A Little Update

I’m 72 now.  We pretty much finished Howling Fjord (tho I’ve got a small area on the map that never got uncovered so I’m thinking we might have missed a quest hub… maybe it’s Alliance only?  Must look into that) and are now working our way through Borean Tundra.  I agree with almost everyone I’ve read on this matter, I like HF a lot more than BT.  Although I haven’t had any quests in HF that I went “Damn that was cool!” but the tank thing in BT… that was a BLAST!!!  I do, however, love the daily sea lion quest… sooooo cute! 

I feel, like others, that there is a distinct lack of herb nodes.  Maybe there’s just too much competition right now… maybe there really aren’t that many nodes… maybe I need to get to the higher level zones… I’m not sure what the issue is, but it’s making leveling Inscription a bit of a pain.  We did the quests ins Coldarra last night and I was able to herb all the walking trees (the Hubby and I call them Ents… I know, we’re mixing mythologies, but that’s what they are!)  I got a whole lot of new herbs that I can’t even pick yet, unfortunatley not enough of anything to Mill.  Speaking of Inscription… I have horrible luck with discovering Minor Glyphs.  I seem to be able to discover Every. Single. Worthless. Stupid. Glyph.  Except for the worthless, stupid one that I want!  I’m sick and tired of needing Light Feathers gosh darnit!!  I’m actually using Levitate a lot these days with all of the elevation changes in the terrain and I’d really like to not take up bag space with feathers.

I’m a little tired of all the ganking…  We’re getting better at  defending ourselves so we’re not getting our asses handed to us quite so often, but it’s getting old.  I understand that being on a RPPvP server there’s going to be a lot more “Red is Dead” mentality… but I’m a little tired of it.  And before you flame me I did not choose this server, it’s where my friends play so it’s where I play, and I’m constantly advocating for a server transfer but no one’s taking me up on that one.  We had one hunter last night who just wouldn’t give up.  He must have had some kind of vendetta against the Hubby (or he was just really stupid) because he consistently ignored me and tried to kill the Hubby… understandably he was only sucessful if I wasn’t there.  Pocket healer = I win button.  Aparently we also have some kind of Guild war with an Alliance guild and we are Kill on Sight for them.  Kinda sucks.  At least they don’t camp. 

My last thought is on gear.  Since I didn’t raid at all with this toon, just about everything is an upgrade for me.  However my bank is quickly filling with gear.  So much has changed with the Priest mechanics I don’t really know how much I need for each stat.  On top of that I’m not sure what spec I’ll be playing when I hit 80 so I’m having to keep EVERYTHING.  The Cloth pieces are usually easy since there will always be alternatives but Trinkets can be hard to come by and each one is a little different.  Since they’re all quest rewards I can’t ever go back and get them again.  I’m probably stressing about this a little too much but I just don’t want to get to 80 and think “Why didn’t I keep [insert piece of gear here] I got way back when”  I’m thinking about things like the Vengance of the Ildari.  A lot of us wore that thing well into Kara and it’s a quest reward for a level 62 quest.

I think that’s all I’ve got for today.  I think a lot of us bloggers are feeling the lack of anything insightful to say.  All this content is so new and most of us are still trying to level.  You guys will have to live with our “What I did today” posts for a little while 🙂

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6 Comments on “A Little Update”

  1. zarisz Says:

    I like the post, Gal. I agree with you on the whole lack of postings about the new expansion except for the numerous “What I did today” posts.

    I am also an herbalist and I also thought that the herb nodes have been few and far between…something fishy is going on here!


  2. Jason Says:

    There are 105 quests in the Fjord For the Horde. Did you do the quests for the Tuskarr that send you down to Scalawag Point?

    I’m a tailor, so I’m having some pretty difficult times progressing my skill. Cloth drops much less frequently than it did in TBC, and even with the ability to scavenge a little less, I’m still nog getting far.

    As for Gear, don’t know specifically for healing priests (mine is only 43) but in general it seems you want spellpower, then haste. Power to obviously boost the effectiveness of your spells, and haste, to cast them faster. One addon I just discovered recently is called RatingsBuster, and it will let me mouse over quest rewards and see what % of difference a given item will make vs what I’m wearing. It’s helped me pick some good upgrades, or at least less painful ones. 🙂

    (on a nice side note, it will do the same thing with consumables, so that I can get a rough idea of what food may be be tter in a given situation, when it comes down to haste buffs, etc).

  3. Galadria Says:

    I hear the same thing about the lack of nodes from miners… it’s getting a little annoying. Hopefully it’s just competition and it’ll get better when more of the population is at 80.

    I went over to the unexplored area I had and it’s actually the Alliance starting area, I cleared it out and got the exploration acheivement for Howling Fjord. I did do the Scalawag Point quests; being a collector for a pirate is kinda funny 🙂 Also I think 105 is for the Acheivement and I’m pretty sure that when I got the Acheivement I still had quests to turn in, so there’s a few more than that.

    The tough thing about the gear for Priests is that it’s not just Spellpower any more. Priests of all specs get benefit from Spellpower, Crit, and Haste (but both Crit and Haste have a point of diminishing returns and I’m not exactly clear where that point is, I really need to spend some time over at the EJ forums). Holy and Shadow get benefit from Spirit, Disc likes MP5 a little more than Spirit, and Shadow needs Hit. I’m having a dificult tiime learning to balance all those stats. In BC we just stacked Healing/Spirit or Hit/Spell Damage, grab a little Haste if it comes your way, and then get your Stamina up. It’s a little more complicated than that now and I’m still wraping my brain around it. On top of all that I don’t even know what spec I’ll be when I hit 80 so I’m accumulating gear for all 3 specs.

  4. Ben Says:

    I’m currently 75 and have only received worthwhile new gear for Rings, Trinket, Head, Neck and Back. My Mooncloth gear is still the best I’ve seen (socketed and enchanted), and my Sha’tar QM turn-ins still hold up for Ranged and Off Hand. Main hand I have a PvP reward and nothing has come close to it.

    What I’m seeing is Daralan, and in other towns, is that the rep rewards and epic token rewards blow my gear out of the water. Do I really need to wait until 80 to improve my gear?!

  5. Galadria Says:

    It seems that our gear is lasting a little longer than we all thought it would. My hubby (who is a Hunter) is in T5/6 gear and still hasn’t replaced anything. He’s 78, although we’ve been questing together so he’s doing guests and instances about 3 levels below his level. He is seeing about the same, the badge/rep rewards are very nice upgrades. Most of what he’s looking at though is available at level 78 (maybe he’s just lucky).

    For us Priests, Mooncloth/Frozen Shadoweave was so terribly OP it doesn’t really suprise me that you’re still holding on to it. The set bonuses also kind of scale while you improve the rest of your gear making it even harder to replace those pieces (I thinking if the Int=Spellpower on one of the sets). I’ve always thought that the Tailoring pieces were too powerful and it seems that Blizz learned from that mistake 🙂

  6. Fish Says:

    I feel your pain. I too am a PvE player at heart forced to play on a PvP server and endure the ganking. I leveld during my formative years as a paladin which as you may know, equals target on PvP realms.

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