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Posted January 15, 2009 by Lauren
Categories: Administrative

My plea for graphics help was answered quickly!  Thanks go to Zasp who writes over at Ego’s site.  Thanks for your hard work and dealing with my nit-picking (“move her a little to the left… no I like it better the other way”).

Now I’m off to go buy a new adapter for my headset… I broke the other one during raid last week.


I Laughed Until I Cried

Posted January 14, 2009 by Lauren
Categories: Administrative

OFG this is hilarious(there’s some cursing so possibly NSFW)!!! My co-workers think I’m crazy now I’m cackling so loud.

On a serious note, it’s good advice! I get the Writers Blah’s quite often and the best remedy is to keep writing!

LF Graphics Help

Posted January 14, 2009 by Lauren
Categories: Administrative

You may or may not have noticed that I changed the theme around here.  I did so for 2 reasons.  I wanted to have the tagline displayed and wanted to be able to add a custom header image.  The tagline is up there but I’m not liking the screenshots I’m taking for the header image, they just don’t look right.  I’m woefully ignorant on graphics design-y type stuff and have no software to even attempt to teach myself anything (I currently use MS Paint to edit all of the photos that go onto the blog). 

I’m looking for someone to design a header for me, I’m willing to give you some kind of compensation (possibly trade services?)  for your time and energy.  I’m looking for a header with something “Wrath”-y in the background (I like Howling Fjord or maybe Wyrmrest Temple) and my toon off to one side.  Hopefully also in colors that will match the theme here, but I chose neutral colors specifically for that purpose.  I just don’t have the time to do this for myself.  If you are willing/able to help me out please leave a comment or send me an e-mail (galadriapriest [at] gmail [dot] com)

Fishing Acheivements

Posted January 13, 2009 by Lauren
Categories: Administrative

I thought about writing a guide to the Lunar Festival Acheivement… but there’s others out there who will do that and much better than me.  This is a guide to getting the “Old Salty” Title.  Most of you probably know some of this, but I doubt anyone knows all of it.  Use this as a quick reference to figure out where to go for each part of the acheivement. 

  • Grand Master Fisherman – This one is fairly self-explanitory, you need 350 skill to learn Grand Master.
  • The Scavenger – You’ll need to fish out of every “junk” node listed (I read a WoWHead comment somewhere that said it’s every junk node in the game and that’s not true, just the ones listed)
    • Steam Pump Flotsam – Zangarmarsh
    • Schooner Wreckage – Hillsbarad Foothills, Wetlands
    • Floating Wreckage – Feralas
    • Bloodsail Wreckage – Coastal STV
    • Waterlogged Wreckage – STV River, Theramore Beach
  • Master Angler of Stranglethorn – You’ll need to win this event, here’s a guide from El’ s Extreme Anglin’.  You should have this achievement retroactivley if you have the rewards.
  • One That Didn’t Get Away – Catch one of the following.  I’ve read that the drop rate is anywhere between 1/2000 up to 1/10000, so this will probably be the toughest one.  I recommend one of 2 options.  While leveling your fishing, do so in a location where you could possibly catch one or make a note of the locations where you could catch one and anytime you are in those areas fish for a little while.  From reading comments it seems that people are having the best luck fishing in the inland lakes of starter areas or the Bay of Storms in Azshara.
    • 103 Pound Mightfish
    • 22 Pound Lobster
    • 32 Pound Catfish
    • 68 Pound Grouper
    • Rockhide Strongfish
    • 15 Pound Mud Snapper
    • 29 Pound Salmon
    • 52 Pound Redgill
    • Dark Herring
    • Steelscale Crushfish
  • Deadliest Catch – Fish up Gahz’ranka in Zul’Gurub using the Mudskunk Lure.  The first comment at WoWHead has a very well written guide for anyone unfamiliar with ZG.  You will need 425 fishing to get the Zulian Mudskunks.
  • Outland Angler – Catch a fish in each of the nodes specified (I got this one over the weekend, only took me about 30 mins.  I fished in each node until I skilled up at least one point and cooked all of the fish I caught which let me work towards the Outland Gourmet Achievement and sent all of the food to lower level alts)
    • Brackish Mixed School – Zangarmarsh
    • Mudfish School  – Nagrand
    • Highland Mixed School – Terokkar Forest (requires flying mount)
    • Bluefish School – Nagrand
    • School of Darter – Terokkar Forest
    • Sporefish School – Zangarmarsh
  • Fist Don’t Leave Footprints – Learn the ability to find fish.  You can get this out of trunks and crates that are fished up  or from the fishing daily.
  • The Coin Master – Complete the coin fishing achievements.  Basically you have to fish up all of the copper, silver and gold coins from the fountain in Dalaran.  The gold coins can be flipped back into the fountain which grants a “luck” buff, increasing your chance to fish up coins.  Your buffed skill will need to be above 500ish to competly avoid misses, although I think you can start around 475ish buffed.
  • The Old Gnome and the Sea – Successfully fish from a school.  This can be any school of 30 that are listed.
  • The Fishing Diplomat – Fish something up in Orgrimar and Stormwind.  I was in Stormwind the other day and found it’s not all that dificult to get through there.  Generally speaking, the players left me alone since I was by my self.  The guards are 75 Elites and didn’t hit nearly as hard as I expected.  They also gave up persuit after a relativley short time.  You’ll want to look at a map before going into the city of the opposite faction and plot out a course.  If you’re a high DPS class you can try to kill any guards that are still with you when you reach your destination or simply let them kill you and try to rez in a location where you won’t get any aggro. 
  • Mr. Pinchy’s Magical Crawdad Box – Fish your way to Mr. Pinchy’s Magical Crawdad Box.  This is fished out of Highland Mixed Schools in Terokkar Forest, which require a flying mount to reach.  One of my guildies made about 200 stacks of Spicy Crawdads while trying to get Mr. Pinchy!
  • Old Man Barlowned – Colplete all 5 of Old Man Barlow’s fishing Dailies
    • Crocolisks in the City
    • Felblood Fillet
    • Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy
    • Bait Bandits
    • The One That Got Away
  • The Lurker Above – Fish up the Lurker Below in SSC.  I seem to remember needing 375 skill to fish him up back when I was raiding SSC, but some comments are saying that you only need 280 base skill.  As a Priest you should be alble to Levitate over to his platform (and soon Levitate your friends too), you can also use Elixir of Water Walking, or any other water walking talent/consumable/spell.
  • Northrend Angler – Catch a fish in each of the nodes listed.
    • Borean Man O’War School – coastal Borean Tundra
    • Dragonfin Angelfish School – Lake Indu’le Dragonblight
    • Glacial Salmon School – inland lakes Grizzly Hills
    • Imperial Manta Ray School – any coastal waters
    • Musselback Sculpin School – Lake Kum’uya Borean Tundra
    • Deep Sea Monsterbelly School – Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Howling Fjord (near icebergs)
    • Fangtooth Herring School – inland lakes Borean Tundra
    • Glassfin Minnow School – Crystalsong Forest
    • Moonglow Cutlefish School – Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Howling Fjord (near icebergs)
    • Nettlefish School – inland lakes Sholazar Basin
  • 1000 Fish – This is self explanitory, should be really easy to get as you do the rest of the achievements.  One thing to note is that the counter started when the achievement system was implemented.

A New Title!

Posted January 12, 2009 by Lauren
Categories: Acheivements

The Hubby and I both got our Explorer titles over the weekend.  Here we are sporting our new titles and our Northrend Explorer Tabards:



Now that we have it there’s several others in our guild working on it 🙂

Classic Instances Suck

Posted January 7, 2009 by Lauren
Categories: Acheivements

I got the Eastern Kingdoms Exploration Acheivement last night.  I’ve been trying to do instances as I encounter them but I’m going to have to go back for a couple of them. 

I went into Sunken Temple (I’ve always hated that place and this time around didn’t disapoint).  After wandering around for a little while I finally remembered what order I have to do things in.  I killed the troll mini-bosses and went down to kill the prophet guy.  I had hoped that I could take him solo, but when you pull him all the guys in the room come too.  I had no problem with that, but when the adds die they spawn ghosts and they’re immune to holy damage.  Guess what I was using for AOE… yep, that’s right, Holy Nova.  Laugh if you want, but it’s instant cast and requires no targeting.  Easy mode.  By the time I realized what was going on they had killed me.  I went back in and went over to the dragon… “Invalid Traget”  Crap… I went back to kill the prophet guy again and the wall was back up… Crap.  I gave up at that point and went and cooked me some dinner.

Later on I was running Uldaman while in the Badlands and unbeknownst to me you have to have several people to summon the last boss that you need for the acheivement.  Crap. 

Gnomer went really smoothly.  That place is a little confusing, but I managed to find my way to the last boss and kill him.  In the end it was the ever annoying elevator boss that got me.  I couldn’t get out.  The elevator that takes you up and down from the area wouldn’t take me up.  I’m not sure if it’s a Horde thing or if it was just bugged but I had to hearth out.

I don’t think I’ll be able to work on my Explorer title tonight as I’ll need to gather raid mats for raid tomorow.  Phooie.

Edit: I just re-read this and it sounds whiny… it was meant to be a little funny… just pretend that it’s funny for me, ok?

Galadria The Explorer

Posted January 6, 2009 by Lauren
Categories: Goals and Priorities

Well… not quite yet, but I’m working towards it.  Last night I got my Tabard of the Explorer!  I’ve been working my way around the Eastern Kingdoms trying to get the exploration acheivements and doing the instances as I come across them.  I even corpse walked into Stormwind (it was very nostalgic for me… I really miss being Alliance) and ran Stocks.  If I would have been thinking I would have found a quiet place and fished for a little while.  At some point I was on a flight path and was flipping through my Acheivement tab and realized that I only had 2 spots in Crystalsong, 1 spot in Grizzly Hills, and 1 spot in Storm Peaks before I got the Northrend Exploration Acheivement, so I hearthed and finished that up and ended the night with a new tabard!  I think by the end of this week, maybe early next week I’ll have the Explorer title and the Classic Dungeon Acheivement (unless that one includes Classic raids… that’ll take me a little longer since I don’t think I can solo all of it). 

I’ve really caught Acheivement fever.  I want all of them (except the PvP ones… no desire to beat my head against a brick wall repeadedly for some virtual points that I can’t even redeem for anything).  Yes, I’m raiding (I’ve cleared Naxx on 10 and 25, and OS on 25, the rest are just a matter of time but the ease of raiding is another post)… yes, I’m running heroics… but it’s Acheivements that have captured my excitement at the moment.  I think I’m going to work on the home city faction rep next (The Diplomat I think).  The reputation grinds are going to be a special torture for me.  I didn’t level this toon all the way up.  I only played Galadria to 30 and she was granted the next 30 levels through Recruit-A-Friend, then I played her from 60-80.  The Northrend and BC Acheivements are a little closer, but anything with Classic WoW I’m way behiond on.  The Hubby is at least Revered with all the home cities, I’m barely Friendly with them.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed with how long this is going to take, it feels like a big, fun epic battle.  There’s other carrots motivating me here too.  I’m going to start by doing all the quests I can find for each of the home cities which will get me closer to the Loremaster Acheivements (which I hear are going to be lowered soon) and when I get Exalted with each faction I can buy mounts from each which gets me 18 mounts closer to an Albino Drake for relativley little cash (about 330g for all 6 of each faction’s mounts).  Oh, how I wish I could get a Saber, it’s one of the things I miss most about being Alliance.  Anywhoo, I think I’ll probably be tired of rep grinds so after/while working on that I’m going to work on the fishing Acheivements.  I find fishing very relaxing and it allows me to mulit-task a little.  The Hubby and I like to put a movie on and fish at the end of the night while winding down before bed. 

I’ve got a few guides for Acheivements planed out in my head, so that’s what you’ll probably see from me around here.  I just can’t make myself get enthused about raiding… sue me 🙂  That also means that the raiding guide will be shelved until further notice.  I have an outline written for the Wrath raiding guide, if there’s anyone who wants to work on it please let me know (galadriapriest [at] gmail [dot] com).

As a side note, I wanted to let you guys know about a personal blog that I’ve started: P’ville Girl.  It gets updated about as often as this one does, but I felt like I needed another outlet.  Unfortunatley most of my ideas for both blogs tend to stay in my head and never make it down through the keyboard and out into teh intarwebs.  That’s one of the things I’m going to work on this year.  I’ve got a goal of 1 post/week for both blogs (thanks for the idea and the Christmas card Matt!).  Even as busy as I get I think I can make time for 2 blog posts every week! 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas (please to feel free to insert your holiday of choice here if it’s not Christmas) and are enjoying the New Year!