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While perusing through my “Referrers” list today I saw something that caught my eye…  The link went something like this:, blah, blah

Lolwhut?  Am I reading this correctly?  Hide the dead girl?  So being the adventerous person that I am, I clicked the link…  Then I get prompted for a username and password. is something you have to register for?  I’m getting an icky feeling…  So, again, the adventure.  I enter the url with out all the stuff at the end and daringly press enter… here’s what I got:

hide the dead girl

Huh?  I will admit my daring ended there…  I have not dared to click the links…  I’m skeered…


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3 Comments on “Incomming Links”

  1. TJ Says:

    Heh, got the saaaame thing myself.


  2. My feed reader of choice is an app called Feed on Feeds ( – which is basically a host your own Bloglines or Google Reader. Guess where I host it – on a spare domain of mine that isn’t up to much at the moment

    BTW Hide the Dead Girl is a song by British band Terrorvision.

  3. Galadria Says:

    The mystery is solved! Thanks! Thank goodness it’s not something really creepy 🙂

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