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Vladvin: Arena 2/18

February 20, 2008

A friend and I started an Arena team Monday night, he wishes to remain anonomus so we’ll call him Bob with his pet Kitty.  We both wanted a way to get some Arena points and a no-pressure way to learn and get better at PvP.  For now we’re both keeping our raiding specs (he’s a BM hunter) and wearing our raiding gear (he changes 2 or 3 pieces; more Stam and Crit instead of Hit).  I’m going to chronicle this BRK style (I’ve really enjoyed reading his posts so I’m shamelessly copying!)  In the future we’re going to try another night, I think Mondays and weekends are going to be the worst, the ques were upwards of 10 mins that night.

2v2 – BM Hunter and Shadow Priest

  1. Pally/Rogue (I hadn’t figured out my addon yet so I don’t have specs; I think the Pally was Holy) – Loss – I did my usual get stunlocked, panic, forget I have 2 ways to get out of that (Undead racial and PvP trinket) and die.  I did manage to get a fear off and my partner put up a good show, got the Pally down but Crippling Poison FTL.
  2. BM Hunter/Affliction Warlock – Win! – Bob did a good job focus-firing the Hunter then the Lock, they put both pets on me I feared them, then the Lock chain feared me.  In between fears I got a few DOT’s off, but the Lock took me out.
  3. MM Hunter/Holy Pally – Loss – We decided to burn the Pally but I failed to notice when he Bubbled.  The hunter burned me down and his pet gave me too much pushback to do much of anything.
  4. Unknown Hunter/Resto Druid – Loss – We were very disorganized on this one.  The Hunter burned me, and the Druid healed his a$$ off.
  5. Prot Warrior/Combat Rogue – Loss – It was bad…  That’s all I have to say…
  6. Resto Shaman/Combat Rogue – Loss – This one started to get better.  Bob and I told ourselves to calm down and roll with the punches.  We burned the Shaman before the Rogue really got into the fight.  I think the Rogue missed me because he started on my partner but came back to me when the Shaman went down.  Crippling Poison FTL again.
  7. Combat Rogue/Feral Druid – Win!! – This one should have been much harder, but we played it right.  It was in BEM and we went up the ramp and out onto one of the rocks.  Partner put a trap right in the path onto the rock and threw flares in front of us.  When they finally came for us, one fell into the trap and we immediatley jumped down.  When they both figured out what hapened, and they came down after us, I feared both then we burned the Druid then the Rogue.  Woot!
  8. Holy Priest/Affliction Warlock – Win!! – This is where we figured out that we just needed him to tell me who to kill and I got a lot less flustered.  We took down the Priest very quickly, I DOT’ed the Lock and he returned the favor.  I died before he did, but Bob finished him off.
  9. Sublety Rogue/Assination Rogue – Win!! – We were stoked about this win.  Even though it can be a deadly combination, these 2 weren’t organized enough to pull it off.  We hid behind a pillar with flares and a Snake Trap.  When it became aparent they weren’t going to come for us, we ran off to the side to draw them out.  One came after me first, but I got outof the stun lock, feared him.  The other went after Bob.  In the end I went down, and it was close with the last Rogue and Bob but we pulled it out!
  10. Combat Rogue/Frost Mage – Loss – I would have liked to end on a high note, but they flat out-played us.  These 2 were very good and I was being a noob on top of it.  Mage killed me then they teamed up on Bob.

We ended the night 4-6 with a rating of 1470 (down from 1500).

What I need to work on:

  1. Targeting…  I spend more time trying to target than actually doing anything, going to try tab targeting and remember to use Proximo too.
  2. Proactive/Reactive – I need to get better at going on the offensive early.  Being a squishy I’m probaly going to be targeted first, I need to get my licks in while I can.
  3. Quicker with “Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free” buttons – need to be quicker with Will of the Forsaken and my Trinket, consider moving them to different buttons
  4. Remap keybindings – I use a whole slew of new buttons for PvP and I either need to learn the muscle memory to find them or remap them to more convient keys for PvP.

Vladvin: New Spec

February 7, 2008

It amazes me what 5 talent points can do…

The other SPriest that usually raids with us has been grinding me into the dust on the damage meters.  At first I thought it was gear, but we were talking #’s the other day and we’re comparable now.  I’ve got all the Tailoring epics and he’s got a mix of T4 and T5.  Both of us have the usual smattering of Badge, Kara, and other raid gear.  So I took a look at his talents… he’s got 5 more points in Disc than I do and about 4 of the remaining points in Shadow are different.  I got tired of having 1/2 the damage with similar gear so I matched his spec.  I really don’t get it but it works.  I was within about 5% of him instead of the usual 50% below.  I’ll post both specs when I get home tonight since I can’t do it from work.

I’m totally baffled but I’m not going to argue with a 45% increase in damage.  I think it’ll be even more when I get used to the differences in spell rotation.

Vladvin: OP’ed Kara

January 30, 2008

We ran just about the strangest Kara ever last night.  1 Prot Pally, 2 Ret Pallys, 1 Holy Pally (yep 4 of those Blood Elf fools), 2 Resto Shammys, 1 BM Hunter, 1 Warlock, 1 Mage (who got replaced by another BM hunter after Shade). and yours truly.  The only person who was on level for the raid was the Holy Pally, hence the OP’ed comment!  It was an interesting night, most of these players are very skilled and we just tore through everything.  One tank for the entire run.  The leader asked one of the Ret Pally’s to throw on a Shield a couple of times to off-tank and she flatly said no…  I’m Ret.  Let me say that this was all in good humor, we all raid with eachother 4 nights a week; Kara is where we go to farm for badges and let off some steam.  The Prot Pally had never tanked in Kara before and did the whole thing flawlessly.  It was a blast!  We only had one wipe when the Holy Pally moved in the Flame Wreath…  nuff said.  We actually survived a Polymorph after that and got him down to 1% with nothing left but the Ret Pallys, me and the Hunter; no interrupts so he took us down quickly.  Everything else was fairly smooth.

And my stupid Handwraps of Flowing Thought didn’t drop… again…

Maiden strategty later today or tomorow.  Then probably Nightbane after that.

Vladvin: Working on Kael Part 2

January 28, 2008

After clearing SSC on Wed and Thurs, then the first 3 bosses in TK on Sat, we spent all day on Kael yesterday.  We are now firmly into Phase 4.  We got Phase 1 down last week but couldn’t figure out the DPS on the weapons.  This week we replaced a healer with another DPS (6 healers instead of 7) and we made sure raid consumables were used; our RL decided not to make flasks/food mandatory last week on the Kael attempts, his decision… whatevs.  I really felt the difference in the DPS, everything in Phase 1 and 2 felt really squishy.  Here’s a rundown of our stragety as we have it nailed down (all right/left references are with your back to the doors, facing the platform Kael and the others are standing on):

  • Phase 1, The Darkener: he has a Big Bad Wolf-like mechanic.  Whoever he has his “Gaze” on tries to run him around the perimeter of the room and we try to get him to die towards the back in the middle.
  • Phase 1, Sanguinar:  warrior tank picks him up near the front and walks him back to the right, ending up near the right door.  Warrior tank is almose necessary for stance-dancing to avoid the fear.  Since I was the only Priest, I had to put a Fear Ward up while the tank was running him back since she can’t stance-dance and run at the same time.
  • Phase 1, Caster Chick (I can’t remember her name):  ‘Lock tanked at the very back, between the doors, hunter misdirects to the ‘Lock and raid waits for at least 10k threat before opening up.  We had 3 or 4 tanks outside of the blast range, but inside Conflagration range to eat up the Conflagrations and all ranged outside that (30 yards so no MF on her)
  • Phase 1, Engineer: Warrior tanked just to the left of the platform, pay attention to who gets the stun debuff, if one of the tanks for the next phase gets it stop DPS and wait until it fades so all tanks are available to pick up weapons.
  • Phase 2: Hunter tank on Bow it is killed first by ranged.  Warrior tank on Staff and Mace, melee on Mace interrupting heals and Staff is killed by range second.  Pally tank on Daggers, Sword and Shield.  Bear tank on Axe.  We used a combination of AOE and focused fire.  We had 3 warlocks spamming Seed and everyone else followed a kill order; Bow, Staff, Dagger, Sword, Shield for ranged and Mace, Dagger, Sword, Shield for Melee.  With the bear tank keeping the Axe in AOE range to catch the Seeds but not close enough to hurt anyone it was down to about 30% and we kill it in Phase 3.  I talked to the RL about it and I’m going to start on the Staff or the Daggers and ignore what the other ranged do.  A SPriest needs a single target to blast away at for a while to be a good mana battery (not to your party, they like everything they can get, but to mana-battery yourself is quite dificult).
  • Phase 3:  For the most part, all the weapons except the Axe and the Shield are down when Phase 3 starts.  I have to make sure that the tank on Sanguinar has a Fear Ward at the begining.  Melee goes to the Engineer and ranged kill The Darkener, then Caster Chick, then Sanguinar.  Like the weapons, I’m sticking to Sanguinar the whole time.
  • Phase 4:  Pally tank picks up Kael, Bear tanks the Phoenixes.  Melee on Kael and ranged on Phoenix Eggs except to take down shield.  Warrior tank with a Dagger to Intercept/Hamstring MC’ed players.  Again, I’m on Kael the whole time.

We spent a lot of time saying “Wow, we’re in the next phase… what do we do now?” then wipe.  I think that’s inevitable with a complex fight like this one.  Each Phase is so different and the transitions are the hard part.  You can have a plan for each phase but your raid will never remember instructions for 5 phases until they see each of them.  You get Phase 1 mastered and Phase 2 goes all chaotic and wipes you, “Ok, next time tanks get to X position and pick up Y mob; DPS go do Z”  Once you get that, Phase 3 will wipe you.  Then figure out how to transition into Phase 3 and so on, until you get to the end of the fight.  You have to take progression fights one step at a time!

As a side note… expect a lot of repair $$ for progression content.  We worked on Kael from 4:15 until 8:45 (I think) when the servers died and I spent about 40g on repairs… and I wear cloth!

Vladvin: Working on Kael

January 22, 2008

I had some fun with screenies this weekend (and somehow managed to not get many that were useable) but here’s one of us standing in front of Kael…  this is so cool, I never immagined I’d be this far in end-game progression!

DFR at Kael 

I think this is going to be a really fun fight!  We’ve got Phase 1 down and started working on Phase 2.  I think we need to either focus our DPS better in Phase 2 or bring more AOE and make sure all the weapons are getting taken down.  We could get the Bow and Staff down but the others weren’t getting past 30% down.  Since the other Weapons were still being tanked, the Advisors were running amok in Phase 3.  I started to write a brief explination of the fight, but I don’t know it well enough to be coherent 🙂  If you are curious, go check it out on WoWWiki, there’s a good rundown of all the mechanics there.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m working on raid boss strats with the SPriest in mind but as I said earlier I didn’t get the screenshots I wanted this weekend.  We’re going back into Kara tonight so hopefully I’ll get more of what I want tonight and we’ll have an Attumen strat for tomorow!

Vladvin: Vashj Down!!!

January 20, 2008

After a rocky start, we eventually got Karathress (I got my T5 Legs, won’t be using them until I get a second piece) and Leotheras down; 2-shots on both of them. We wiped 2 or 3 times and on the next try we figured out the correct configuration of DPS and finally got into phase 3. In that try we got over-run by the bats and poison. The next attempt was textbook. The first 4 Tainted Cores went into generators, the Nagas and Striders were handled very well. Vashj went down and coughed up her loot. As I said in the previous post about Vashj we divide the room into 4 zones. Each zone has a healer and 1 or 2 DPS. The DPS pick up their Tainted Cores and throw them to their healer and the healer throws them to someone up on the platform who “dunks” it into a generator. What worked for us was each hunter took a zone on their own and the other 2 zones had 2 melee DPS each. All other DPS worked on the Nagas and Striders. Naga spawn first so no matter when the Strider spawns the first Naga goes down and the Warlock that kites the Strider gets started building threat. Once the first Naga goes down, everyone onto the Strider and then back to the Naga inbetween Striders. We had one Mage respec Frost to help slow the Striders, 3 Shadow Priests all casting Mind Flay and all 3 of us had Blackout, and Netherweave nets. This allowed the Warlock more wiggle room to kite and more time to DPS so they wend down faster. In phase 3 we had the tank walk Vashj in a circle to try and stay in the clear areas that weren’t covered in poison. We had the hunters working on bats and Warlocks casting instant dots when possible. Everything went very smoothly. The only downside was a little drama over loot. You have to have the loot set on free-for-all so that anyone can loot the Tainted Cores off of the elementals. The GM forgot to move it back to Master Loot before Vashj died so everyone had the ability to pick up any of Epics. Everyone wanted to pick up the Vials for the quest and one of the other SPriests was a ‘tard and took the Fury warrior plate chest. We immediatley opened a GM ticket and it’ll get taken care of, but he still had to click “yes I want to take this item and it will be soulbound”

As I’m sure some of you will know, it seems that most of the world servers are down and that’s why I’m writing this article now and not in the morning 🙂 Go, Go Blizz!!

Vladvin: How Very… Anti-Climactic

January 18, 2008

After Wednesday night’s ramapge last night was, as the title sugests, anti-climactic.  We went into SSC and struggled on content that is suposed to be on farm.  We wiped once on Hydross… the tanks weren’t switching smoothly (and therefore died) and the healers seemed to be having trouble with not pulling aggro.  The second try was still messy, but he went down.  I got an off-hand, but it was so marginal I don’t even remember the name of it.  There were no DKP bids and I won the roll with a 96.  Lurker also took 2 tries.  People kept dying to the spouts, tanks were going down on the add phase, heals were bad…  it was just messy.  On our way to Tidewalker one of our officers, up and quit.  He said he was done and just logged off.  Out GM talked to him in another vent chanel and he came back, but it was still very strange.  He’s usually a very dedicated player.  I was quite baffled by the whole thing.  When we actually got to Tidewalker things kind of clicked.  He’s usually a boss we have a lot of trouble with.  He’s kind of like Prince, somtimes you just get really unlucky; getting 3 infernals droped right on top of you or getting 5 healers sent to watery graves.  Tidewalker went down in one very smooth shot, but the bad mood/karma damage had already been done for the night and we decided not to continue on to Karathress.  The other Spriest won a DKP bid from Tidewalker, but again I can’t remember what it was.  It was a bigger upgrade for him so I’m glad he got it. 

In other news, I got my Frozen Shadow Weave Robe crafted last night!  Now I just need some gloves and my head enchant and I will be happy with my gear.  Gloves should happen on this week’s kara run, either Handwraps of Flowing Thought will drop or I’ll have the Badges to get Studious Wraps.

Have a great Friday and I hope your raiding goes smoother than mine did!