child’s Play and how they have benefited from it:

    I thought I’d bring you up to date on what we’re doing with the funds
    from your grant.  We bought a number of handheld video games which can
    be loaned to patients who are confined to their beds.  In addition, we
    bought a Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit.  This is a HUGE success and we will
    probably buy several more.  Not only are they suitable for recreation,
    but they serve a therapeutic purpose as well.  We have discovered that
    spinal cord injured patients can sit on the Fit’s balance board and
    work on core balance by playing the games.  Although we had initially
    thought we’d buy computer equipment, this is a much better use of the
    funds, and, I hope, you’ll “approve.”  So, in addition to the library
    reaping the benefits, we are able to get the equipment out to where
    the patients live at our hospital – on the units and in the gyms.
    Thank you again for the generosity of Child’s Play. I hope that, in the
    future, we might be able to apply for additional funds.  There are
    plans to convert space into a patient recreation center and we would like
    to include additional games, equipment, etc. that would enhance their
    quality of life.

    Amy L. Frey, MA AHIP
    Manager, Health Sciences Library & Resource Center
    Hospital for Special Care
     There are 2 options for donating, you can simply give cash, or you can choose a specific hospital to donate and each has a wishlist that you can choose what to buy from.  The Child’s Play site has all the details.   For the raffle, simply forward the receipt you receive from Child’s Play to BBB at tigerlordgm [at] gmail [dot] com with Bear Blog Donations in the Subject.  The ammount you donate doesn’t matter, just that you donated.  Here’s a list of the current raffle items:
    • A Petopia 2009 Calendar from Mania at Petopia!
    • A handcrafted lap size Quilt with the WoW class icon of the winners’ choice on it, created by Galadria of Galadria’s Corner!  [yep, that’s me] The quilt will be about 36″ x 48″, with the icon taking up most of the center of the quilt.  As it is a custom, handcrafted item, there will be some time and communication involved between the winner and Galadria to work out the specifics of what is wanted, and to allow for the actual making of the quilt. Galadria has said she could also personalize it with a character’s name and server, if desired. Frankly, I think this is insanely awesome.
    • “The Footsteps of Illidan” Trading Card Game code for the Path of Illidan item, from Bellwether of 4 Haelz!
    • Two T-shirts, each of the winner’s choice from The Big Bear Butt Store! Yeah, I know, compared to the other prizes, a shirt is kind of lame. I do what I can. I’ll try to come up with something else to add, dangit.

    Go donate what you can to this great cause and enter to win some cool stuff!!

    Wrath Release Party: Recap

    November 13, 2008

    I want to give BIG kudos to the people from Blizzard who stayed all night long with us!  I really appreciate that you guys were still there at 3:00 am when I finally got my copies (yes, those are MY copies of Wrath on the table being signed).  I really wish I would have had the energy to ask their names so I could tell you guys who they were, but alas, at this point in the night all I wanted was to crawl into bed… damn I feel old.

    Anywhoo, we had a good time last night.  As I said, BIG kudos to Blizz, they did everything right.  Game Stop… left something to be desired.  Actually, the got us through the line quickly, but the communication about what was going on was poor.  When I pre-ordered I paid in full and was told that all I’d have to do is show up, flash my receipt, take my box and be on my way.  We were also told that the long line around the building (that was there all night but was moving at a respectable pace) was for people who were paying tonight.  Cool, I thought, I can hang out at the tent and try to score some swag!  Wrong… what everyone neglected to tell me was that everyone had to be checked out at the register a second time.  Yes, I knew our receipt would have to be scanned but the couple of people I asked around 8:00 when we showed up said we’d be fine come midnight. 

    Midnight rolls around and we are all informed that if you are paid up, go get in the line to the right, you’ll be able to pick up your box, get it signed and get out the door.  If you need to pay, get in the line to the left and you can go through the register then get in the line on the right, pick up your bok, get it signed, and go home.  Thankfully about 15 mins later a Game Stop employee comes along to make sure that everyone is in the right line and thankfully I stoped him to clarify the situation.  What he was asking was “Everyone in this line is paid up, right?”  I stopped him to make sure I was good since I paid a few days ago… “No, you have to go through the register again”  Crap… 

    We found out around 2 what that there were extra copies of the Collectors Edition and you could upgrade if you wanted to.  Thanks Blizz for bringing an extra TRUCKFULL of them to the event!!  What really sucked was that the guy 5 people in front of us was the last one to get one.  /whimper. 

    All in all, we had a good time.  The costume contest was really funny (sadly I didn’t get any pictures) and the dance contest was great (sadly the pictures were really bad) and free stuff was had by many!

    Unfortunatley I was so exhausted by the time I got home, I just crawled in bed.  I have no idea if the Northrend and Patch servers ever came back up after crashing.  I have no idea what gameplay was like… I just know that I need about 3 more hours of sleep 🙂

    Wrath Release Party: Finally Inside

    November 13, 2008

    It’s 2:20 and we’re finally in the store. The good news is that there’s still Collectors Editions for sale!!