Child’s Play Charity Raffle

BBB is sponsoring a raffle for the Child’s Play charity.  It’s a great cause (started by the guys over at Penny Arcade), they provide games for sick children in the hospital.  Here’s something about the charity that I read over at their site recently, this is a letter from a hospital that received a grant from Child’s Play and how they have benefited from it:

I thought I’d bring you up to date on what we’re doing with the funds
from your grant.  We bought a number of handheld video games which can
be loaned to patients who are confined to their beds.  In addition, we
bought a Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit.  This is a HUGE success and we will
probably buy several more.  Not only are they suitable for recreation,
but they serve a therapeutic purpose as well.  We have discovered that
spinal cord injured patients can sit on the Fit’s balance board and
work on core balance by playing the games.  Although we had initially
thought we’d buy computer equipment, this is a much better use of the
funds, and, I hope, you’ll “approve.”  So, in addition to the library
reaping the benefits, we are able to get the equipment out to where
the patients live at our hospital – on the units and in the gyms.
Thank you again for the generosity of Child’s Play. I hope that, in the
future, we might be able to apply for additional funds.  There are
plans to convert space into a patient recreation center and we would like
to include additional games, equipment, etc. that would enhance their
quality of life.

Amy L. Frey, MA AHIP
Manager, Health Sciences Library & Resource Center
Hospital for Special Care
 There are 2 options for donating, you can simply give cash, or you can choose a specific hospital to donate and each has a wishlist that you can choose what to buy from.  The Child’s Play site has all the details.   For the raffle, simply forward the receipt you receive from Child’s Play to BBB at tigerlordgm [at] gmail [dot] com with Bear Blog Donations in the Subject.  The ammount you donate doesn’t matter, just that you donated.  Here’s a list of the current raffle items:
  • A Petopia 2009 Calendar from Mania at Petopia!
  • A handcrafted lap size Quilt with the WoW class icon of the winners’ choice on it, created by Galadria of Galadria’s Corner!  [yep, that’s me] The quilt will be about 36″ x 48″, with the icon taking up most of the center of the quilt.  As it is a custom, handcrafted item, there will be some time and communication involved between the winner and Galadria to work out the specifics of what is wanted, and to allow for the actual making of the quilt. Galadria has said she could also personalize it with a character’s name and server, if desired. Frankly, I think this is insanely awesome.
  • “The Footsteps of Illidan” Trading Card Game code for the Path of Illidan item, from Bellwether of 4 Haelz!
  • Two T-shirts, each of the winner’s choice from The Big Bear Butt Store! Yeah, I know, compared to the other prizes, a shirt is kind of lame. I do what I can. I’ll try to come up with something else to add, dangit.

Go donate what you can to this great cause and enter to win some cool stuff!!

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