Vladvin: Vashj Down!!!

After a rocky start, we eventually got Karathress (I got my T5 Legs, won’t be using them until I get a second piece) and Leotheras down; 2-shots on both of them. We wiped 2 or 3 times and on the next try we figured out the correct configuration of DPS and finally got into phase 3. In that try we got over-run by the bats and poison. The next attempt was textbook. The first 4 Tainted Cores went into generators, the Nagas and Striders were handled very well. Vashj went down and coughed up her loot. As I said in the previous post about Vashj we divide the room into 4 zones. Each zone has a healer and 1 or 2 DPS. The DPS pick up their Tainted Cores and throw them to their healer and the healer throws them to someone up on the platform who “dunks” it into a generator. What worked for us was each hunter took a zone on their own and the other 2 zones had 2 melee DPS each. All other DPS worked on the Nagas and Striders. Naga spawn first so no matter when the Strider spawns the first Naga goes down and the Warlock that kites the Strider gets started building threat. Once the first Naga goes down, everyone onto the Strider and then back to the Naga inbetween Striders. We had one Mage respec Frost to help slow the Striders, 3 Shadow Priests all casting Mind Flay and all 3 of us had Blackout, and Netherweave nets. This allowed the Warlock more wiggle room to kite and more time to DPS so they wend down faster. In phase 3 we had the tank walk Vashj in a circle to try and stay in the clear areas that weren’t covered in poison. We had the hunters working on bats and Warlocks casting instant dots when possible. Everything went very smoothly. The only downside was a little drama over loot. You have to have the loot set on free-for-all so that anyone can loot the Tainted Cores off of the elementals. The GM forgot to move it back to Master Loot before Vashj died so everyone had the ability to pick up any of Epics. Everyone wanted to pick up the Vials for the quest and one of the other SPriests was a ‘tard and took the Fury warrior plate chest. We immediatley opened a GM ticket and it’ll get taken care of, but he still had to click “yes I want to take this item and it will be soulbound”

As I’m sure some of you will know, it seems that most of the world servers are down and that’s why I’m writing this article now and not in the morning 🙂 Go, Go Blizz!!

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4 Comments on “Vladvin: Vashj Down!!!”

  1. handypriest Says:

    Gratz on the Vashj kill. Was it a first time kill of your guild?

  2. Vladvin Says:

    Yep! First time! Al’ar last week, Vashj this week, and I think we’ll have Kael’thas in another 2 weeks, maybe 3. We spent a few hours working on him today and we’re going to dedicate as much time as possible next week to him. I’ll have a post about that tonight or tomorow.

  3. asirae Says:

    I cannot see the poison from the Spore Bats. Is there anything I can do with UI or addon that will show me where the poison is?

  4. Galadria Says:

    Go to the video options and turn your Spell Detail all the way up. If it lags your computer, try half-way. I have it turned all the way up and you can’t miss it! Bright green goo 🙂

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