Inscription Leveling and Addons

About all I had time to do last night after I got home was level Inscription to about 55.  Banana Shoulders has a great guide that I’m following (as a side note, go to her site and don’t read it out of your reader, it’s been updated!).  I meant to keep track of my mat usage to compare and see if there were any obvious changes from PTR/Beta to the live version but I was halfway through before I remembered that intention… sorry guys 😦  I did get really lucky and got points on several yellow and green recepies.  I wonder if Blizz decided to make leveling a little easier for a few days?  Doesn’t seem likley… think I’m just lucky! 

I’m really liking the profession, it’s kind of cool.  The only think I don’t like is how long Milling takes.  Is there an addon to perhaps automate Milling?  So I don’t have to click on stacks of herbs.  I guess I’m wishing it was more like smelting… click “Mill All” and watch TV for a while 🙂 

On another note, I think I’m going to overhaul my addons and interface tonight.  I’m just going to take the opportunity to evaluate all my addons and figure out if I really like them or if I’m just keeping them because I’ve always used them.  The one I’m not happy about is Bongos.  As I understand it’s no longer supported and doesn’t work with the new patch.  I really liked Bongos… I guess I’m going to have to give Bartender a try.  Anybody have recomendations?  What addons can you not play without?

Here’s my favorites (links to be added later)

  • XPerl – UI
  • Bongos2 – Bar/button mod, what I haven’t seen anywhere else is the ability to move the mini map
  • Fishing Buddy – the best fishing mod I’ve found, allows a double click over water to recast, will also automatically attach lures and change your gear if you have any.  If you are interested will keep track of what you catch
  • Smart Buff – again, the best I’ve seen for this type.  Scans for castable buffs on self/party/raid, has MANY settings for who gets which buffs and will cast group buffs when applicable.  It works with any class and will cast buffs with the scroll wheel or on click of a button.
  • Meta Maps – I’m not particuarly attached to this one.  I just need a easy to read and preferably moveable coords and when I pull up the map I want it to not take up the whole screen and allow me to move while I’m looking at the map.  The placeable markers are nice but I’ve never actually used that functionality.
  • Gatherer – This on keeps a record of herbs/mining nodes/treasure/mote clouds and will display known locations on the map so you can plan loops for farming.  Also has a HUD.  When the database gets full it can be a bit sluggish.  If there’s a better addon I’m open to sugestions.
  • Advanced Trade Skill Window – This changes the profession window, makes it bigger and easier to read (the built in window is very dificult for me to use).  It takes into account mats that are purchaseable/on alts/in the bank to tell you how many items you can make.  Also allows customizable menu organization.
  • ArcHUD – Places small arcs around your character that are customizable.  I have my health, mana, and cast bar and the other side has the same for my target.  It’s highly customizable (I think you can put up to 10 arcs on each side with all kinds of information) and very non intrusive.
  • Proximo – Arena addon that displays your enemies and their class/spec when you or your partners target them.  Again, not attached, this one just works well

Those are the big ones.  If you know of one that does the same functionality but is cleaner or better let me know!  Also if you know if something that I HAVE to try out I’m very opem to sugestions!

Hope you all out there on the Intarwebs are having a great day and not getting rained on like I am here in Austin!

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7 Comments on “Inscription Leveling and Addons”

  1. Arynoyn Says:

    The author of Bongos (Tuller) has created a new mod that is meant to replace it called Dominos. it can be downloaded here:

  2. Galadria Says:

    Awesome!! Thanks for the link!

  3. Calandris Says:

    Yes domios is good, and lightweight. I am a bongos lover too. But you need to know one thing… move your spells form button to button the unlock buttons is in the blizzard interface, not the dominos one.

    man I spent like 3 hours trying to figure that one out.

    XPerl seems to be hosed for me. hopefully they have fixed it. I downloaded teh one the changed yesterday and got quite a few errors…so many in fact that I couldnt play. I love Xperl, and cant wait to get it back

    The other ones I love so much are:

    bagnon..just like onebag. I hate having 40 bajillion bags, just one big one please. It works great for 3.0.2

    DrDamage – this one doesnt work yet either.

    all the rest are just nice to haves.


  4. Galadria Says:

    @ Cal
    Thanks for the tip, I hadn’t had that problem yet but I’d would have been really confused about that too. I didn’t quite realize how dependant I am on my addons until they all got hosed last night 🙂 I loaded Pitbull, but I’m still holding out for them to fix XPerl, Pitbull is a little too complex for me. SmartBuff is hosed too but I got a new one that had been posted yesterday afternoon that still didn’t work. I’m just trying to be patient at this point… as I think we all are 🙂

  5. Nibuca Says:

    wrt HUD: MetaHud is broken.. so I’ve started using DHud for 3.0. It’s acceptable.

  6. Falkor Says:

    I personally had been using X-Perl for a very long time but right around the time of the patch I started having trouble with it. So, I tried playing with PitBull… While there are some very small things I liked about X-Perl, the more I learn about PitBull the more I like it. I’d been a healer for a couple years and now I tank. My Wife is a healer so I’ve set this up for both tanking and healing. The amount of information available at a glance is huge. This is backed up with a much more customizable UI. This also has Visual Heal functionality built right in (if you don’t know what that is… get it… use it… then demand all of your healers use it).

    There is a nice video tutorial on TankSpot that covers the basic elements in setting up your PitBull.

    Currently my UI is still under construction (it never really isn’t).

  7. Galadria Says:

    Since writing this post I too have switched to Pitbull since XPerl was broken. I find it to be a little overwhelming… there’s TOO many options, but I like the littel extras enough to deal with it (like the Visual Heal feature)

    I totally understand the under construction thing! I’m always messing around with stuff and always have a new addon that I’m wanting to try!

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