I am now 58 and loged out in Thrallmar to begin gathering scrap metal and wood along the Path of Glory tonight!!  We played ALL DAY Saturday and ALL DAY Sunday (I feel a little guilty that we skipped church… but only a little).  My brain is quite fried from staring at my computer screen for hours on end all weekend long but I think the effort was worth it.  I’m not sure we’ll make it to 70 before Wrath ships but we’re going to try like hell to get there.  I probably won’t be too heartbroken if we don’t get out to Northrend right away… I’m on a PvP server and I predict quite a bit of ganking while we’re all trying to kill the exact same mobs for the exact same quests!  I’m back to playing my Priest now.  I had been leveling with my Warlock and we had been gifting levels to the Priest since I wanted to learn how to play the Warlock.  I’ve leveled 3 Priests now… don’t need to play every level to know how to play my Priest but getting 30 levels on a Warlock… that would be a little overwhelming.  I’m going to miss my Felguard but I’m happy to be playing a Priest again (though she needs gear badly… she’s in level 20ish greens)!

I’m working on a post discussing leveling specs for Priests.  Hopefully I’ll get it posted toight or tomorow… not making any promises since we’ll probably be grinding out a few more levels tonight (I think 60 is easily attainable).

Also, I read a great post about gear stats for Priests, there’s a lot of math but it’s worth the read.  How our stats interact got quite a bit more complicated with 3.0 and I think we should all have at least a cursory understanding of how our gear choices affect us.  Go read it!  Weighing Priest Healing Stats by A Dwarf Priest.  I’m hoping she writes on for Shadow Priests… hint, hint 🙂  [Edit: see comments for info about stats for Shadow or check out ShadowPriest.com]

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2 Comments on “Outlands!!”

  1. MK Says:

    I don’t think I’ll figure stat weights for shadow for a few reasons. 1) I’m lazy. 2) Very lazy. 3) Shadowpriest.com already did it. 4) I’m so lazy.

    Here is what they recommended for shadow:
    * 1 spellpower = 1.00
    * 1 crit rating = 0.61
    * 1 haste = 0.63
    * 1 spirit = 0.21
    * 1 int = 0.19
    * 1 hit = 1.14 (not hit-capped)

    Check out Shadowpriest.com ‘s post about stat weights. It also contains a list of the best gear (including WotLK items).

  2. Galadria Says:

    So many things to look at, so little time! I need to spend some time reading Shadowpriest.com they really do have some good stuff over there. Thanks again for posting the info about healing stats!

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