Alchemy and You!

My profession, all the way back to my very first, wee-baby druid, has been alchemy. I think it’s one of the best professions in the game (mostly because it’s my favorite). I’ve always enjoyed the benefits of having an unlimited supply of pots at my disposal. Alas, those days are over as I no longer have herbalism… my alchemy uses are subjugated to pimping my Primal Might xmute in the trade chanel, and never having anyone take me up on it (I’d do it for free… I just want the extras on once-in-a-blue-moon occasion when I get them since I don’t have the time or energy to farm for mats my self or the cash to buy them) Anywhoo, I digress, my purpose for this post is to introduce you to some of the products of Alchemy that you might find usefull for instancing/raiding. As usual, we’ll start at the beginning.

Flasks vs. Elixirs

On this one, I think Blizzard did a good job of balancing them out. Flasks last for 2 hours, count as Battle AND Guardian elixirs (you may only have one of each active at any time) and last through death. They are also MUCH more mat intensive and therefore more expensive. Elixirs will (at the higher levels) last for 1 hour, will either be Battle OR Guardian and they die with you. They are cheaper and the mats usually easier to obtain. Flasks are usually more powerful than Elixirs as well.

(Disclaimer: the above statements are from my observation, there may be exceptions that I am unaware of; if so, please leave me a comment)

With that background, I think that Flasks should be used while you are learning an instance/raid (I’m speaking primarially of raids, I’m not sure I’d spend the money on flasks for regualr instances… maybe heroics tho, depends on how much disposable income you have). While you and your group are still in the learning process, you’re probably going to wipe more often and therefore go through more pots, and it will be more cost effective to use flasks. If you’ve got the instance/raid on “farm mode” (you know all the tricks and can beat it easily) then elixirs are probably more cost effective. There is one exception I can see. If your gear isn’t quite up to par with the raid you might need the extra oomph of the Flask no matter how well you know your way around.

With all that in mind, here’s some of my favorites:

Flasks – Flask recipes are usually discovered and if not are going to be rep rewards.

Battle Elixirs

Guardian Elixirs

Which ones do you use? The answer to that is very personal. Take a look at your gear. What is lacking? Do you need more healing? Elixir of Healing Power is for you. Are you (to quote the Ego) “a wet tissue?” Elixir of Major Fortitude or Flask of the Titans would serve you well. If you look at your stats and can’t come up with anything specific that’s lacking my sugestion would be Elixir of Healing Power and Dreanic Wisdom or Flask of Mighty Restoration (the Flask is what I used in Kara the other night, FYI)

The moral of the story is:

  • Take a look at your gear and use your available resources to fill in the gaps when you need it.

Tune in next week for:

  • Some thoughts on the Shadowfiend, your creepy, crawly, best friend!

*** “In the immortal words of Socrates ‘I drank what?’ ” Anyone who can name that movie gets 10 SuperCoolPoints ***

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4 Comments on “Alchemy and You!”

  1. Matticus Says:

    If you’re trying a new encounter for the first time or an encounter that you have difficulty with, stick to the flasks since they persist over death. Otherwise, I’d say a healing power and major mageblood would be the way to go. But finding a crafter with the major mageblood recipe is nearly impossible. Why is that?

    Because the recipe for it isn’t discovered. It’s a random world drop that could happen anywhere.

  2. Necro Says:

    Real Genius?

    and one of my favorite elixirs becasue its cheap and effective for damage. Adepts.

  3. Galadria Says:

    10 SuperCoolPoints to Necro!!!

    That is one of my favorites for soloing. I debated adding it to my list but decided to leave it off sine I was focusing on aids for healpriests. Thanks!

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