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The Trouble With Zombies

October 27, 2008

I normally don’t get into this kind of thing.  I try to stay positive in this blog space… but I can’t keep this one to my self.  If you don’t want to read yet another opinion on the Zombie event, feel free to mark this on as read and move on.

/rant on

As two other bloggers (that I know of, I’m sure there are more) have already said, the concept of the whole zombie thing is great.  The execution… not so much.  As they have both said, what has resulted is nothing more than lowbie greifing in all the major quest hubs, and general asshattey in major cities.  BBB is a 70 and having trouble getting things done while dealing with all the asshats.  Lume is having trouble leveling her alts, but has a 70 to come in and protect herself and others (and good on her for doing so!).  Me… I’m leveling new toons on a new server.  I’ve got a 30 Priest and a 32 Warlock that can’t even protect themselves.  My ONLY option when a zombie comes after me is to run.  My quest NPC’s are fighting zombies or are zombies themselves EVERY SINGLE TIME I get back to a quest hub.  I’m trying to level my professions in my down time but I can’t stay in one place in a major city for more than a few minutes without zombies comming after me (can’t get much smelting done whilst running).

Unlike BBB and Lume, I am on a PvP server (not by personal choice mind you, but I’m going to play where my hubby plays, that’s non-negoatiable) but I’m not getting ganked out in Hillsbarad or Stranglethorn… this is happening in a F#$^ing city!  What is the word that comes up on your screen when you enter Shatt…. “Sanctuary”  Well, not so much any more. 

Let me say again, I LOVE the idea!  It’s a great concept.  But right now… it’s ruining my ability to play the game, and that’s what this is… a game.  And I’m NOT having fun right now.

As Hannelore said… “I’m going to hide out in my Panic Room until [the zombies] all decay.”

/rant off

Edit:  I realized that I’ve complained with out proposing a solution.  The solution is simple… a way to opt out.  The corpse runs are killing me and the low level quest hubs, banks, AH’s, and FP’s in major cities need a little extra protection so that us low levels can get on about our business.  I don’t really mind waiting a little bit for NPC’s to respawn but I can’t get ANYTHING done (except maybe leveling Mining).


Galadria: Oh, noes! A Rant!

February 13, 2008

I feel the need…  It’s time.

The rant today is about the upcomming changes in the patch.  Specifically the lifting of the attunement in Hyjal and BT and those that are complaining about it.  There’s a lot of hullabaloo about it and I can actually see both sides.  Go read this post from Apathy, Inc. and these two posts from Blessing of Kings, all on this topic, so you know where I’m comming from and what I’ve been reading.

You back?  Not yet… … …  Darnit read faster!  Ok EVERYONE here?  Good.

First off, there is a reason for attunements.  T6 is hard to get for a reason.  There has to be a reason to keep playing once you hit 70.  For a lot of people, the game doesn’t really start until 70.  That’s the case for me, I mever really enjoyed leveling, but I LOVE raiding!  The whole reason I started playing this game was to play with friends.  Now I get to play with 10 or 25 of them; fabulous!  Where was I… oh yea…  Attunements force you to reach a certain point (mostly as a raid, not an indvidual) in your progress to move on to harder content.  You have to run a few 5-mans to get into Kara.  Then (previously) you had to kill Gruul and Mag to get into TK.  Then you kill Vashj and Kael to get into Hyjal and kill Rage to get into BT.  These are all stepping stones in your career as an end-game raider.  They also make sure you are ready to make the next step.  IMO, if you can’t kill Mag you’ve got no business in T5 content.  Same for Vashj and Kael. 

OTOH, Blizzard has put a lot of development time and $$ into developing this content and there’s a lot of people who will never see it with all the attunements in place; heck even with the attunements removed.  The last numbers I heard put the players who had seen the inside of BT at 2% (that figure is old, I’d hazard a guess at closer to 5% now, maybe as high as 10%; if anyone knows please comment and cite your source [Edit: read comments, appears to be around the 10% mark]).  That’s not very many.  Let’s think about how many T5 guilds there are out there.  Just looking at the blogs in my reader, probably half of them are in T5 content [Edit: read comments, it’s closer to 15%].  With the attunements removed that’s a lot of guilds who might not have ever gotten both Vashj and Kael who will be able to at least see the first couple of bosses in Hyjal/BT before the expansion comes out.

For me, I think Blizz is going about this in the correct way.  Here’s the progression as I see it (and I think this is planned, not as a result of qq’ing).  When the content is first released, it’s very dificult to do on level and all attunements are in place.  The hard-core guilds have plenty of road blocks to lengthen the time it takes them to get through the content.  Then Blizz nerfs the really hard bosses to make it easier for the mid-level guilds to get thorough them.  This stage is where the game sits for the majority of the time.  Gradually Blizz lifts the attunements so the more casual guilds can get farther along with out bashing their skulls in.  This process lets the maximum number of players get what they want out of the game.  The hard-core get to do the content while it’s hard for the bragging rights and get to expirence “new” content for longer.  The more casual player gets to plod along at a slower pace and get it a little easier; they might never get through the content at its harder level.  Eventually they’ll at least get to see some of the really cool stuff.

So I ask… What in heaven and earth is the problem with letting anyone who has gone to the trouble of getting to 70 see the T6 content right before the expansion comes out and it all becomes obselete anyway?

PvE and PvP Gear

December 12, 2007

Nope, I’m not going to start in on a tirade about raiding and arena gear, like so many others have over the last 2 weeks.  I’m going to point you to Apathy, Inc.  What is written in that article just about summs up my feelings on the entire matter.  Both sides are being ‘tards and need to be quiet!

Trust Your Leaders

October 26, 2007

This one is slightly rant-y, but I think I’ve got a good message burried in here 

I’m not going to go into a lot of details… it’s just not necessary, but we had some guild drama last night.  The drama stemmed from what I think is a very small group of people who whine and moan at eachother and it escalated to the point where the GM was confronted in a very ugly way.  This person demanded things that would have gotten him a /gkick in other guilds.  In ours… they lost a lot of credibility with the leadership and we’ll have to see where the future takes it.  My point here today is not to embarass this person (if they’re reading, I don’t know one way or the other) or to gripe about what happened.  I wanted to tell all of you out there to trust your leaders.  Give them the benefit of the doubt until they give you a GOOD reason not to trust them any more.  Be objective with this.  I put the “until” statement in there because there are people out there who have no business being leaders, but I’d bet that a lot of the GM’s and Officers out there are good leaders and could be a lot better with a little trust.  I know that in our guild… we don’t make rash decisions, we don’t make spitefull decisions, we aren’t trying to exclude anyone or screw anyone over.  We are trying to maximize the guild’s ability to acheive our goals… progression through raid content.  Almost every decision we make has that goal in mind.  Also, I do mean WE.  This is not a dictatorship.  In order for us as a group of leaders to make good decisions we have a system of checks and balances.  We don’t like for anyone to make decisions by them selves.  That way there’s always an objective opinion. 

If you have a question or concern about what is going on in your guild go talk to someone, and not joe-schmoe who can’t do anything about it except whine and moan along with you.  As long as you’re not whining any good leader will appreciate and consider what you have to say.  Also keep in mind that in any group it is impossible to make everyone happy.  Consider that before you go complaining.  Is the decision that was made good for the group even if it’s not good for me as an indvidual?  That is a really hard thing to get your brain wrapped around.  But I think if you can talk to your leaders with an open mind and listen to what they have to say, they’ve probably got a reason for what they’re doing. 

To all you guild leaders out there… don’t be dictators.  Establish goals for your guild and try to do things to advance those goals.  When your members have concerns, listen to them.  Let them say what they need to say.  If there’s something that needs to change, assure them that you’ll take care of it, then actually take care of it.  If not, then do your best to explain why things can’t change.  Let them know you understand their concerns, but it’s better for the guild to keep things the way they are. 

Lastly, for all parties involved, try to stay calm.  It doesn’t matter if you’re upset or not, you will be held accountable for the words that come out of your mouth.  If you say something stupid, you can’t take it back.  You can apologize later… but sometimes that’s not good enough.  Words have a way of sticking with you.  Try to say what you mean and mean what you say (if you figure out how to do this all the time… tell me how!)

I think that’s all I’ve got.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Priest Power!!!

October 24, 2007

Let me just say that I had to add a “Rant” category just for this post.


For all of you out there on the World Wide Web who are QQ’ing about how crappy your Priest is and how you want to start collecting Shadow gear, I’d like to point you to a post on Disciple of the Light that I stumbled across recently, Priests are the Hybrids of WIN.  I HIGHLY recommend everyone go read that article, it’s very well written and makes some really good points.  To quote what I liked the most:

“Priests are still, in my opinion, the kings of healing; because they can compete well on all levels of healing in every situation.That does not make them hybrids. It makes them the yardstick that other healing classes are measured by.”

There has to be opportunity for everyone out there people!!  A game like this will not succeed if there is one UBER – (Insert Role Here).  Everyone, every class, every spec has a niche.  It is up to a good raid leader to know what those niches are make use of each toon’s abilities.

This brings me to another topic.  It absoutley infuriates me when people think that a players class or spec or gear is more important than the player himself.  It is the brain behind the keyboard that makes for a good (Insert Role Here).  I will take anyone on a raid reguardless of race/class/spec and to a certian degree gear, if there is a hard working, intelligent person behind the monitor.  If the person is willing to put some effort forth any class or spec can have a viable role in a raid and I do mean ANY.  Some will take more work than others but anyone can bring something to a raid.  I think you and your raid leader are being down right silly to exclude ANY class from a raid.  If you say Priests can’t hold their own in a raid, then I say you haven’t found a good Priest!


/remove hands from keyboard before Carpal Tunnel sets in