Spell Review: Mind Control, Soothe, and Vision

Since the reviews on these spells are going to be fairly short and they all are slightly related, I’m going to post them all together: Mind Control, Mind Soothe, and Mind Vision.

I’ll start with the whimpiest one.

Mind Soothe

Tooltip – Rank 4 (as of 10/22/2007)

  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Range: 40 yds
  • Duration: 15 secs
  • Mana Cost: 108

“Soothes the target, reduciing the range at which it will attack you by 10 yards. Only affects Humanoid targets level 85 or lower. Lasts 15 secs.”

Mechanics – What does the tooltip mean?

This is basically an aggro radius reducer. It’ll let you get closer to the mob with out it noticing you. It’s very similar to a Rogue’s Distract but it only works on one target.

Between The Lines – What the tooltip doesn’t say.

The only comment I have here is that the spell itself causes no threat. When it wears off the mob still won’t have noticed you. (Note: this is my expirence… I have no hard facts to back that up, please take it with a large amount of salt)

Tips, Tricks, and Pitfalls

The big one here is that you can’t Vanish like a Rogue if you get too close and break the Mind Soothe, so you have to be carefull with this one. The main use I have for this spell is to allow me to get close to a mob I want to Mind Control. Mind Control has a short range and can sometimes be smaller than your target’s aggro radius. I usually use it as a precaution when I’m getting ready to Mind Control, just in case I get too close. I know some use it to sneak around a group of mobs they want to avoid. To be honest I never think about it when I’m in those situations.

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If you use this one with Mind Control often you could make a /castsequence for chaining the spells.

Mind Vision

Tooltip – Rank 2 (as of 10/22/2007)

  • Cast Time: Channeled
  • Range: 50,000 yds
  • Duration: 1 min
  • Mana Cost: 150

“Allows the caster to see through the target’s eyes for 1 min. Will not work if the target is in another instance or on another continent.”

Mechanics – What does the tooltip mean?

This can be cast onto any target, friendly or enemy within range (that will depend on what rank you have) and see through their eyes. It doesn’t make them a pet, you can’t control them, just see what they see. It’s a channeled spell so you can’t move or do anything else while channeling it.

Between The Lines – What the tooltip doesn’t say.

Again, this causes no threat to mobs. 

Tips, Tricks, and Pitfalls

This spell is cooler than it looks. The highest rank basically allows you to Mind Vision anyone anywhere as long as you don’t have to go through a loading screen to get to them (OK, maybe not anywhere, but it’s got a huge range). Your buddy is lost trying to get over to where you are? Mind Vision him and see what he sees to give better directions. Want to annoy Horde (or your friends for that matter)? Find a good perch and Mind Vision random people just to see them freak out over the debuff. Kirk also has an article about the uses of this spell. Basically you can chain the Mind Vision in order to see around a corner. While you have one mob MV’ed, select another and cancel, then MV the new target and so on until you can see what you would like to see.

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Can’t think of any, comment if you’ve got something!

Mind Control

Tooltip – Rank 3 (as of 10/22/2007)

  • Cast Time: 3 secs
  • Range: 20 yds
  • Duration: Up to 1 min
  • Mana Cos: 750

“Controls a Humanoi mind up to level 74, but increases the time between attacks by 25%. Lasts up to 1 min.”

Mechanics – What does the tooltip mean?

OK, this one is cool. You can MC any humanoid target (players as well as mobs) for up to 1 min. It’s a channeled spell and can be interrupted. While MC’ing your target you will see through their eyes, you can move them around, and you’ll get a pet bar to control them (if you’ve done the Chess Event in Kara it’s very similar).

Between the Lines – What the tooltip doesn’t say.

The big one here is that it can end early and be resisted. The current theory is that it does a resist check every 5 secs and part of that check is range. The closer you can move the mob to you, the lower the chance to resist. A MC’ed mob/player becomes friendly to your party members so you can’t have your group attack it while it’s MC’ed, but it can attack other mobs or enemy players. Also, limited to 10 secs on players (thank-you Nobs!)

Tips, Tricks, and Pitfalls

My favorite tactic (and one that I haven’t quite mastered) is to MC one mob in a group and have the other mobs kill it. The trick there is to release the MC before it dies and give it the final blow if you want to be able to get loot/rep/quest credit for killing it. I know some people use MC as a form of CC and treat it like an enslaved demon but I don’t really see the point. You’re either going to loose your healer or a DPS in order to do that. The last thing I’ll mention here is the fun one of running your MC’ed mob/player off of a cliff… very cool.

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Other than the one I mentioned earlier about using /castsequence with Mind Soothe, I’ve got nothing… leave a comment if you have any ideas!

I think that about wraps it up… Oh yea, movie quote… didn’t think I was gonna forget did’ya?


“Give my regards to King Tut, asshole.” Name that movie! All you Sci-Fi geeks out there should have no problem with this one.

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  1. Eithlinn Says:


  2. Necro Says:

    Stargate….great movie, not a bad series.

    Calandris – Priest
    Necroleanan – Mage

  3. Galadria Says:

    10 Points to Eithlinn and Necro!

  4. Thames Says:

    1 comment: I can understand ur view at mind control, but never forget you have it in the arenas –> It can help fellow healers or dps to get away from the burst-dpsing rogues… only takes 4 seconds (with cast) in total to create a big gap.

  5. Calandris Says:

    LOl how did Eithlinn get a post in 9.75 hours before me? When I posted it said I was the first.

    Based on the timestamps I give my super cool points to Eithlinn. (I was too busy playing wow at 10:03 to anwer trivia)

    Calandris – Priest
    Necroleanan – Mage

  6. Galadria Says:

    I don’t do PvP at all so those kinds of things don’t even occur to me. I was mostly thinking of Instancing, but I can defiantly see good uses in PvP. Thanks for the comment!

  7. Galadria Says:

    Since it’s his/her (not sure about gender there) first post it had to be moderated. I didn’t see it until this morning.

  8. Nobs Says:

    Mind Vision can be useful in PvP… no really.

    In Arena if the other team is turtling behind a Pillar or wall you can MV one and check out there gear. It helps you figure out if the Shammy is Resto or Enh, etc.

    Also MC has been reduced to 10 seconds on players.

  9. Galadria Says:

    Thanks for the insight, that’s a neat trick to get a leg up on your opponent! I didn’t know it was limited on players, I’ll go fix that.

  10. Eithlinn Says:

    Long flightpaths give me a chance to look at blogs even while playing! =P

    Also, I’m a “her”. I always thought Eithlinn sounded pretty girly, but maybe I’m weird.

    Eithlinn – 63 Undead Mage
    Amaniita – 40 Belf Priest

  11. Galadria Says:

    It is a feminine name… I just don’t want to make assumptions 🙂 It has the possibility of getting me into trouble

  12. Galadria Says:

    lol… thanks… I happen to be one myself!

  13. Kestrel Says:

    I’m pretty sure I knew that 😉

  14. Galadria Says:

    I could keep this joke going… but I’m going refrain… maybe

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