Classic Instances Suck

I got the Eastern Kingdoms Exploration Acheivement last night.  I’ve been trying to do instances as I encounter them but I’m going to have to go back for a couple of them. 

I went into Sunken Temple (I’ve always hated that place and this time around didn’t disapoint).  After wandering around for a little while I finally remembered what order I have to do things in.  I killed the troll mini-bosses and went down to kill the prophet guy.  I had hoped that I could take him solo, but when you pull him all the guys in the room come too.  I had no problem with that, but when the adds die they spawn ghosts and they’re immune to holy damage.  Guess what I was using for AOE… yep, that’s right, Holy Nova.  Laugh if you want, but it’s instant cast and requires no targeting.  Easy mode.  By the time I realized what was going on they had killed me.  I went back in and went over to the dragon… “Invalid Traget”  Crap… I went back to kill the prophet guy again and the wall was back up… Crap.  I gave up at that point and went and cooked me some dinner.

Later on I was running Uldaman while in the Badlands and unbeknownst to me you have to have several people to summon the last boss that you need for the acheivement.  Crap. 

Gnomer went really smoothly.  That place is a little confusing, but I managed to find my way to the last boss and kill him.  In the end it was the ever annoying elevator boss that got me.  I couldn’t get out.  The elevator that takes you up and down from the area wouldn’t take me up.  I’m not sure if it’s a Horde thing or if it was just bugged but I had to hearth out.

I don’t think I’ll be able to work on my Explorer title tonight as I’ll need to gather raid mats for raid tomorow.  Phooie.

Edit: I just re-read this and it sounds whiny… it was meant to be a little funny… just pretend that it’s funny for me, ok?

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2 Comments on “Classic Instances Suck”

  1. Cel Says:

    Good news! Most (if not all) of the dungeons that required multiple party members to summon a boss, open a door, etc no longer have that requirement in patch 3.0.8. Go do Uldaman, UBRS, etc to your hearts content. I know that I have. 😀

  2. Galadria Says:

    Yay!! Thanks for the tip!

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