The Trouble With Zombies

I normally don’t get into this kind of thing.  I try to stay positive in this blog space… but I can’t keep this one to my self.  If you don’t want to read yet another opinion on the Zombie event, feel free to mark this on as read and move on.

/rant on

As two other bloggers (that I know of, I’m sure there are more) have already said, the concept of the whole zombie thing is great.  The execution… not so much.  As they have both said, what has resulted is nothing more than lowbie greifing in all the major quest hubs, and general asshattey in major cities.  BBB is a 70 and having trouble getting things done while dealing with all the asshats.  Lume is having trouble leveling her alts, but has a 70 to come in and protect herself and others (and good on her for doing so!).  Me… I’m leveling new toons on a new server.  I’ve got a 30 Priest and a 32 Warlock that can’t even protect themselves.  My ONLY option when a zombie comes after me is to run.  My quest NPC’s are fighting zombies or are zombies themselves EVERY SINGLE TIME I get back to a quest hub.  I’m trying to level my professions in my down time but I can’t stay in one place in a major city for more than a few minutes without zombies comming after me (can’t get much smelting done whilst running).

Unlike BBB and Lume, I am on a PvP server (not by personal choice mind you, but I’m going to play where my hubby plays, that’s non-negoatiable) but I’m not getting ganked out in Hillsbarad or Stranglethorn… this is happening in a F#$^ing city!  What is the word that comes up on your screen when you enter Shatt…. “Sanctuary”  Well, not so much any more. 

Let me say again, I LOVE the idea!  It’s a great concept.  But right now… it’s ruining my ability to play the game, and that’s what this is… a game.  And I’m NOT having fun right now.

As Hannelore said… “I’m going to hide out in my Panic Room until [the zombies] all decay.”

/rant off

Edit:  I realized that I’ve complained with out proposing a solution.  The solution is simple… a way to opt out.  The corpse runs are killing me and the low level quest hubs, banks, AH’s, and FP’s in major cities need a little extra protection so that us low levels can get on about our business.  I don’t really mind waiting a little bit for NPC’s to respawn but I can’t get ANYTHING done (except maybe leveling Mining).

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  1. Kestrel Says:

    Not a direct comment, but it was your pingback to Lume’s post that alerted me to the fact you’re posting again. HURRAH! Great to have you blogging again. 🙂

  2. Galadria Says:

    Thanks! It’s good to be back 🙂

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