Spell Review: Psychic Scream

Psychic Scream aka Fear, if I use PS I’ll feel like I’m writing a million Post Scripts!

Tooltip – Rank 4 (as of 10/25/2007)

  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Cooldown: 30 sec
  • Duration: 8 secs
  • Mana: 189 mana

The caster lets out a psychic scream, causing 5 enemies within 8 yards to flee for 8 sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect.”

Mechanics – What does the tooltip mean?

  • One thing to remeber about Priest Fear is that it will wear off before the cooldown is up. Chain Fearing is not an option so you should have a plan for what to do after 8 secs.
  • I’m not sure about this, but I do belive that they will build aggro while feared.
  • In most cases damage will break the fear early but it seems to be burst damage that will do it. In my experimentation SW:P and MF won’t break the Fear but MB will.

Between the Lines – What the tooltip doesn’t say

  • You can Fear enemy players as well as mobs!
  • When you Fear a mob you can’t control where they run (I know some ‘Locks that can fear in a general direction, before you scoff I’ve actually seen it, but Priest fear isn’t that controllable). If your feared mob happens to run into another mob, it can aggro onto you. Because of this it’s usually a good idea to have a good amount of open space to fear into so you don’t risk adds.
  • Another neat thing is that a Feared player will not stop when they come to a cliff, if the Fear takes them in that direction they will fall off of the edge. A Feared mob will turn before falling off.

Tips, Tricks, and Pitfalls

  • Fearing into other mobs and getting adds is the big one here. This is the main reason I recommend extreme caution when Fearing in an instance. It’s just too easy to bring another group of mobs down on top of you.
  • Sidone has herbalism and I use Fear to farm for herbs and not have to kill anything. As long as the mobs are on level or close you can run towards your herb node, Shield to keep the incoming damage to a minimum and stand directly over your herb. Fear the mobs you have aggroed and the duration of the Fear is just long enough to pick the herb and if your quick, usually time for another try if you fail. Then Shield again and run until the mobs turn around. This works better as you get higher ranks, the lowest will only Fear 2 targets, but the highest will Fear 5 targets in range.
  • Warlocks are known for what’s called Fear juggling. For them, the idea is to aggro a few mobs and put DOT’s on all of them and fear all of them. If done correctly, they will be dead before the Feared mobs come back. Priests can do something similar but I’ve never seen anyone able to fear juggle more than 3 mobs and 2 is much more common (a Lock can usually handle 5 or 6). It’s pretty much mandatory to have Mind Flay in order to make fear juggling work for a Priest since we really only have 1 DOT, it’s just not enough damage to kill anything before the fear wears off. The way I do it with my Shadow priest (she’s just a wee-baby right now so it may work different at higher levels) is like this
  1. Pull mob A with Mind Blast
  2. SW:P mob A
  3. Shield
  4. Pull mob B with SW:P
  5. When it reaches the 8 yard range Fear both
  6. Mind Flay mob A until death
  7. Mind Flay Mob B until death

The Fear will probably have worn off by the time you get to #7, so kill mob B however you like, but it should be half dead by the time it gets back to you.

[Edit: See comment below by Thames, he gives a spell rotation for Fear juggling up to 5 mobs, do-able with spell damage upwards of 900 and I’d assume you would need the points in Imp SW:P, thanks for the comment Thames!]

Related Macros

I don’t use any, but if anyone out there has a macro, please leave a comment!


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7 Comments on “Spell Review: Psychic Scream”

  1. Eithlinn Says:

    oo, oooo… it’s You’ve Got Mail!

    I totally watched that last week.

  2. Galadria Says:

    I watched it last night! Love that movie!

  3. loni2shoes Says:

    I’m not 100% certain, but I don’t think that feared players will run off cliffs, either. I have seen players bug out in the Blade’s Edge Arena when a Priest stands on one of the pillars and, as you are charging him, he fears you so that you fall off the rope leading from the bridge to pillar, but that’s pretty rare. The reason I think that you won’t run off the edge of things is that I’ve been feared PLENTY in Blade’s Edge and have never been dropped off the edge. =D

    Thanks for the tip on Fear dotting with a SP! I can’t wait to try it out (once I have Mind Flay).

  4. Galadria Says:

    I will say that I’ve never actually seen a player feared off of a cliff. My good friend who plays a Warlock says he’s done it to other players. Maybe it’s been fixed?

  5. loni2shoes Says:

    One can only hope. 😉 Warlocks certainly need their share of “fixes”!

  6. Thames Says:

    Ok, depending on the level you are farming, you can “juggle” up to 5 mobs, the max amount that you can fear. I’ll give an example for the ogres around the ring of blood quest in northern Nagrand, which are good for netherweave and consortium rep farming.

    1. Shield yourself (and an optional trinket use)
    2. VT + SW:P first mob
    3. VT + SW:P second mob
    4. VT + SW:P third mob
    5. ” ” ” fourth
    6. ” ” ” fifth
    7. Fear
    8. Wand the last mob you dotted so they all die at the same time.

    With these mobs, you can easily pull 5 before your shield wears off. (shadow dmg = minimum 900) And the total time you need is limited, which makes this the best farming technique for the shadow priests.
    Yeah, sometimes it suckes to be Holy. 🙂

  7. Galadria Says:

    I’ll have to remember that. Since my SPriest is only 21 I don’t have VT yet. I’ve always read that 2 or 3 was the most that a Priest could handle. I never got the hang of fear juggling while leveling Galadria so I have very limited expirence. Thanks, I’ll edit the post to point people to the comment.

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