Northrend Tonight

After a marathon questing session with the hubby last night we dinged 68!  I’m now off to Northrend.  The Hybby is going to leave his Druid behind and play his main in Northrend with me.  I’m excited to have a built in tank again.  Before hitting 60 I was playing my Warlock and we had my minion as a tank.  Once we got to Outland I went back to playing my Priest… no more Felguard 😦  His main is a Hunter so we’ll have his gorilladin tank (actually we’ll probably have Sassy, his cat).  I actually have an engagement party to go to tonight (congratulations K & K) so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to play tonight but we’ll at least get out there and get a port/summon to Dalaran from guildies.

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2 Comments on “Northrend Tonight”

  1. Mugglebane Says:

    Grats on the ding! Woots all around!

  2. Galadria Says:

    Why, thank-you!

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