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Ding 80!

December 11, 2008

Screenie tonight!  I forgot to e-mail it to myself this morning.  

Posts I have half written in my head:

  1. Gems
  2. Thoughts on daily quests (and how blizzfully happy I am that I don’t HAVE to grind Sons of Hodir)
  3. Gear selection
  4. Thoughts on making money from Inscription (now that the glyph market has stabilized)

Anoyone have anything they want to hear my wonderful opinion on 🙂


Cold Weather Flying Incomming

December 2, 2008

I’m ridiculously close to 77.  Should be able to get my flying mount and Cold Weather Flying tonight when I get home.  I’m really excited about that, it should make questing a lot easier.  We’re now questing in Zul’Drak.  Finished up Borean Tundra just before Thanksgiving and then went to Dragonblight which we finished on Sunday.  Dragonblight felt like a lot of running around.  Maybe we just weren’t doing our quest loops efficently enough.  In Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord we were able to do all quests in a town/hub and then move on to the next.  In Dragonblight it felt like we had to go back to Venomspite like 8 times.

Azjol-Nerub… all I have to say is ewwww.  Thank goodness it’s short.

The herb node shortage seems to have lessened.  Dragonblight and Zul’Drak seem to have a lot more nodes.  My Herbing is VERY close to maxed (448 I think), and Inscription is finally comming along.  I can now make both Weapon and Armor Vellums, the 2 Off-Hands, and all the Shoulder Inscriptions.  I felt really stupid immediatley after learning all of them, they can only go on MY gear… learning the AP Inscription was a waste of gold.  Oh well, I’m a completionist at heart.  It would have bugged me to have those patterns untrained.  The discovery process for Inscription kinda sucks.  I know I complained about it in my last post, but it’s still true.  Getting form 390 to 400 was brutal.  Northrend Inscription Research is the only orange recipe and of course you can only do it once a day.  I got over that hump and I think I’ll be able to get the last 25 levels in the next week and a half or so. 

I’m still plugging away at my Raiding guide.  I’m mostly shamelessly copying other people’s theorycrafting, but I’m at least putting it all in one place for you 🙂  I expect to have it done some time after the 1st of the year.  I’m going to have 12 days off of work for Christmas this year so I should be able to get some good work on it then.

(I’m currently listening to Dominck the Christmas Donkey on the local radio station that plays Christmas music… just look for it on Google or YouTube, I’m sure you’ll find it… and yes, it’s a funny as it sounds)

I’m thinking about a series about Achievements (the easy ones, hard ones, tips for getting them, etc.)  I really like the Acheivement system and I plan on getting as many as I can.  What I really want is the Acheivement for doing all of the Holiday Acheivements, the reward is a Violet Proto-Drake… it’s got to be the most badass mount I’ve ever seen.  I don’t know this for a fact, but I was told it’s also one of three 310% riding speed mounts outside of PvP rewards.  It will be next Haloween at the earliest that I’ll be able to get it.  I’m not really looking forward to the Lunar Festival one, but it’ll all be worth it when I have that mount!

In other news Ashley won my quilt that I donated to BBB’s Child’s Play raffle!  I’m currently working with her to figure out what she would like on the quilt.  When I get it finished I’ll post some pictures (don’t hold your breath or anything, it’ll probably take me a few weeks).

Think that’s all I’ve got.  Have fun out there in teh intarwebs, hopefully I’ll be 80 then next time you hear from me!

A Little Update

November 24, 2008

I’m 72 now.  We pretty much finished Howling Fjord (tho I’ve got a small area on the map that never got uncovered so I’m thinking we might have missed a quest hub… maybe it’s Alliance only?  Must look into that) and are now working our way through Borean Tundra.  I agree with almost everyone I’ve read on this matter, I like HF a lot more than BT.  Although I haven’t had any quests in HF that I went “Damn that was cool!” but the tank thing in BT… that was a BLAST!!!  I do, however, love the daily sea lion quest… sooooo cute! 

I feel, like others, that there is a distinct lack of herb nodes.  Maybe there’s just too much competition right now… maybe there really aren’t that many nodes… maybe I need to get to the higher level zones… I’m not sure what the issue is, but it’s making leveling Inscription a bit of a pain.  We did the quests ins Coldarra last night and I was able to herb all the walking trees (the Hubby and I call them Ents… I know, we’re mixing mythologies, but that’s what they are!)  I got a whole lot of new herbs that I can’t even pick yet, unfortunatley not enough of anything to Mill.  Speaking of Inscription… I have horrible luck with discovering Minor Glyphs.  I seem to be able to discover Every. Single. Worthless. Stupid. Glyph.  Except for the worthless, stupid one that I want!  I’m sick and tired of needing Light Feathers gosh darnit!!  I’m actually using Levitate a lot these days with all of the elevation changes in the terrain and I’d really like to not take up bag space with feathers.

I’m a little tired of all the ganking…  We’re getting better at  defending ourselves so we’re not getting our asses handed to us quite so often, but it’s getting old.  I understand that being on a RPPvP server there’s going to be a lot more “Red is Dead” mentality… but I’m a little tired of it.  And before you flame me I did not choose this server, it’s where my friends play so it’s where I play, and I’m constantly advocating for a server transfer but no one’s taking me up on that one.  We had one hunter last night who just wouldn’t give up.  He must have had some kind of vendetta against the Hubby (or he was just really stupid) because he consistently ignored me and tried to kill the Hubby… understandably he was only sucessful if I wasn’t there.  Pocket healer = I win button.  Aparently we also have some kind of Guild war with an Alliance guild and we are Kill on Sight for them.  Kinda sucks.  At least they don’t camp. 

My last thought is on gear.  Since I didn’t raid at all with this toon, just about everything is an upgrade for me.  However my bank is quickly filling with gear.  So much has changed with the Priest mechanics I don’t really know how much I need for each stat.  On top of that I’m not sure what spec I’ll be playing when I hit 80 so I’m having to keep EVERYTHING.  The Cloth pieces are usually easy since there will always be alternatives but Trinkets can be hard to come by and each one is a little different.  Since they’re all quest rewards I can’t ever go back and get them again.  I’m probably stressing about this a little too much but I just don’t want to get to 80 and think “Why didn’t I keep [insert piece of gear here] I got way back when”  I’m thinking about things like the Vengance of the Ildari.  A lot of us wore that thing well into Kara and it’s a quest reward for a level 62 quest.

I think that’s all I’ve got for today.  I think a lot of us bloggers are feeling the lack of anything insightful to say.  All this content is so new and most of us are still trying to level.  You guys will have to live with our “What I did today” posts for a little while 🙂

Northrend Tonight

November 20, 2008

After a marathon questing session with the hubby last night we dinged 68!  I’m now off to Northrend.  The Hybby is going to leave his Druid behind and play his main in Northrend with me.  I’m excited to have a built in tank again.  Before hitting 60 I was playing my Warlock and we had my minion as a tank.  Once we got to Outland I went back to playing my Priest… no more Felguard 😦  His main is a Hunter so we’ll have his gorilladin tank (actually we’ll probably have Sassy, his cat).  I actually have an engagement party to go to tonight (congratulations K & K) so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to play tonight but we’ll at least get out there and get a port/summon to Dalaran from guildies.


November 10, 2008

I am now 58 and loged out in Thrallmar to begin gathering scrap metal and wood along the Path of Glory tonight!!  We played ALL DAY Saturday and ALL DAY Sunday (I feel a little guilty that we skipped church… but only a little).  My brain is quite fried from staring at my computer screen for hours on end all weekend long but I think the effort was worth it.  I’m not sure we’ll make it to 70 before Wrath ships but we’re going to try like hell to get there.  I probably won’t be too heartbroken if we don’t get out to Northrend right away… I’m on a PvP server and I predict quite a bit of ganking while we’re all trying to kill the exact same mobs for the exact same quests!  I’m back to playing my Priest now.  I had been leveling with my Warlock and we had been gifting levels to the Priest since I wanted to learn how to play the Warlock.  I’ve leveled 3 Priests now… don’t need to play every level to know how to play my Priest but getting 30 levels on a Warlock… that would be a little overwhelming.  I’m going to miss my Felguard but I’m happy to be playing a Priest again (though she needs gear badly… she’s in level 20ish greens)!

I’m working on a post discussing leveling specs for Priests.  Hopefully I’ll get it posted toight or tomorow… not making any promises since we’ll probably be grinding out a few more levels tonight (I think 60 is easily attainable).

Also, I read a great post about gear stats for Priests, there’s a lot of math but it’s worth the read.  How our stats interact got quite a bit more complicated with 3.0 and I think we should all have at least a cursory understanding of how our gear choices affect us.  Go read it!  Weighing Priest Healing Stats by A Dwarf Priest.  I’m hoping she writes on for Shadow Priests… hint, hint 🙂  [Edit: see comments for info about stats for Shadow or check out]

Warlock Demonology Leveling Spec

October 30, 2008

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m leveling a Warlock with my hubby (who is playing a Druid).  We dinged 40 last night and he respecced from Feral to Boomkin.  We’ve been using the Voidwalker for a tank and it’s not working so well any more.  Since neither of us currently has a threat dump we need a better tank.  I’m looking at respeccing from Affliction to Demonology to make the Blueberry a better tank for us.  Since we are working as a pair we are often fighting +4 or +5 mobs where spell hit can be a problem and it takes quite a while to kill them.

Below is the spec I’m looking at taking.  For those of you who might be new readers here’s how I’m going to explain this.  I want to get to my 31 point talent so I need 5 points in every tier to get to the next.  I’m looking at each Tier placing 5 points and moving on to the next.  Sometimes those 5 points will be backfilled into a previous Tier.  Doing it this way also shows what order I would take the points in if I were leveling from level 10 while using this spec.  Surf on over to a Talent Calculator and follow along with me!  If any warlocks happen to be reading I’d love some feedback!

Goals:  Want a better Void tank.  At current level (40) want to get to Demonic Empowerment.  Also going to take talents to improve Sta, threat, and damage of my minion.

  • Tier 1 – Levels 10-14
    • 2/2 Imp Healthstone – We use the HS a LOT so the points are worth it to me.
    • 3/5 Demonic Embrace – Sta increase is always nice for a ‘Lock
    • Notes: Passing on Imp Imp since I don’t currently use him.
  • Tier 2 – Levels 15-19
    • 3/3 Demonic Brutality – Increases effectivness of all Void spells
    • 2/2 Imp Health Funnel – This will allow me to heal the Void without loosing too much my self
    • Notes: Fel Vitality is a good place for talent points and I’m going to come and backfill here later
  • Tier 3 – Levels 20-24
    • 1/1 Soul Link – Requirement for Demonic Empowerment and will share the damage I take when I pull aggro or get an add.
    • 3/3 Fel Vitality – Told you I was going to come back and take this one!
    • 4/5 Demonic Embrace – Backfilling here to get the next point to move on to the next tier
    • Notes: Fel Domination seems like a PvP talent.  I’m mostlikley going to be summoning my minion OOC.  Will backfill later.  Don’t use Succy so passing on  Imp Succubus.  Demonic Ageis seems good but passing for now, may come back later.
  • Tier 4 – Levels 25-29
    • 5/5 Unholy Power – Increase to Minion damage… all good
    • Notes: This is the only option in this tier since I didn’t take Fel Domination
  • Tier 5 – Levels 30-34
    • 2/2 Master Conjuror – I find these very usefull and an increase in stats is all good
    • 3/3 Demonic Ageis – Back filling to get this talent
    • Notes:  This is an interesting Tier.  I don’t think Priests have any place where there aren’t 5 points available in that tier.  You have to go back and put at least 3 points on an earlier tier.  Seems to work… just haven’t seen it before.  Also, I’m passing on Demonic Sacrifice since I’m not doing anything with a tank I’ll never be able to sacrifice my minion.  Seems like a raiding talent anyway.
  • Tier 6 – Levels 35-39
    • 5/5 Master Demonologist – Required for Demonic Empowerment
    • Notes: Have yet to use Enslave Demon so there’s no point in improving it, Mana Feed looks nice, but don’t have points for it yet… may come back later
  • Tier 7 – Level 40
    • Demonic Empowerment

That gets me to level 40!  Here’s a link to the finished spec.  I’m not really sure where I’m going to put talents from here on, need a little more time to think on that one.  As I said before I’d appreciate feedback from anyone more knowledgeable about Warlocks!

Hope everyone has a great weeknd!  I’m off to Kansas to see my nephew get baptised.  I’ve got my iPhone to respond to comments but I won’t be posting until next week.  Plus I’m working on a guest post for Matt since he’s swamped 🙂

Leveling Tips

October 20, 2008

Since I am going through the drudgery of leveling a new toon I thought I might share some tips for leveling quickly and efficently.  Some people really enjoy leveling and following the story lines… I’m not one of them.  For me, the game starts at 70 (soon to be 80).  I’ve done the whole leveling thing once already, I just want to get to 70.  I might feel different if I were leveling another class, but I’m not.  Here are some tips for getting to 70 as fast as possible.

Quest Loops

Using quest loops will save you a lot of time running around.  The idea is to do all quests in a specific area so you don’t have to keep going back to that area for each indvidual quest.  Most leveling guides have you do quest loops (Jame’s guides are well written, easy to follow, and most importantly free!)  If you don’t like using guides for leveling there are addons that will help you plan your own quest loops.  Light Headed will show you WoWHead info.  Take a little time to look at your quest log and plot out a course that will minimize walking time while allowing you to come back to a town often enough to empty your bags and repair.

Skip PITA Quests

This is another advantage of the leveling guide.  They will skip quests that don’t give enough XP to make the time/effort worth it.  Most of the time Group quests will not be worth doing as it takes too long to find and organize a group.  If you are unsure if a quest is worth your effort you can look it up on WoWHead to see what the drop rates look like and try to get a feel for the effort involved.  It should also tell you how much XP you will get when turn it in.  Then you can make your own decision if it is worth your effort.


There are several addons that will help you while leveing.  I definatley recommend getting some kind of map addon (MetaMaps and Cartographer for example).  What you want to look for is a way to display coordinates so you can easily find quest objectives.  Some of the paid leveling guides will come with a database of map points that you can upload and will display all of the quest objectives in the guide.  Also the ability to see unexplored areas of the map will help you plan quest loops and help you make sure you are walking in the right direction!  I also like to have a buff mod that will let me know when my buffs have worn off.  Even small buffs will help you last longer and hit harder, both of which will help you level more efficently. An addon to automatically sell off gray items may also be helpful. 


Generally I don’t recommend PUG’ing instances when you are trying to level quickly (VC and Uldaman are exceptions since they are usually easy to find groups for and have GREAT loot for their level).  If you can get a regular group to do instances they might be worth your time and energy.  Zerging through instances with a high level buddy is not as beneficial as it used to be.  If you have someone willing to zerg you the gear can be worth the effort, but don’t plan on significant XP from killing the mobs. 


If you just want to get to 70 as quick as you can then you should probably skip professions.  First Aid and Cooking are 2 possible exceptions.  FA is really easy to level as you will almost always be gathering cloth while killing humanoids and the Well Fed buffs from cooking are nice to have.  If you want to make money while leveling or have the professions leveled when you hit 70 I would recommend 2 gathering professions as they are easy to level while you play.  If you plan on having a crafting profession at 70 you can collect mats for powerleveling as you play and then fill in any gaps later.


While leveling I like to set my hearthstone in Shatt.  That way I can easly get to any major city.  Being an Inscriptionist makes this even more beneficial since I can use Scrolls of Recall and hearth every 20 mins.

Holiday Quests

I like to do the Holiday events.  The quests are usually doable at any level and give good XP.  I’m currently trying to do all of the Candy Bucket quests on Galadria, which are giving me a little over 1000 XP at level 24-26.  I’ve been able to get all but 4 of them by my self.  I probably could do all of them but it would require a lot more corpse walking than I’m wanting to do.  My hubby is going to walk around with me to finish up the last few.  The other advantage is that while I’m walking around I’m getting the flight paths which will make questing later on easier since I’m getting the walking done now!

I’m going to save Talents for another post!  Hope this helps the leveling grind and remember the most important thing: Have Fun!!!