Vladvin: Working on Kael

I had some fun with screenies this weekend (and somehow managed to not get many that were useable) but here’s one of us standing in front of Kael…  this is so cool, I never immagined I’d be this far in end-game progression!

DFR at Kael 

I think this is going to be a really fun fight!  We’ve got Phase 1 down and started working on Phase 2.  I think we need to either focus our DPS better in Phase 2 or bring more AOE and make sure all the weapons are getting taken down.  We could get the Bow and Staff down but the others weren’t getting past 30% down.  Since the other Weapons were still being tanked, the Advisors were running amok in Phase 3.  I started to write a brief explination of the fight, but I don’t know it well enough to be coherent 🙂  If you are curious, go check it out on WoWWiki, there’s a good rundown of all the mechanics there.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m working on raid boss strats with the SPriest in mind but as I said earlier I didn’t get the screenshots I wanted this weekend.  We’re going back into Kara tonight so hopefully I’ll get more of what I want tonight and we’ll have an Attumen strat for tomorow!

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  1. Matticus Says:

    We’re getting into phase 4 myself rather consistently.

    Want some pointers? No? Too bad, you’re getting some =).

    1: Our shadow priests are instructed to spam rank 1 shadow word pain on all of the weapons during phase 2. This helps builds up the Shadow weaving debuff.

    2: Since we pack 2-3 hunters, 1 of them tanks the bow while the rest of the ranged dps it down. When the hunters get the bow, it’s a huge dps bonus.

    2.5: At this point while the bow is being taken down, the tanks are jostling all the rest of the weapons into position to AoE down.

    3: Single target DPS (Rogues, Enh. Shamans, etc) focus fire the dagger. Why the dagger? Because the Dagger has the following ability: Chance on hit: Increases magical damage taken by the target by 5%, and dispels a special magical effect. Depending on the amount of Rogues you carry, that 5% could be an added bonus.

    3.5: AoE is called. Shadow Weaving should be at its max as wel as the other debuffs. Single target DPS the staff or mace as your Warlock tank and healer must now move into position at this time.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Vladvin Says:

    Awesoome! Thanks for the pointers, we had a lot of cooks in the kitchen, all with different ideas on how to split/focus the DPS. Having some input from someone who’s there is a big help!

  3. bbibble Says:

    Here’s a nifty little macro for the SW:P casting on Phase 2:

    /run SetCVar(“TargetNearestDistance”, “700”)
    /cast Shadow Word: Pain(Rank 1)
    /run SetCVar(“TargetNearestDistance”, “200”)

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