Wrath Release in Austin

Just a quick reminder, I will be at the Game Stop at the Arboretum in Austin, TX (on 183 between 360 and Great Hills Trail in north Austin).  I’ve gotten a few responses of people that were interested in meeting up there.  I will be getting there around 8 and I’ll probably be in the coffee shop next door in the Barnes & Noble while waiting.  As I understand there’s going to be a lot of people there; devs from Blizz, Emily Harper from WoW Insider, one of the guys from The Instance podcase, and of couser yours truly (tho I don’t expect anyone’s there to meet me!).  I’ll have my iPhone so shoot me an e-mail (galadriapriest [at] gmail [dot] com) if you’d like to talk WoW over a cup of coffee.  I’ll be wearing a green t-shirt that says “Science, it works bitches” from xkcd simply because it’s the most distinctive thing I own 🙂

Hope everyone has fun tonight!

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