Your Creepy, Crawly, Best Friend

I am, of course, talking about your Shadowfiend.  May I just say, he is kind of creepy, but he definatley is my best friend.  A friend of mine who has a low level priest was reading around WoWWiki and the Priest Forums and found some references to this little guy.  She asked me how and when to use him.  “It seems really cool to get mana back from it, but it’s on kind of a long cooldown so how do you know when to use it?”  I’m going to answer that question today with some of the ways that I use my Shadowfiend.  This is not a technical article (espcially since I don’t really understand all the theorycraft behind it) this is just some sugestions on use.  I may do some research and come back with some technical stuff, but for now we’ll stick with how to manage that 6 min cooldown.

The first example that comes to mind is boss fights.  In 5-man boss fights it’s going to be over within 6 mins or very close so you’ll only get to use it once.  I will usually summon him when my mana bar gets to 1/4 left (and btw my tank usually wants to know when I have to do this so he has an idea if he’s going to have to change tactics because I went OOM, this goes back to my article on Understanding your Tank, you have to communicate with eachother) and it will usually fill me up to about 2/3 full.  That’s usually enough to make it through, but if not I’ll pop a mana pot and make it til the end.  Raids are a little different.  These boss fights can be 10 mins long so you can use it twice.  Since the potion cooldowns are shorter I usually aim for using those twice instead of the Shadowfiend (from now on it’ll be SF, I’m tired of typing it out).  In raids I use the bosses health as a timer instead of my mana bar.  At 1/4 down I use the first pot, half way through use SF, and if I think necessary (usually is) another pot at 3/4 down.  When I do it this way I’ve almost always got enough mana to top the party off and rez anyone unfortunate enough to die afterwards.  One side note on raid bosses.  In Kara when the Curator runs out of mana he will stop and refill his mana bar (I forget what it’s called) while he does this, he takes 200% damage (I could be remembering the number wrong too, please orrect me if so).  If you don’t use your SF during this phase you’re a fool!  200% damage=200% mana for you.  Last week I was almost OOM and the SF gave me back a full mana bar (that night, it was 9200 mana if anyone’s counting).  Another bonus he dosen’t do anything while he refills his mana so no one needs healing and you can get a good long time outside the FSR. 

My other 2 sugestions are for soloing.  The first is to deal with an add.  If you get an extra mob while soloing, throw the SF on the add and you’ve got 15 secs to finish off the first one.  Since the add has very little aggro on you he’ll beat on the SF (as a side note, I’ve never had one die before he timed out), you save the casting interruption and get some mana back in the process.  Win-win in my book.  The other is to go just a little longer without having to drink.  In case you hadn’t noticed I hate sitting down to drink.  Feels like a waste of time and I feel like I’m just throwing money away.  When I’m doing long grinding sessions I’ll use the SF when I would otherwise drink and can get one or two more mobs in before I have to drink.  The cooldown allows me to do this about every other time I’m ready to sit down.

If you’ve got any other uses for your creepy best friend please put them in the comments.  I’d love to hear some other ideas.

The moral of the story is:

  1. As always, use the resources at your disposal.
  2. Plan ahead and manage your cooldowns wisley.

Tune in next week for:

  • Raid healing vs 5-man healing

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3 Comments on “Your Creepy, Crawly, Best Friend”

  1. Kirk Says:

    Does anyone NOT know of Ash?

    Seriously, however, a case of great minds and all that. I’ve noticed that my little pet seems to start with my level of aggro. Which means (if I remember to use him) I can sometimes use HIM to escape being the mob’s best buddy. It’s not a ‘works all the time’ sort of thing, but sometimes…

  2. Galadria Says:

    10 SuperCoolPoints for Kirk!!!

    I have noticed that as well. If I remember correctly I don’t think he shows up on the threat meter… maybe the threat is linked… not sure how that would work. Must ponder and test in Bot tonight. *crosses her fingers for the Whitemend patern to drop as she now has all the mats* Will let you know what I observe.

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