A New Raid Boss

Hello everyone, this is Galadria’s Immune System here on her behalf.  She’s been attacked by a new raid boss commonly known as “Sinus Infection.”  We’re here to tell you about this new boss should you ever be attacked by it.  “Sinus Infection” is a world boss and is not associated with any specific instance.  It travels around and when it encounters a new victim spawns a duplicate of its self to attack the new person.

This boss’ abilities are many and varied and can induce the following debuffs on it’s victim:

  • coughing
  • sneezing
  • runny nose
  • sinus congestion
  • chest congestion
  • headche
  • fatigue
  • sinus pressure that causes the victim to feel like he/she has been hit in the face with a brick

There are several methods of attacking this boss, we will enumerate the methods Galadria has employed to assist us.

  • Sleep – this is a passive buff to the Immune System’s raid that allows us to attack Sinus Infection unencumbered
  • Theraflu – this applies a damage increasing buff to the immune system and depending on the type of Theraflu applied can also induce the Sleep buff
  • Vitamin C – also a passive buff to the Immune System’s raid that slightly increases it’s Stamina and Attack Power
  • Fever – This is a direct damage attack on Sinus Infection by the victim’s Immune System raid but also causes discomfort to the victim, and in extreme cases can also damage the victim

We have the Sinus Infection down to about 30% health but Galadria’s still not up to posting.  Next week should return to your regularly scheduled programing.

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4 Comments on “A New Raid Boss”

  1. Anea Says:

    That boss is tough! My last encounter with Sinus Infection was some time ago and I hope I don’t meet with it again for a long while!

    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so poorly – hope you down the boss soon!

  2. Jay Says:

    Hopefully you are getting better!

  3. Galadria Says:

    Thanks guys, I am feeling much better now, though the infection has moved up to my ears now (well, more acuratley the swelling in my throat has caused a back up of fluids in my ears and the fluid is possibly infected but definately causing pain and pressure)

    I plan on working on the cooking posts this weekend so maybe I’ll finally finish those up!

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