Best of 2007

Matticus just did a post on what he thought the best of his blog was in 2007 and I like the idea! So to follow in his footsteps, here goes:

Galadria Starts a Blog!

I started this blog after reading Ego and Kirk. I had been writing random articles about my thoughts and expirences and just had a few laying around. I gave it a try and had no idea how much I would enjoy it. Writing this blog has made me a much better Priest!

  • My first post was on August 15, 2007 and I’ve written 66 posts since then.
  • I’ve had 310 comments and I’ve loved the feedback (and hated the ~2200 spam comments)
  • I’ve had about 17k views total and my best day was 311 views (Dec 7 if anyone is curious)

The Best of the Holy Light

As Matticus did, here’s what I think are the best of what I’ve written, in no particular order:

Updates and Changes

As I mentioned in my Merry Christmas post, I’m no longer raiding with Galadria and that’s primarially why my posting has been non-existent. The toon that my blog is based on isn’t being played. The guild my RL friends and I started has collapsed. We were not ever able to make a 2nd Kara group, let alone gett 25 for Gruul. We all sat down one night and had a come-to-Jesus-meeting and it came out that we all wanted to progress further but everyone except me (not QQ’ing, just stating fact) wanted less responsibility. That doesn’t work. We all agreed that more was needed (recruiting, ZA, raid management) but no one wanted to do it. Therefore we agreed to not schedule any more guild raids and let everyone look for raiding opportunities elsewhere. The guild wasn’t going to last forever anyway. Most of us have decided to level toons on another server to play with another RL friend who has a guild that’s almost into BT. I haven’t quit the game but since I’m not playing Galadria I just don’t have much to write about. I’m still reading everyone’s blogs and I’ll comment when I’ve got something to say but for the most part I think I’ve said all I have to say. I may post every now and then (my Review on Starshards is still sitting in my Drafts half finished) but it will by no means be regular posting. However, I do believe that Vladvin has decided to start his own blog (I offered him this one, but he said he’d rather start from scratch, Holy Light doesn’t really work for a Shadow Priest) and I’ll let you know when his site gets off of the ground.

I’m very sad that my blogging seems to be comming to an end. I have so throughly enjoyed this process and I thank all of you for reading my humble little corner of the blogosphere. I’d espcially like to thank Ego and Kirk for giving me something to aspire to and much inspiration. Matticus and Kestrel for sending many readers my way and helping show me how to be a good blogger. BRK, Rashtag, TJ, and BBB for making me laugh every day. There are many more but my brain isn’t working properly at the moment. I’ll take that as a hint to close this post and wish all of you a Happy New Year! I hope all of you are safe, happy and warm this holiday season!

And for your enjoyment, my hubby and my shoe-eating puppy on Christmas Morning:

Puppy and Hubby (it’s really big so I’ll link it)

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5 Comments on “Best of 2007”

  1. Matticus Says:

    It’s going to be a shame to see you go. Even as a veteran player like myself, I would still come and read what you had to write. If you ever decide to get back into raiding on your Priest, be sure to drop me a line. I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to =).

  2. Sellia Says:

    Ahh … I’ll continue to lurk in hope you’ll post something.

    I wish you an Happy New Year too ! See ya later i hope. =)

  3. Kestrel Says:

    Going to keep you in my feed reader (and linked on my blog) in hopes you keep on posting (you know, there’s no law that says you can’t change the blogname to something more suited to your current main, and post about her adventures!).

    Happy New Year, Gala–thanks for your kind words, your inspiration, and encouragement!

  4. Galoheart Says:

    An inspiring post. I found the link from Matticus to here and then I realize I have lurk and read here to before. You can always morph the name of your blog to fit whatever it is your doing now or start another and join it to this one for such time when you feel you need to shine the Holylight again.

    I enjoyed reading your year in review I guess its the more personal side of all of us looking back at our last year in the game we all play documented through a blog. Blogs are like visiting friends and its nice to see and read just what a friend has done all year or what impact a friendly blog has had or meant to us all. For what its worth I have a priest too some day he will need guidance in a friendly blog to read. Well done for your year in 2007 and much success in 2008.

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