If you haven’t heard of this from Blizzard, it’s worth looking into.  Here’s the basic idea.  You, as a current WoW player, can “recruit” up to 5 people to play the game.  If the invitation is accepted the recuit gets a free trial account and I think some free play time once they upgrade to a paid account.  When they accept your accounts are linked.  Any toons from the accounts get triple XP when they are playing together up to level 60.  They must be with in 4 levels of eachother, partied, and with in range.  This includes XP from quests and killing mobs.  Any toon from either account can summon any toon from the other account to them once an hour (I beleive there is a level cap of 60 on this summon, but I haven’t been able to test it yet).  For every level the recruit account gains, the veteran account is given a free level to give to any toon on the veteran account (I think the idea behind this one is that the veteran account will probably be playing a main as well as leveling an alt with the recruit and the free levels are to help the veteran keep up with the recruit since they will only be playing the one toon).

The hubby has opened a second account account to level with me.  We have about 8 hours /played and are already 16, this includes some substantial city roaming the actual played time is probably closer to 5.5-6 hours.  I’ve got some friends that are doing this as well and they got to level 36 with about 16 hours /played.  The leveling goes incredibly fast!!  We’ve been dinging twice on each quest loop (only consisting of 3-4 quests).  We’ll ding once while killing mobs and then again while turning in quests. 

The Downsides

  • Cash –  If you are like us, and doing this as an easy way to level alts, not a new player, you’ll have to pay for a second account.  This is a $40 game key (for BC, $20 for Classic only) plus the $15/month to keep the account.  I do recommend getting a retail game key instead of paying for it online.  The retail key will upgrade your account from Trial status instantly and the online takes up to 3 business days (I’ve seen reports that are more like 7 days). 
  • The triple XP only applies when you are playing together – You’ll have to work out a schedule with the other person to play together.  Also, the benefits go away at 60.  You have to do it old school after that. 
  • Gear – The leveling goes so fast you don’t really have time to accumulate gear (cash flow is also a problem).  You’re not doing nearly as many quests and not killing nearly as many mobs so the gear just doesn’t show up.  We haven’t really had a problem yet, but I suspect we will have to buy some gear soon (My off the hip guess is that we’ll have to put a little AH $$ into gear about every 10-15 levels).  The fast leveling won’t be near as nice if you can’t keep your stats high enough to kill the mobs.

If you decide to go this route here are a few tips:

  • Skip Professions – The idea here is fast leveling.  Professions take time and can be easily powerleveled later.  The only profession I’m taking is First Aid.  It’s just to easy to pass up (and on top of that I’m a Warlock; Life Tap + Bandage works great!)
  • Skip “Gathering” quests – Unless you know that the drop rate is at or close to 100% skip quests that have you gather items/drops and focus your time on quests that have you kill a specific number of mobs.  Since there’s 2 of you, you’ll have to kill 2x the number of mobs to get the drops and you don’t really need to do that, there’s plenty of other types of quests to level you up.
  • Reputation – As I’ve said already, you won’t be doing as many quests and therefore you will hit 60 with much lower reputations with all factions than someone leveling the normal way.  If you want reputation (for mounts or acheivements or whatever) you’ll have to go back and grind it out later.  With the new tracking function for low level quests this won’t be as hard as it would have been previously.
  • Cash – It’s really helpful to have a higher level toon send you and your partner some cash and bags.  Since you aren’t doing as many quests or killing as many mobs the cash just doesn’t flow like normal.  It’s hard to scrape up enough money for training.  Because of this I don’t recommend re-rolling on a new server.  It will just be really hard to keep enough money on hand to take care of the stuff you need.
  • Make sure to stay close – Be sure to stay close to eachother while questing to make sure you both get the triple XP.  Also turn in the quests together.  If you aren’t close enough you won’t get the triple XP for turning in the quests.
  • If possible, choose synergistic classes or specs – 2 low DPS classes isn’t going to be a lot of fun.  Healer/Tank or Healer/DPS combinations work really well as I think 2 high DPS classes would.  Our ‘Lock/Druid combo is working well.  The Voidwalker tanks and I DOT up several mobs, hubby contributes to the DPS and heals when necessary.  However, if the two of you want to play Prot Warrior/Prot Pally,  or Holy Priest/Resto Shaman who am I to tell you not to 🙂

I’m considering writing a questing guide for this kind of leveling.  Let me know if anyone has an interest in that (or if you want to help me write it!)


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5 Comments on “Recruit-A-Friend”

  1. Dinaer Says:

    I love the Breakfast Club! Definitive 80’s movie.

    When I level toons now I always skip on “creating” professions, but double up on gathering professions. There’s nothing worse than taking your level 70 character and spending hours in level 1-10 zones picking herbs. I use my gathering as I level to make gold, which allows me to buy better gear at the AH, which helps me level faster.

  2. Galadria Says:

    I competly agree! I think crafting professions are much easier to powerlevel at 70 instead of trying to level them as you level the toon. However with the 3x XP I don’t think you spend enough time in a zone to level a gathering profession. It goes that fast!! We got from 11-16 last night in about 2 hours with a long pitstop to train in the middle.

  3. Pawan Says:

    This is an excellent write up regarding the recruit a friend program. I am digging it.

    And to Dinaer – I agree 🙂

  4. Mugglebane Says:

    Thank you for the insights on rapid leveling. Another aid that people should consider is the addon Quest Helper. This handy dandy addon allows you to seek out quest goals with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency!

    The Sacred and Profane

    (By the way, I’ve added your writings to our blogroll! Wonderful read.)

  5. Galadria Says:

    Thanks for the linkand the compliment! I’ll look into Quest Helper, sounds cool!

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