Soloing as a HealPriest

A little background for those who don’t know.  I’ve been a Holy Priest since about level 60.  I run a lot of instnaces with my friends and I decided that I wanted to make it easier since we did so much of it.  Made questing and soloing a lot harder, but I did most of my leveling in instances anyway.  I’ve been raid specced (see article here about my spec) for a couple of weeks now… it got even harder to kill things on my own.  The obvious answer to the problem of soling as a Holy Priest (or Holy Pally, or Prot Pally, or Prot Warrior, or Resto Druid… you get the idea, we all have a tough time of it) is don’t do it.  Buddy up with a Warlock, he Life-Taps, you heal him and you dont’ really have to stop.  If you don’t have a pet Warlock in your pocket, have another 70 to do your farming for you (*snort* those of us that only have one 70 will get right on that!) but that only works for farming… can’t have someone else quest for you.  Here’s some tricks that I use for farming and questing as a Holy Priest.

Most important is to have a DPS set of gear.  Since I have tailoring (even if you don’t have tailoring, these pieces are BOE so you can have them made for you)  I use the Imbued NW and a few pieces from the NW set.  I don’t think it’s all that important what the pieces are, just not your healing gear.  All the good healing gear is +heal only.  Most of the damage gear has both.  My +dmg is about 83 in my healing gear (and I think that’s from DS anyway).

Edit: As of Patch 2.3 this won’t be the case.  Supposedly all healing gear will now have aprox 1/3 of their healing in damage.  You’ll have to do some math and figure out if that 1/3 of your healing will be more than what your DPS gear has.  I have about 1400 +Heal from gear alone (remember you can’t count enchants, gems or buffs for this) and that gives me about 460 spell damage.  My Damage gear has about 650 spell damage.  For me it won’t be viable to use my healing gear for a DPS set until my + heal is at about 1950, presuming that I don’t pick up anything new for my DPS set.  The other thing to note is that healing gear that good is going to have really high repair bills.  You might want to use a different set of gear just to make repair bills cheaper.


First is a simple thing.  Pull with your longest cast spell.  If you can get those long casts of with out the mob hitting you it makes life easier.  My typical spell rotation is Holy Fire, SW:P, Shield, Starshards, then finish as appripoate (for high level mobs, I need a Mind Blast then SW:D, for lower level mobs I can SW:D after Starshards.  As a side note, I’m not very careful about my SW:D timing.  Without the +Dmg of a SPriest it doesn’t hit for all that much, but it is instant.  If the mob is still alive after SW:D I just wand until it’s dead.  It really doesn’t hurt all that much if it doesn’t kill the mob.)  I used my SWStats  and did some expirementing and found that my most mana efficent spells are Holy Fire and Starshards, so I try to utilize those the most. 

Next are some common sense things, but worth saying.  Pull carefully.  Without Mind Flay, fear juggling is dificult so taking down 2 or 3 mobs at the same time is mostly out of the question.  Watch for pats, and try to pull one at a time.  Don’t be afraid to run, but do it inteligently.  If you have to run, be sure your not running into another set of mobs, you thought the first one was going to kill you so 3 more definatley will.  Put up a shield and a Renew while your running so hopefully you can make it until he leaves you alone.  Fear carefully.  Make sure you have an open area to fear into, and if you don’t be aware that you’ll probably have more bearing down on you shortly.  Lastly, make sure the quest is worth your time.  Is there a reward you want?  Is the cash good?  Do you need the rep?  Take all of these things into consideration before you spend a long time on a pain-in-the-butt quest that doesn’t give much in the way of rewards. 


Most of the things I said about questing apply here too.  Pull carefully, don’t be afraid to run, fear carefully, and make sure it’s worth your time.  This last one has a different meaning for farming though.  Make sure it’s worth your time.  If you have a hard time farming for motes of fire (like I do, for example) you might try to find something else easier to farm and sell it.  Turn the cash around and buy the stuff that’s really hard to farm.  A rogue friend of mine does this all the time.  Cobra Scales are fairly easy for him to get, but Primal Air is hard since they are immune to poisins (I may have those wrong, but you get the idea).  He farms one and buys the other.  The last tip I have for farming is this: try to find a lower level mob that drops the same stuff.  Most of the things you farm for will have a lower level mob that drops it at a lower rate.  If it takes you forever to kill the higher level mob your item/hour rate will drop and it’ll probably net you more to kill the easier mob with the lower drop rate. 

The moral of the story is:

  • When you’re gimpy and squishy you have to use your abilities wisley
  • Do a little research to make things easier for you

Tune in next week for:

  • Not sure yet… I’ll have to see what moves me in the next few days 🙂

One more try…  this one should be easy espcially if you have kids  “I shall call him squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my squishy.”  10 SuperCoolPoints

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8 Comments on “Soloing as a HealPriest”

  1. Kirk Says:

    Nemo was a fun movie – even if you don’t have kids. Anyway…

    Yeah, I really dislike solo with my holy spec. One thing I’ve also found useful – a variation on your warlock in a pocket routine – is to find some player out hunting and skinning, and offer to duo. Once they learn I’m not a skinner and so won’t be competing they’re usually willing to try. And the discovery that it turns into non-stop FAST grinding… It helps. And gets me good points for when I need some people to do an instance or help with one of THOSE quests. You know, the ones where everyone else solos it, and you… die. a lot.

  2. Kestrel Says:

    Fortunately for me, I have two regular quest partners in my guild. When I was leveling my priest, they were leveling a warrior and (frost) mage. Talk about Holy Trinity! And it was a great training ground for me, as the warrior is fury-specced–together with the frosty crits and ping-pong aggro, it really kept me on my toes. Of course, once I got my frisbee, things suddenly went into EZ-mode. 😉

  3. Galadria Says:

    10 Poins to Kirk 🙂 Good idea!

    Dealing with a Fury Warrior is definatley good training for healing. I was always a few levels behind all my firends so unfortunatley I did most of my questing alone. My husband annoys me when he’s out questing. I like to pay attention to what I’m killing and where I’m going so I don’t waste a lot of time. He just goes out and starts killing sutff, then is happy when he gets a quest update. To each his own I suppose!

  4. Daxenos Says:

    I have been very fortunate as of late to have a pet shammy. We’ve been together for about 3 levels now, and we totally ROCK! lol. Even after letting my priest sit and falling behind on the quest schedule, my friend (who I’ve only known online) is willing to be my meat shield so I can catch up.

    Some times I feel a little guilty as I’m hitting him with a renew and throwing a few gimpy spells out while he’s getting the snot beat out of him. From one extreme to the other, either I solo and get my butt handed to me or I team up and do very little…lol. Thankfully my shammy loves to crack heads and doesn’t really care who’s it is! (He has a 70 warrior, which sort of explains that….)

  5. Galadria Says:

    lol… Pet Shammy… I’m immagining the possibilities with always having one of those mana totems… /sigh

  6. xcal Says:

    yeah, I’ve also had a few pets during my 66levels 😉 Each pet lasts about 5 levels when one of us outgrows the other!

    my fav’s where a pair of drooods, one a tank and other a moonkin. we did ramparts so many times together 😉 and they helped me with many of the hellfire citadel Q’s

    I find that I can usually fearlessly throw fear at non-humanoids because they don’t pickup friends along the way 😉


  7. Galadria Says:

    “fearlessly throw fear” lol… for me humanoids seem to be the worst at bringing back friends, maybe I’m just unlucky there. It could be payback for my luck when rolling for loot 🙂 Our Lock consistiently rolls single digit #’s and I almost always roll 60+ I tell him it’s payback for eating babies 😉

  8. […] got a very insightful post about soloing as a Holy Priest (something I really never did much of, but feel a lot more comfy with at […]

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