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I wanted to share a great little addon with you.  This addon was recommended to me by Mugglebane over at The Sacred and Profane.  It’s called Quest Helper and does exactly what it sounds like!  Helps you get your quests done in the most efficent manor.

What it Does

  • Scans your quest log and uses it’s database to tell you where to obtain your quest objectives and plots out an order of opperations that minimizes travel time.
  • The path and order of operations are plotted out on your map with helpful icons at each stop (? marks for turn-ins, boxes for item pick-ups, mean faces for killing mobs)
  • Your quest tracking updates as you complete quests and reorders itself to put the quest you are currently working on top.
  • If you have Cartographer, a colored arrow and simple directions are displayed on your screen.  The arrow will change colors based on your proximity to your quest objective and the directions will tell you what objective it’s pointing you to for which quest.
  • It perodically re-evaluates your position and recalculates the most efficent path to take.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • The pathing calculations are based on straight line distances.  This can make it a little misleading.  I’m thinking of places like Stonetalon Mountains where there isn’t a straight line path to anywhere!  you’ll get half way to your destination and all of a sudden it tells you to go do something else because by now you’re closer to a new quest objective that you are to the original.
  • It doesn’t give you details about what the quest entails, just points you to where the quest objective can be obtained.  This probably won’t be a problem if this is your second or third toon to levlel, but if you’re like me and leveling on the other side you may need to look up quests on WoWHead to know what it is you’re suposed to be doing once you reach your destination.  LightHeaded can be helpful for this.  It adds another panel to your Quest Log that displays WoWHead info about each quest.
  • This does not take dificulty into consideration.  It won’t care if the quest is too high or too low for you to complete.  If you want to work on a different quest, simply head in that direction and once you are closer to it than to the previous quest it will update your pathing information and quest tracking.

I hope you find this addon helpful!  I have found it to be really great for the Recruit-A-Friend questing.  A normal quest guide that I would normally follow has way more quests than we need to do to level.  We go to a quest hub, pick up all the quests, follow Quest Helper’s directions until we have leveled enough to move on to the next zone, delete the quest log of any unfinished quests, rinse, and repeat.  It’s working quite well for us!

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4 Comments on “Quest Helper”

  1. Mugglebane Says:

    I’m glad that Quest helper is helping you. We’ll be posting a feature about our favorite questing addons soon! Happy leveling.


  2. Nick Says:

    how do i get quest helper out of the folder without it messing up internet explorer

  3. nicole Says:

    hi, i need the link to downlode quest helpper

  4. Galadria Says:

    I’m not quite sure what you mean… I don’t use IE so if there’s a problem with it interacting with IE I am unaware of it. It should open like any other addon. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if your still having trouble see if you can give me a few more details about the problem your having and I’ll do my best to help you out!

    @ Nicole

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