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A PUG and some farming

January 3, 2008

So I decided to work on my CE rep last night (more details in the up-comming goals post, I didn’t get around to working on it last night and there’s lots of links that I need that I can’t get from work), so I asked in guilld chat but since most of the people that know me were in SSC… no dice.  I put myself in the LFG thingie for all 3 heroic Coilfang instances and went to go farm Netherweb Spider Silk to level my tailoring (now 372, woot!).  For the next hour I got whispers here and there “What spec?”  I’d reply “Shadow” and never hear another thing.  I’m not used to being a dime a dozen, and being a DPS class with weak CC is even worse, espcially since the common thread in heroics is “Immune to Mind Control.”  But 8 Spider Silks later, I found a group.  By sheer coincidence I wound up with someone in my guild on the run (we’re in a 300+ guild), Boomkin Druid; we also had a Warrior tank, Pally healer, and Rogue to round us out.  See anything there… sap is the only CC.  As I walk in the door I’m thinking that if this tank is decent and the healer competent, we’ll be ok.  First off, let me compliment the healer… she (female toon but we all know how meaningful that is) if not quite OP’ed was a VERY competent healer.  I contribute most of the success we had to her.  The tank on the other hand…  couldn’t hold X.  Refused to touch him.  Healing aggro would pull every time and the Rogue (very on the ball) would usually blind or I’d fear and it would be just long enough to take down Skull, but the 4 pulls…  we just had to pound out the DPS and hope to get Skull down before X killed the healer.  The tank avoided every pull possible, which was very disapointing for me as I was only in there for rep, and it made the corpse runs a very large pain.  I’m used to doing every pull.  Period.  The large pulls after the 2nd boss were the end of us…  the Boomkin gave up after the 4th wipe on the same pull and I threw in the towel for my piddly amount of Rep and a 14g repair bill.  Alas, that is the nature of the PUG…