Vladvin, First Post

Galadria has just about talked me into blogging here (why start my own when she already has a reader base?). We’ll probably be renaming the blog and maybe get a new domain. We’re taking suggestions on new names for the blog, I’d like to have something about holy and shadow or light and shadow but we can’t come up with anything we really like.

As some of you may remember, in the last post about me, I was about to respec to Shadow. I did that about a week ago and I am LOVING it! I still need LOTS of gear but I’m plugging along at it. The holidays have really put a damper on my ability to play but I should be back after the New Year. Hopefully I’ll get a Kara run in tonight and maybe something will drop for me. The last time I was in there I could have had anything I wanted but nothing droped, it was all hunter crap (no offense to the hunters out there but I have no need for Agi). That’s the way the game goes right? Anyways, I’ll probably follow Galadria and Rashtag and make a list of goals in the next few days. I feel so scatter-brained right now, there’s so many things I need to get done and I can’t ever seem to decide which one to work on.

That’s all for now, Happy New Year everyone!

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4 Comments on “Vladvin, First Post”

  1. Matticus Says:

    Heya Vlad! I look forward to reading your stuff. Good thing I didn’t toss the RSS for this blog yet :S.

    As for blog names, I was going to suggest shadowlight but that might be a bit too long. 2priests1blog? :O

  2. Trollin Says:

    Oh god no, 2priests1blog. Ugggggh. lol =P

    I’m also looking forward to some more shadow priest blog-age. Happy New Year!

  3. Jaco Says:

    How about The Twilight 🙂

  4. Vladvin Says:

    I kinda like The Twilight…. needs a good tag line to explain it tho… have to work on that one. Thanks for the input guys!!

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