Quick Holiday Macro

I came across this macro last night.  I hesitate to advertise it… it’s the kind of thing that Blizzard will hotfix when they figure it out 🙂  This allows you to get double rewards when you /kiss a Holiday Reveler.  I think they always come in pairs, so you get to kiss both of them!

If you don’t already have a focus macro, all you need for that is:


It will set your current target to be your focus.  You can also just type that into the chat box without using a macro.

Here’s the next macro:

/target focus

After you set your focus, target the other Holiday Reveler and hit your macro.  You’ll kiss your current target and your focus in quick succession before the server can register that you’ve already kissed the other.  Double rewards!

To quote Scout: “I like to think of it as creative use of in game mechanics”

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