Merry Christmas Folks!!

I wanted to wish all of you out there on teh intarweb a Merry/Happy [Insert Holiday Here]!!  We had a wonderful, lazy day and I’m glad to be home and about to log in and go farm some Netherweave :-).  I’m sorry my posting has been slow lately but I’ve had some issues and just don’t have the drive to write right now.  The short story is that I’m not raiding with Galadria any more (haven’t been for about 3 weeks now) and I just don’t have anything meaningful to say and I don’t like to blog about Skittles (if you live in Austin you might get that joke, basically I don’t like to write when I have nothing meaningful to say).  I’ll explain more after I get a little more settled and make a few decisions.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!!

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  1. Sellia Says:

    Merry Christmas ! =)

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