Utgarde Keep: Horde Side

Siha over at Banana Shoulders has some great quest guides for the Northrend Instances.  Unfortunately her’s are Alliance only.  I decided to do the same for the Horde quests!

Siha’s is here : Instance Quest Checklist: Utgarde Keep

Here’s my list for all you Hordies out there!

  • Disarmament
    • Quest Level: 71 – Required to Start 70
    • Quest Giver: Dark Ranger Marrah inside Utgarde Keep
    • Quest Goals: 5 Vrykul Weapon, which are scattered around the instance
    • Prerequisite: None
  • Ingvar Must Die
  • There you have it!  Stay tuned for Horde Quests for The Nexsus!

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    3 Comments on “Utgarde Keep: Horde Side”

    1. […] Galadria has posted a horde-side quest guide on her […]

    2. Curium Says:

      I can’t speak for certain about the quests you pick up inside the keep, but A Score to Settle can be obtained at 68. I would imagine this is true for the others as well.

    3. Galadria Says:


      WoW Head reports them as obtainable at 70, however it wouldn’t be the first time WoW Head was incorrect about something like this 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

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