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Since I am going through the drudgery of leveling a new toon I thought I might share some tips for leveling quickly and efficently.  Some people really enjoy leveling and following the story lines… I’m not one of them.  For me, the game starts at 70 (soon to be 80).  I’ve done the whole leveling thing once already, I just want to get to 70.  I might feel different if I were leveling another class, but I’m not.  Here are some tips for getting to 70 as fast as possible.

Quest Loops

Using quest loops will save you a lot of time running around.  The idea is to do all quests in a specific area so you don’t have to keep going back to that area for each indvidual quest.  Most leveling guides have you do quest loops (Jame’s guides are well written, easy to follow, and most importantly free!)  If you don’t like using guides for leveling there are addons that will help you plan your own quest loops.  Light Headed will show you WoWHead info.  Take a little time to look at your quest log and plot out a course that will minimize walking time while allowing you to come back to a town often enough to empty your bags and repair.

Skip PITA Quests

This is another advantage of the leveling guide.  They will skip quests that don’t give enough XP to make the time/effort worth it.  Most of the time Group quests will not be worth doing as it takes too long to find and organize a group.  If you are unsure if a quest is worth your effort you can look it up on WoWHead to see what the drop rates look like and try to get a feel for the effort involved.  It should also tell you how much XP you will get when turn it in.  Then you can make your own decision if it is worth your effort.


There are several addons that will help you while leveing.  I definatley recommend getting some kind of map addon (MetaMaps and Cartographer for example).  What you want to look for is a way to display coordinates so you can easily find quest objectives.  Some of the paid leveling guides will come with a database of map points that you can upload and will display all of the quest objectives in the guide.  Also the ability to see unexplored areas of the map will help you plan quest loops and help you make sure you are walking in the right direction!  I also like to have a buff mod that will let me know when my buffs have worn off.  Even small buffs will help you last longer and hit harder, both of which will help you level more efficently. An addon to automatically sell off gray items may also be helpful. 


Generally I don’t recommend PUG’ing instances when you are trying to level quickly (VC and Uldaman are exceptions since they are usually easy to find groups for and have GREAT loot for their level).  If you can get a regular group to do instances they might be worth your time and energy.  Zerging through instances with a high level buddy is not as beneficial as it used to be.  If you have someone willing to zerg you the gear can be worth the effort, but don’t plan on significant XP from killing the mobs. 


If you just want to get to 70 as quick as you can then you should probably skip professions.  First Aid and Cooking are 2 possible exceptions.  FA is really easy to level as you will almost always be gathering cloth while killing humanoids and the Well Fed buffs from cooking are nice to have.  If you want to make money while leveling or have the professions leveled when you hit 70 I would recommend 2 gathering professions as they are easy to level while you play.  If you plan on having a crafting profession at 70 you can collect mats for powerleveling as you play and then fill in any gaps later.


While leveling I like to set my hearthstone in Shatt.  That way I can easly get to any major city.  Being an Inscriptionist makes this even more beneficial since I can use Scrolls of Recall and hearth every 20 mins.

Holiday Quests

I like to do the Holiday events.  The quests are usually doable at any level and give good XP.  I’m currently trying to do all of the Candy Bucket quests on Galadria, which are giving me a little over 1000 XP at level 24-26.  I’ve been able to get all but 4 of them by my self.  I probably could do all of them but it would require a lot more corpse walking than I’m wanting to do.  My hubby is going to walk around with me to finish up the last few.  The other advantage is that while I’m walking around I’m getting the flight paths which will make questing later on easier since I’m getting the walking done now!

I’m going to save Talents for another post!  Hope this helps the leveling grind and remember the most important thing: Have Fun!!!

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