Priest Blogs:

  • Egotistical Priest – This is one of my all time favorite blogs. Ego has some great information to share.
  • Priestly Endeavors – I’m going to leave this link here since it appears that Kirk makes the occasional WoW post, but it seems that he has moved on to other games.
  • Kestrel’s Aerie – The tagline reads “An Eclectic Collection for the Dedicated WoW Player” I think that summs it up quite well. Not all WoW related but good stuff all the same.  I think everyone should read his post on grammar!
  • World of Matticus – Matticus wrties a great blog, he’s a dedicated healer on several toons so he has a lot of insight into that aspect of the game.  Good read for anyone in the WoW community.
  • A Dwarf Priest – Very informative, well written and fabulous info on all aspects of Priesting.  Love this blog!
  • The Sacred and Profane – A realativley new Priest blog.  The 2 authors both play Priests.

Druid Blogs:

  • Resto4Life – Phae is one of the authorities on Tree healing as well as one of the founders of Blog Azeroth.  Always well written and informative!
  • Big Bear Butt – BBB is often a self-proclaimed “grumpy bear” but very funny and knowledgeable about bear tanking.  A good read!

Hunter Blogs:

Other Blogs

  • Temerity Jane – Hilarious!! That’s all I have to say.  Not really WoW related any more.
  • A View From Behind – Was previously a Rogue blog, not sure if he’ll get back to that topic again but it’s entertaining.  Doom manages to talk about poop in an incredibly mature manor… not an easy feat!
  • Banana Shoulders – Her main is a Pally but she plays several other toons.  Lots of good info including some great stuff on the expansion.
  • Bob the Goat Speaks – Usually WoW related but when it’s not usually highly entertaining!



3 Comments on “Links”

  1. BigRedKitty Says:

    Send us your husband’s email address so we can send him BRK Cool Points, please. 🙂



  2. Galadria Says:

    /wave back at ‘ya. He’d probably kill me for saying this, but you’re his Hunter Hero, I’ll shoot you an e-mail with his address if you’d like 😉

  3. Veneretio Says:

    Haha, let your tank know that it’s great to have a fan 😉

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