New Header

My plea for graphics help was answered quickly!  Thanks go to Zasp who writes over at Ego’s site.  Thanks for your hard work and dealing with my nit-picking (“move her a little to the left… no I like it better the other way”).

Now I’m off to go buy a new adapter for my headset… I broke the other one during raid last week.

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5 Comments on “New Header”

  1. Ego Says:


    I am incredibly jealous that blood elves get adorable pigtails, by the way.

  2. Galadria Says:

    @ Ego
    Well, I think Dranei horns are much more graceful than BE ears… at least you get to choose the shape 🙂

  3. Jay Says:

    The new header looks great! Nice job, Ego!

  4. Galadria Says:

    Just to give proper credit, it was Zasp who writes at Ego’s site who did the graphics work for me 🙂

    Thanks Zasp!

  5. Zasp Says:

    Site looks a lot sharper in my eyes.

    Glad you like the header.

    If you want me to do the text for you let me know. I’d be glad to update it for you. You know my email 😀

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