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Boss Tactics: Terestian Illhoof

February 29, 2008

Most groups will skip Illhoof and go to Shade of Aran first because all of the trash except for 1 pull right in front of Illhoof’s room are tied to Shade and they want to make sure the trash is taken care of. Illhoof is actually a very easy fight but a Warlock is basically a necessity.

Encounter Mechanics


Illhoof has a companion, Kil’rek. When Kil’rek dies, Illhoff will take 25% increased damage for about 45 secs and until he respawns. Most groups will have an off tank hold Kil’rek and also build threat on Illhoof (neither hits very hard), a slightly OP’ed tank will be able to tank both.

Illhoof will open 2 portals behind him and imps will come pouring out of them. The best way to deal with the imps is to have a Warlock spamming Seed of Corruption on Illhoof and when it goes off it will kill the imps. The can imps also be dealt with by 2 Mages that have a very specific AOE spec (I’m sorry but I don’t know enough about it to tell you how, but the information is out there on teh intarweb); as I understand it’s very difficult. The imps will aggro onto your trusty Warlock so he will usually need a dedicated healer and if you don’t have a Priest healer I recommend you as the Spriest maintain a Shield on the Warlock.


The ranged DPS and healers will also need to stack up on top of the Warlock (and have him stand just outside of melee range of Illhoof on one side of the ring in the center) incase one of them aggros an imp it will still be close enough to kill the imp with the Seed of Corruption. Your Warlock may periodically need some help with the imps, if so a mage throwing a few Arcane Blasts should do the trick.  In the picture above we have just pulled so we aren’t all stacked up yet, but where the other SPreist and I are standing is basically where you want to be.

Illhoof will periodically Sacrifice a random raid member (not the tank). They will be put into Demon Chains in the middle of the circle on the floor. The Chains do a lot of damage so all healers need to spam heal the person Sacrificed. All DPS need to take down the Chains as Illhoof will be healed as long as the chains are up. As with the Astral Flares a targeting macro is very useful (with all the imps running around tab-targeting is not a good idea); /target Demon Chain. I like to pan my camera over to look at the circle instead of looking at Illhoof. Deadly Boss Mods will tell you when there is a Sacrifice, but I find the visual clue of someone appearing in the circle very helpful. Demon Chains can be removed by Divine Shield and Iceblock.

It is a good idea to try and kill Kil’rek right after a Sacrifice and then burn Illhoof when he dies so that Illhoof’s increased damage doesn’t get interrupted by the next Sacrifice.

Key Players

As I mentioned a Warlock is almost a necessity. It can be done with a few Mages, but it’s not as effective. Tree Druids do very well MT healing this encounter. Illhoof hits like a girl so rolling Lifeblooms almost take care of the damage. Priest Shield helps the Warlock out a lot with spell pushback.

Since writing this post I have done this fight without a Warlock but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have heavy DPS to get through the fight quickly.  We had a DPS Warrior handle all of the Imps with Sweeping Strikes.  It worked but I’m not sure it would without an OP’ed group.  However, I encourage you to be creative if you don’t have an optimal make up!

This is actually an easy fight. Once your group gets the hang of it, should be easy purples!

Shadow Priest Specifics

As I’ve mentioned before, if you don’t have a Healpriest you should maintain a shield on the Warlock. Also I do not recommend staying on Illhoof through the Sacrifice to maintain mana-battery-ness. The Chains need to come down fast and every little bit of DPS will help. I don’t bother with anything but Mind Flay, if your group is switching to the Chains on time you’ll do better with Mind Flay instead of waiting to cast Mind Blast.

Holy Priest Specifics

This fight can be mana intensive if your DPS is weak. Be sure to keep your camera looking at the sacrifice circle so you can start healing them quickly. Throw a Renew early on and you’ll probably have to spam Flash Heal. Espcially if a squishy gets Sacrificed he can be dead in the time it takes to cast a Greater Heal. Maintain a Shield on your Warlock or AOE’ing Mages to help with pushback. [Edit: see comments for a great macro from Kirk!]

Priest Loot

Object of the Encounter

I think the point of this fight is to make sure your raid pays attention. When the sacrifice happens DPS and Healers need to be on the ball to take care of it quickly.

As a side note, I remember a Kara run where a Lock had to go respec in order to take down the Imps effectively. I’m not sure what he had or what he changed to, but if the Imps aren’t going down, that’s something to look into.


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Vladvin: Arena 2/24 & 2/25

February 27, 2008

Here goes another weeks worth of arenas.  I didn’t do much better this week than I did last week.  The difference is I’m starting to figure out what to do… just can’t execute!

2v2 BM Hunter and Shadow Priest

  1. Ruins – Demonology Lock/Sublety Rogue – Win – We focused on the Lock, when the Rogue came for me I feared him.  Bob’s pet did a good job with puchback on the Lock and I have no idea what he did with his pup… never really saw it.  Once the Lock went down the Rogue came after me again and I did my best to DoT and kite him away from Bob so he could stay at range.
  2. BEM – Holy Pally/Combat/Sublety Rogue – Loss – We went for the Pally first and then the Rogue came after me.  This seems to be a really hard combo for us.  Pally’s so hard to kill and Rogues eat me for lunch.  Still not sure about the right way to handle this group.
  3. Ruins – Destro Lock/ Holy Pally – Win – We killed the lock… forced the Pally to use cooldowns early then killed him.  I need to remember to Mana Burn Pallys.  After this match I moved Mana Burn to a better place on my toolbar (I replaced Fade… who needs that for PvP 🙂 ).
  4. Nagrand – Disc Priest/MM Hunter – Loss – This team played very well.  We went for the Priest first, but he started runing around a pillar to force line of sight.  Like a goober I ran after him and the Hunter owned me.  Move on to the next bracket people!
  5. Nagrand – Arms Warrior/Mage – Win – The Mage didn’t enter the arena…  Poor Warrior did his best, he gets an A for Effort!
  6. BEM – BM Hunter/Fire Mage – Loss – The Mage 2-shot me…  I need some Resilence.  Then he killed Bob.
  7. Ruins – MM Hunter/Arcane Mage – Loss – The Hunter got a Snake Trap on me and the Mage had easy work after that.  I tried to run around the thing in the middle to force LOS but couldn’t get around fast enough.
  8. BEM – Affliction Lock/BM Hunter – Loss – We got the Lock down.  He put up a good fight, but went down fairly quickly.  By then their Hunter had me down and then finished me off.  Bob unfortunatley lost to their Hunter.
  9. Nagrand – Frost Mage/Affliction Lock – Loss – They pulled Bob’s pet behind a pillar then killed it.  I got Polymorphed and for some reason my PvP trinket didn’t work.  The cooldown went off, but I stayed sheeped.  They focus fired me then Bob.
  10. Ruins – Resto Shaman/Sublety Rogue – Loss – I tried to mana burn the Shaman, but Bob was going for the Rogue.  After the Rogue killed me, Bob was still trying to get him down and the Shaman healed him for about 3 health bars.  I think we should have killed the Shaman first.

I don’t remember what our rating was at the end, but it’s down from last week.  There were a lot of fights that we should have won but just couldn’t pull it out.  A disapointing week for Arenas.  Hopefully this week will be better.

Boss Tactics: Opera Event – Wizard of Oz aka The Crone

February 26, 2008

As a side note, I realized that I forgot the loot section on a few of the previous posts; this has been corrected!

This is one of the more rare Opera events, for me at least. We get BBW most of the time, Galadria says they did too. Between the two of us we’ve probably seen this one 4 or 5 times! This one seems complicated on the surface, but if you get everyone coordinated and doing their job it will go smoothly. You actually fight 6 mini bosses in this one; Dorothee, Tito, Roar, Strawman, Tinhead, when those go down The Crone spawns.

Encounter Mechanics

Phase 1

When the curtain goes up, Dorothee, Roar, Strawman, and Tinhead will be standing there. They become active in that order in quick sucession. I can’t find hard data, but it seems like Dorothee spawns Tito sometime after Strawman enters the fight; if someone knows when she summons him please comment! 

We’ll start at the top with Dorothee. She has no aggro table and cannot be tanked. She will shoot Water Bolts (can’t be interrupted) at random raid members until she dies. You should kill her first.

Roar is next, he will has an AOE fear but is susceptible to fear himself. A Warlock or Hunter fear (the cooldown on Fear Beast will mean he’s going to be unfeared for about 10 seconds, have an OT hold him or the Hunter’s pet deal with it) is best for him. He will sometimes run out of the doors when he is feared and has been known to bug out, there doesn’t seem to be a way around it. He should be killed after Dorothee.

Strawman has a high chance to get a disorient debuff when hit with Fire damage. A Mage or Warlock can easily tank him, and sometimes kill Strawman by himself. If you don’t have a Mage or Warlock a Searing Totem and Fire Elemental from a Shaman can do the trick in a pinch or you can kill him first and heal through the Water Bolts from Dorothee. You can save him for last, there shouldn’t be much left when you get around to him.

Tinhead hits rather hard and needs to be tanked. He gains a rust debuff as the fight goes on and will walk progressively slower allowing the tank to kite him. This tank will need a healer early on but shouldn’t take many hits as rust debuff stacks up. Tinhead should be killed after Roar, have the tank continue to kite him as he is being killed; there’s no reason to use healer mana when the tank doesn’t have to take any hits.

Dorothee will summon Tito at some point. He silences casters and should be tanked. Have an OT pick him up when he spawns. Finish off whatever target you are killing when Tito spawns, kill him and return to the kill order. It doesn’t really matter when you kill Tito, just make sure Dorothee dies before he does or she will enrage.

Phase 2

After all of them are dead, The Crone will spawn in the middle of the room. A tank should be ready to pick her up. She has 2 abilities, a chain lightning and cyclones. The chain lightning is cast on random raid members and can chain up to 5 targets. It is unavoidable but easy to heal through. Her cyclones will move around the room and pick up raid members. They no longer cause damage but you do take falling damage. Also there is no stun so instant cast spells are still available. These can and should be avoided. You will need to assign one person to watch the tank and instruct him/her to move when necessary (tanks can’t always see their surroundings!)

Getting through Phase 1 is the hard part. Once you get to The Crone it’s all downhill from there!

Shadow Priest Specifics from Vladvin

The only thing I can think of for a Shadow Priest is to help the OT if he has trouble picking up Tito. Throw a MF to slow him so the OT doesn’t have to chase him quite as far. Of couse this meant Tito will be coming for you… but if the tank needs help with a pick up I consider the risk worth it.

Holy Priest Specifics from Galadria

This fight has a lot of raid damage. You should consider assigning one healer to heal the Water Bolts. Any healer can do this job. Set Dorothee to be your focus and make an assist macro (/assist focus). Then hit the macro throw that person a heal and hit the macro again. Rinse. Repeat. A Renew should be sufficient to heal up the damage unless they get double targeted.

Your Warlock or Mage shouldn’t take any damage from Strawman, but keep an eye on them just in case something goes wrong.

Priest Loot

Object of the Encounter

As I’ve said several times, the Opera events are easy but chaotic. A small test of coordination before moving on to Curator!

Boss Tactics: Nightbane

February 22, 2008

As a side note, I’m going a little out of the order I had planed on but these are the fights I have good screenshots for.  Deal with it 🙂 

Nightbane is usually one of the last fights a guild will attempt. You have to complete the Medivh’s Journial quest line order to summon him and it’s usually a good idea to have the Prince fight mastered before you attempt Nightbane. If your tank can handle Prince and you have enough DPS to get through it, Nightbane isn’t much harder.

Encounter Mechanics

Nightbane is an alternating 2 Phase fight; he takes off into the air at 25%, 50%, and 75% health. Positioning is key for this encounter. The tank needs to stand in a specific spot in order to pick up Nightbane when he lands. What we call the “magic skull” is in the picture below (Yellow Circle on the right). It tends to shift in and out of view so you may have to move your camera angle to find it. Have your tank stand on the outer wall directly across from that skull for a clean pick-up (Green Circle on the left, also the guy marked with the circle in-game). Everyone else needs to stand at max range to avoid getting squished if the pick-up isn’t perfect.


Ground Phase 

Nightbane has a frontal attack and a tail swipe so the raid needs to stay at range and Nightbane needs to be positioned properly:


He should be perpendicular to the railing so that melee can get close enough to attack and ranged won’t get hit by the frontal or tail attacks, as shown above. Melee should aim for his ribcage. In addition Nightbane periodically does an AOE fear, Tremor Totems are helpful and Fear Ward should be on the tank whenever it’s available but stance-dancing is a must so that Nightbane stays in the correct position (if the tank runs in fear, Nightbane is going to follow him and tail-swipe the raid). The strategy we use is to have the ranged split up between the north and south sides of Nightbane, with at least one healer on each side. That way if one side gets feared or gets trapped behind Charred Earth out of range, the other side is there to keep the tank alive.


The last hurdle in the ground phase is that patches of Charred Earth will appear on the ground that will damage anyone standing in it. The picture above is a little hard to see, but you can see the patch of Charred Earth, and Deadly Boss Mods has put “Charred Earth” in the middle of my screen.  If you’re having trouble seeing the Charred Earth, turn your Spell Detail up. Keep moving away from the Charred Earth until the warning goes away since the visual edges of the area aren’t quite the same as the actual edges.

Air Phase 

When he takes off into the air, a few things happen. Nightbane will cast “Rain of Bones” and you will get 5 non-elite skeletons that need to be killed. They have about 13.5k health.


It is best for the raid to stack up on one person to the side of where Nightbane was so that the tank can pick up the adds easily. As you can see, we are basically standing on top of each other and the Restless Skeletons are all in easy range for the tank to pick up.  We have found that it works best for the adds to be focus-fired down as AOE tends to be too mana intensive. Choose one DPS and assist them (create a macro that says “/assist PlayerName” or if you want to be more generic, “/assist focus” and set your focus to whoever your raid chooses). You do need to be careful about where your raid stands, anyone who gets more than 40 yards away from where Nightbane lands will get hit with Fireball Barage, it hits for about 3k a second.  If you split the raid the other side should still join the group for the air phase and stay until Nightbane is properly positioned. Then they can run through Nightbane’s ribcage to the other side.

The person with the highest healing aggro in the air phase gets hit with Smoking Blast. This is mitigatable by armor so if you have a Pally they should spam heal to take the damage (read Galadria’s article about it, most of the good info is in the comments). Nightbane will also cast Distracting Ash on random raid members.  This does very little damage and is’t really worth the mana to dispell.  Once the adds are down, the tank should return to the pick-up position and the raid stay at range until Nightbane is positioned properly.

A big thing to realize here is that most healing groups can’t be responsible for EVERYONE’s health. Nightbane hits like a freight train and healers need to conserve mana to make sure the tank stays alive. DPS needs to carry heave Netherweave Bandages, use Healthstones if available and if possible save potion cooldowns for health pots.

This fight requires everyone to be on their game. Tanks need to know how to effectively work around the fear and have the gear to deal with a heavy hitter. Healers need to be able to heal the tank and deal with possible widespread raid damage. Most importantly everyone has to be aware of their surroundings! Each person is responsible for knowing if they are standing in Charred Earth and get out of it as quickly as possible.

Shadow Priest Specifics from Vladvin

In this encounter you might want to be careful about using SW:D. If you’ve just gotten a crit and Charred Earth comes up right below you it could mean bye-bye mana battery. I’m not telling you not to use it, just be careful. Use your bandages and healthstones. This fight can be very healing intensive so be responsible for your own health bar. Be careful with range. You’re going to have to be closer in order to be within Mind Flay range so you have less wiggle room to get out of Charred Earth and not get close enough to be tail swiped. Just be aware of what’s going on around you.

Holy Priest Specifics from Galadria

This fight can be very healing intensive. Nightbane hits really hard and if you have raiders who aren’t used to being mobile in boss fights there can be a lot of raid damage from Charred Earth. Priests are probably better for raid healing in this encounter. Keep a Frisbee and Renew on the tank and throw heals to anyone in the raid who needs them. In phase 2 you’ll need to hold back on doing anything for a little bit. Let someone with more armor take the aggro for the Smoking Blast. Right when the Rain of Bones starts I like to Frisbee my self, Fade, and Shield. If you do get some attention from Nightbane in phase 2 make judicious use of Binding Heal, it’s got less threat and will heal someone else who needs it. This can be a long fight so it’s a good idea to use your Shadowfiend and potions early so you can use them again late in the fight.

Key Players

Any player with any ability to provide protection against fear is nice in this encounter, especially if your tank isn’t a Warrior.

Some strats out there will tell you to take up to 5 healers. That simply isn’t necessary, in fact you’re more likely to get good use out of extra DPS to make the fight go quicker. This fight (as do many others) tends to get harder the longer it goes on.

Priest Loot

Object of the Encounter

Nightbane and Prince are what I would call “raid check” fights. These encounters will tell you if your raid is ready to move on to harder content. Your tank has to be able to handle a hard hitter. Healers need to be able to handle the incoming damage. Your DPS needs to be strong enough to get you through the fight at a reasonable pace. Everyone has to be mobile and aware of their surroundings. All of these are important for moving on to 25-man content.


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Boss Tactics: The Curator

February 21, 2008

In order to get to Curator you’ll need to go in the back door.  After leaving the front door, go down the path a little ways and you’ll see a small river on your left, cross the river and go around the corner of the building.  Go up the stairs, and up, and up, and up until you cross a small bridge and enter the back door.  Once you get inside go to your left and up the ramp, then up more stairs, until you get into Curator’s room. [Edit: see comments, there is a second way to get to the back half of Kara]

Encounter Mechanics


Curator is an alternating 2 phase fight. Once you have cleared the trash pulls around the room Curator pats in (be very careful, his agro radius is HUGE, you mostly have to glue your butt to the wall) you need to organize your raiders before pulling. All ranged DPS and healers need to spread out in 2 or 3 rows, using Deadly Boss Mods to space yourselves properly (you won’t be able to space out all the way before pulling and DBM won’t show up until you engage, but you need to be organized and know which row you will be in before pulling).  You can see our group spread out behind Curator in the screenie.


Every 10 seconds Curator will spawn an Astral Flare (shown by the yellow arrow above). The flares have a chain lightning that will damage anyone near and chain to others. Melee can follow the flares around and help kill them, but it’s important for the ranged to stand still. They will get hit with the lightning, but if they move around it will just spread the lightning around to more people. Flares need to be burned down quickly, if you get 2 or 3 Flares out at the same time it can easily wipe your raid. To facilitate targeting it is a good idea to use a targeting macro: /target Astral Flare. Once a Flare goes down start spamming the macro and as soon as you get the next one targeted resume DPS.

Curator’s other ability in Phase 1 is Hateful Bolts. He will throw a Hateful Bolt to the raid member (excluding the tank) with the highest health. This can easily be healed through. If you have a tank with some Arcane resist gear you can have him be the bolt soaker, just make sure to have a healer assigned to top him off. Since the Bolt soaking tank will need to be at high health all the time he needs to stay with Curator and not DPS the Flares.

When Curator runs out of mana, he goes into Phase 2, called Evocation just like a Mage, and regens all of his mana. He takes 200% [Edit, see comments: WoWWiki says 300% damage, I’m not sure I belive that, but the point is that he takes LOTS of extra damage!] damage during this phase and there is no aggro so all out DPS is called for. However, any remaining Flares need to be taken care of before DPS on Curator; some groups will have melee peel off and move to Curator early to help with running time. When he has regained all of his mana he returns to Phase 1. Rinse and Repeat (In our early attempts we would go through 3 or 4 Evocations, now we get him down to about 10% in the first one).

[Edit: At 15% health Curator will enrage and stop spawning Astral Flares.  The Hateful Bolts will come more often and his melee attacks hit harder.  However with no flares it goes quickly!]

As a side note, Curator is immune to Arcane damage so all you NElf’s out there won’t be able to use Sharshards.

Key Players

Tree Druids are helpful in this encounter. The damage from flares is not significant but is wide spread and HOT’s on everyone will take care of it. I also recommend no more than 3 melee in this fight unless you have OP’ed and/or very skilled healers. An Arcane resist tank is helpful but by no means necessary.

Some arcane resist won’t hurt anyone in this fight (the trinket from one of the Kara quest chains comes to mind) but it’s not necessary and I’d almost say that it’s better to maintain higher DPS than to reduce incoming damage. If you have weak healers, it’s an option to consider.

Shadow Priest Specifics from Vladvin

This is the first fight where I’ve got something special for the Spriest! Stay on Curator the whole time. In order to be a good mana battery you need a target that will stay alive long enough to get a VE up and do some damage to it. Even with an undergeared group the Flares will only be around for 10-15 secs. That’s not enough time to do anything worthwhile. If you stay on Curator the whole time you can use your normal spell rotation and be a good mana battery (to yourself and the other casters in your raid). You do need to save the extras for Evocation. Wait to use Devouring Plauge if applicable, trinkets, and your Shadowfiend for the Evocation since they will all be more effective with Curator taking extra damage.

Holy Priest Specifics from Galadria

My usual role in this encounter is to heal the Melee DPS and keep the Hateful Bolt soaker topped off. This works quite well for us. I keep Renews on all of the Melee (and the MT) and throw a Flash Heal if necessary. When the Bolt soaker takes a hit, Greater Heal and Renew to make sure he’s topped off for the next Bolt. I also like to throw a Lightwell in the middle of the area where the ranged are standing, that way Melee can make a quick tap right after a Flare goes down and get a little extra healing before the next one. Just like the SPriests, save your Shadowfiend for Evocation, you’ll get a full mana bar with the extra damage curator takes. [Edit: Keep an eye out for the enrage, the tank will be taking spike damage, but there will be no more Flare damage]

Priest Loot

Object of the Encounter

This encounter is a gear check to see if your raid is ready to progress into the back half of Kara. Curator hits reasonably hard so your tank needs decent gear. The Flares have 12000 HP and need to be taken with in 10 seconds before the next one spawns. That means your raid needs to be doing at least 1200 burst DPS, not hard to achieve but not easy for an under geared group. This fight can be tough on healers if the DPS isn’t fast enough, but the larger hurdle that I see is healer organization. There is widespread raid damage so it can look like the healer assigned to heal the raid isn’t pulling their weight. The MT healer needs to trust that the raid healer will get his job done because if he leaves the MT to help heal the raid too often the tank can die. This is a common problem among healers and a fight like this really brings it to the surface.

Vladvin: Arena 2/18

February 20, 2008

A friend and I started an Arena team Monday night, he wishes to remain anonomus so we’ll call him Bob with his pet Kitty.  We both wanted a way to get some Arena points and a no-pressure way to learn and get better at PvP.  For now we’re both keeping our raiding specs (he’s a BM hunter) and wearing our raiding gear (he changes 2 or 3 pieces; more Stam and Crit instead of Hit).  I’m going to chronicle this BRK style (I’ve really enjoyed reading his posts so I’m shamelessly copying!)  In the future we’re going to try another night, I think Mondays and weekends are going to be the worst, the ques were upwards of 10 mins that night.

2v2 – BM Hunter and Shadow Priest

  1. Pally/Rogue (I hadn’t figured out my addon yet so I don’t have specs; I think the Pally was Holy) – Loss – I did my usual get stunlocked, panic, forget I have 2 ways to get out of that (Undead racial and PvP trinket) and die.  I did manage to get a fear off and my partner put up a good show, got the Pally down but Crippling Poison FTL.
  2. BM Hunter/Affliction Warlock – Win! – Bob did a good job focus-firing the Hunter then the Lock, they put both pets on me I feared them, then the Lock chain feared me.  In between fears I got a few DOT’s off, but the Lock took me out.
  3. MM Hunter/Holy Pally – Loss – We decided to burn the Pally but I failed to notice when he Bubbled.  The hunter burned me down and his pet gave me too much pushback to do much of anything.
  4. Unknown Hunter/Resto Druid – Loss – We were very disorganized on this one.  The Hunter burned me, and the Druid healed his a$$ off.
  5. Prot Warrior/Combat Rogue – Loss – It was bad…  That’s all I have to say…
  6. Resto Shaman/Combat Rogue – Loss – This one started to get better.  Bob and I told ourselves to calm down and roll with the punches.  We burned the Shaman before the Rogue really got into the fight.  I think the Rogue missed me because he started on my partner but came back to me when the Shaman went down.  Crippling Poison FTL again.
  7. Combat Rogue/Feral Druid – Win!! – This one should have been much harder, but we played it right.  It was in BEM and we went up the ramp and out onto one of the rocks.  Partner put a trap right in the path onto the rock and threw flares in front of us.  When they finally came for us, one fell into the trap and we immediatley jumped down.  When they both figured out what hapened, and they came down after us, I feared both then we burned the Druid then the Rogue.  Woot!
  8. Holy Priest/Affliction Warlock – Win!! – This is where we figured out that we just needed him to tell me who to kill and I got a lot less flustered.  We took down the Priest very quickly, I DOT’ed the Lock and he returned the favor.  I died before he did, but Bob finished him off.
  9. Sublety Rogue/Assination Rogue – Win!! – We were stoked about this win.  Even though it can be a deadly combination, these 2 weren’t organized enough to pull it off.  We hid behind a pillar with flares and a Snake Trap.  When it became aparent they weren’t going to come for us, we ran off to the side to draw them out.  One came after me first, but I got outof the stun lock, feared him.  The other went after Bob.  In the end I went down, and it was close with the last Rogue and Bob but we pulled it out!
  10. Combat Rogue/Frost Mage – Loss – I would have liked to end on a high note, but they flat out-played us.  These 2 were very good and I was being a noob on top of it.  Mage killed me then they teamed up on Bob.

We ended the night 4-6 with a rating of 1470 (down from 1500).

What I need to work on:

  1. Targeting…  I spend more time trying to target than actually doing anything, going to try tab targeting and remember to use Proximo too.
  2. Proactive/Reactive – I need to get better at going on the offensive early.  Being a squishy I’m probaly going to be targeted first, I need to get my licks in while I can.
  3. Quicker with “Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free” buttons – need to be quicker with Will of the Forsaken and my Trinket, consider moving them to different buttons
  4. Remap keybindings – I use a whole slew of new buttons for PvP and I either need to learn the muscle memory to find them or remap them to more convient keys for PvP.

Vladvin: Dr. Boom

February 19, 2008

So I was flying around Netherstorm doing some herbing and I decided to go do some experiments with Dr. Boom. I’ve never done anything with this guy… let me say, he is really cool! Perfect for testing shot rotations and specs! Here’s what I did:

  • I used my normal shot rotation (SW:P Rank 1 until 5 stacks of Shadow Weaving, VT-SW:P-DP-MB-SW:D after that recast MB and SW:D when CD’s are up and reapply SW:P when it runs out.
  • I continued until I ran out of mana
  • I was competly unbuffed 

Here’s some #’s:

  • Current Spec 20/0/41 without cutting MF when cooldowns come up – 790 DPS, 807 DPS
  • Current Spec 20/41 with cutting MF when cooldowns com up – 780 DPS
  • Old Spec 14/0/47 with out cutting MF when cooldowns come up – 870 DPS, 860 DPS

Dr.Boom isn’t a raid boss and isn’t raiding conditions, but it seems fairly cut and dried… my previous spec gives more DPS, despite what I observed previously.  Why did I think my DPS had improved?  I wasn’t using any hard data.  I was simply comparing myself to another player.  I’m guessing he had an off night and I had a good one so that despite the difference in specs we evened out.  Now that I’ve done some expirementation I think I can safely say that my old spec was better for DPS for me.  I will say that with the 20/0/41 spec I seemed to have more longevity with the reduced mana cost, but I think I’ll take the 60-80 DPS instead!

As you may have noticed, I also did some testing with MF and clipping the end off.  I wasn’t able to complete that part of the test, but it seems to be that despite what Elitest Jerks and say, it is not better to cut MF when your MB and SW:D cooldowns come up.  I plan on doing some testing on that one before I put it to rest though.

Before I close this post, a small disclaimer.  What works for me may not work for you.  I highly encourage this kind of testing to see what spec/gear/rotation will work best for the way YOU play.  The eternal caveat, be sure you’re having fun!