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I’ve got a post comming on Tuesday the details the parts of the Hail to the Chef Achievement, just like the fishing one I did last week.  Since the Outland Gorumet of the Achievment is so large, I moved it to it’s own post.

A few notes:

  • Do the Shattrath cooking daily!  There are several recipes that are only available through this daily.  You will need to keep doing the daily until you have all of these recipes.
  • Some of the recipes are quest rewards.  If you weren’t a Chef when you did those quests and vendored the recipe a GM should be able to restore it for you if you submit a ticket.  You may also be able to purchase the recipes on the Auction House.
  • If you don’t fish you will need to purchase some from the AH or find a buddy to get them for you.
  • Purchasing all of the needed meat/fish from the AH is an option, but one that I hesitate to recomend.  Since these are now “old-school” mats they will either be really cheap (because no one needs them any more) or really expensive (because no one farms them any more) depending on your server.  Either way, it may be hard to find everything and you’ll probably have to buy more than you need.  Once you have all of the recipes, you should be able to farm everything you will need in one sitting if you are level 80.

Assuming you are like me, and don’t have any of these recipes, here’s where you will need to go to get all of the recipes:

Once you have all of the recipes, here’s a complete materials list to cook all the recipes.  (Note: Mok’Nathal Short Ribs, Crunchy Serpent, Roasted Clefthoof, and Warp Burgers are left out as you will already have cooked them if you’ve done the Shattrath Dailies and if you have all of the recipes you will most certianly have done the Shattrath Dailies)

  • Vendors – all of these are available from vendors in lower city
    • Simple Flour – 8
    • Ice Cold Milk – 4
    • Flask of Port – 2
    • Goldenbark Apple – 5
    • Soothing Spices – 9
    • Mild Spices – 4
    • Hot Spices – 1
  • Meat
    • Buzzard Meat – 2
    • Clefthoof Meat – 2
    • Talbuk Venison – 2
    • Ravager Flesh – 1
    • Chunk o’ Basilisk = 1
  • Fish
    • Spotted Feltail – 1
    • Huge Spotted Feltail – 1
    • Figluster’s Mudfish – 1
    • Lightning Eel – 1 (Found in several places, but not Outland, highest drop rate in Feralas
    • Bloodfin Catfish – 1 (found in Deadwind Pass and Zul’Aman)
    • Crescent-Tail Skullfish – 1 (found in Deadwind Pass and Zul’Aman)
    • Barbed Gill Trout – 2
    • Enormous Barbed Gill Trout – 1
    • Zangarian Sporefish – 1
    • Icefin Bluefish – 1
    • Golden Darter – 1
    • Furious Crawdad – 1
  • Other
    • Small Egg – 8
    • Mageroyal – 3
    • Strange Spores – 1
    • Jagal Clam Meat – 2
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    9 Comments on “Outland Gourmet”

    1. Athryn Says:

      Some people who never did the Outland cooking dailies have reported to me that they’ve gotten the chocolate cake recipe out of the spice bag from the Northrend cooking daily.

    2. Galadria Says:

      You are absoutely correct! I did make a note of that in the other guide that hasn’t been posted yet, but I didn’t mention that here since the other recipes that are only available from the daily aren’t obtainable from the Northrend daily.

    3. Doomsday Says:

      Nice Post!!

    4. Hinenuitepo Says:

      Nice post. 🙂
      I got my chocolate cake in Northrend as well.
      Only missing skullfish soup now… for my full Chef achievement! I’ll stop taking the meat as my reward (I previously alternated) since that may or may not be related to the fish recipe.

    5. Brynnah Says:

      OMG TY FOR THIS!! you have no idea how hard it is to find a list like this. TY TY TY!

    6. Lauren Says:

      You’re welcome! I hope it’s still accurate! I haven’t played in a while now 🙂

    7. Meg Says:

      Thank you so much for this guide! I’m definitely going to keep this tab open forever now. Or at least until I’m done with this achievement. I love you. 😀

    8. Jinx Says:

      Skullfish Soup recipe does come the Barrel of Fish. Confirmed. I just got it. 🙂

    9. the only Says:

      lovley guide just what i needed! many thanks

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