Starting Over

I decided that I couldn’t wait until my friend graduated to start playing (and come to find out she might not play at all) and I re-opened my account.  I rolled a pretty little Blood Elf Priest on the Lightninghoof server named Galadria.  I’m not really looking forward to leveling on a PvP server but it’s where all my friends are playing so I’ll just have to live with it.  I got her up to 15 this weekend and got some professions leveled too.  Cooking is aroung 100, Fishing at 75, First Aid is in the 80’s I think and Herbalism is around 60.  I’m trying to decide what other profession I’d like but I think I may wait until the expansion comes out and see what’s going to be the most beneficial for raiding.  In the end I will probably level another toon and put 2 crafting professions on Galadria and have Herbalism and maybe Engineering on the alt.  I’ve always wanted to try engineering! 

I’m back to the grindstone here at the office.  Hope all you out there on the Intarwebs had a good weekend. Oh, and by the way, OU SUCKS!!!

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