Wrath Release Party: Recap

I want to give BIG kudos to the people from Blizzard who stayed all night long with us!  I really appreciate that you guys were still there at 3:00 am when I finally got my copies (yes, those are MY copies of Wrath on the table being signed).  I really wish I would have had the energy to ask their names so I could tell you guys who they were, but alas, at this point in the night all I wanted was to crawl into bed… damn I feel old.

Anywhoo, we had a good time last night.  As I said, BIG kudos to Blizz, they did everything right.  Game Stop… left something to be desired.  Actually, the got us through the line quickly, but the communication about what was going on was poor.  When I pre-ordered I paid in full and was told that all I’d have to do is show up, flash my receipt, take my box and be on my way.  We were also told that the long line around the building (that was there all night but was moving at a respectable pace) was for people who were paying tonight.  Cool, I thought, I can hang out at the tent and try to score some swag!  Wrong… what everyone neglected to tell me was that everyone had to be checked out at the register a second time.  Yes, I knew our receipt would have to be scanned but the couple of people I asked around 8:00 when we showed up said we’d be fine come midnight. 

Midnight rolls around and we are all informed that if you are paid up, go get in the line to the right, you’ll be able to pick up your box, get it signed and get out the door.  If you need to pay, get in the line to the left and you can go through the register then get in the line on the right, pick up your bok, get it signed, and go home.  Thankfully about 15 mins later a Game Stop employee comes along to make sure that everyone is in the right line and thankfully I stoped him to clarify the situation.  What he was asking was “Everyone in this line is paid up, right?”  I stopped him to make sure I was good since I paid a few days ago… “No, you have to go through the register again”  Crap… 

We found out around 2 what that there were extra copies of the Collectors Edition and you could upgrade if you wanted to.  Thanks Blizz for bringing an extra TRUCKFULL of them to the event!!  What really sucked was that the guy 5 people in front of us was the last one to get one.  /whimper. 

All in all, we had a good time.  The costume contest was really funny (sadly I didn’t get any pictures) and the dance contest was great (sadly the pictures were really bad) and free stuff was had by many!

Unfortunatley I was so exhausted by the time I got home, I just crawled in bed.  I have no idea if the Northrend and Patch servers ever came back up after crashing.  I have no idea what gameplay was like… I just know that I need about 3 more hours of sleep 🙂

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  1. Jay Says:

    That’s too bad about the whole line/paying fiasco and the fact that they ran out of collector’s edition’s.

    Once you finally get rested up have fun playing – I’m playing mine tonight after work 🙂 Thank you Amazon.com and UPS!

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