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Warlock Demonology Leveling Spec

October 30, 2008

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m leveling a Warlock with my hubby (who is playing a Druid).  We dinged 40 last night and he respecced from Feral to Boomkin.  We’ve been using the Voidwalker for a tank and it’s not working so well any more.  Since neither of us currently has a threat dump we need a better tank.  I’m looking at respeccing from Affliction to Demonology to make the Blueberry a better tank for us.  Since we are working as a pair we are often fighting +4 or +5 mobs where spell hit can be a problem and it takes quite a while to kill them.

Below is the spec I’m looking at taking.  For those of you who might be new readers here’s how I’m going to explain this.  I want to get to my 31 point talent so I need 5 points in every tier to get to the next.  I’m looking at each Tier placing 5 points and moving on to the next.  Sometimes those 5 points will be backfilled into a previous Tier.  Doing it this way also shows what order I would take the points in if I were leveling from level 10 while using this spec.  Surf on over to a Talent Calculator and follow along with me!  If any warlocks happen to be reading I’d love some feedback!

Goals:  Want a better Void tank.  At current level (40) want to get to Demonic Empowerment.  Also going to take talents to improve Sta, threat, and damage of my minion.

  • Tier 1 – Levels 10-14
    • 2/2 Imp Healthstone – We use the HS a LOT so the points are worth it to me.
    • 3/5 Demonic Embrace – Sta increase is always nice for a ‘Lock
    • Notes: Passing on Imp Imp since I don’t currently use him.
  • Tier 2 – Levels 15-19
    • 3/3 Demonic Brutality – Increases effectivness of all Void spells
    • 2/2 Imp Health Funnel – This will allow me to heal the Void without loosing too much my self
    • Notes: Fel Vitality is a good place for talent points and I’m going to come and backfill here later
  • Tier 3 – Levels 20-24
    • 1/1 Soul Link – Requirement for Demonic Empowerment and will share the damage I take when I pull aggro or get an add.
    • 3/3 Fel Vitality – Told you I was going to come back and take this one!
    • 4/5 Demonic Embrace – Backfilling here to get the next point to move on to the next tier
    • Notes: Fel Domination seems like a PvP talent.  I’m mostlikley going to be summoning my minion OOC.  Will backfill later.  Don’t use Succy so passing on  Imp Succubus.  Demonic Ageis seems good but passing for now, may come back later.
  • Tier 4 – Levels 25-29
    • 5/5 Unholy Power – Increase to Minion damage… all good
    • Notes: This is the only option in this tier since I didn’t take Fel Domination
  • Tier 5 – Levels 30-34
    • 2/2 Master Conjuror – I find these very usefull and an increase in stats is all good
    • 3/3 Demonic Ageis – Back filling to get this talent
    • Notes:  This is an interesting Tier.  I don’t think Priests have any place where there aren’t 5 points available in that tier.  You have to go back and put at least 3 points on an earlier tier.  Seems to work… just haven’t seen it before.  Also, I’m passing on Demonic Sacrifice since I’m not doing anything with a tank I’ll never be able to sacrifice my minion.  Seems like a raiding talent anyway.
  • Tier 6 – Levels 35-39
    • 5/5 Master Demonologist – Required for Demonic Empowerment
    • Notes: Have yet to use Enslave Demon so there’s no point in improving it, Mana Feed looks nice, but don’t have points for it yet… may come back later
  • Tier 7 – Level 40
    • Demonic Empowerment

That gets me to level 40!  Here’s a link to the finished spec.  I’m not really sure where I’m going to put talents from here on, need a little more time to think on that one.  As I said before I’d appreciate feedback from anyone more knowledgeable about Warlocks!

Hope everyone has a great weeknd!  I’m off to Kansas to see my nephew get baptised.  I’ve got my iPhone to respond to comments but I won’t be posting until next week.  Plus I’m working on a guest post for Matt since he’s swamped 🙂