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I’ve never really been into podcasts but they fascinate me!  I don’t listen to them mostly because I’ve never taken the time to find any and put them on my Nano or my iPhone.  I’m going to change that so I need some recommendations!  What podcasts do you listen to?  I know about the WoW Insider one and Twisted Nether but I know there’s got to be more out there.  I’d prefer ones that are available through iTunes but if it’s good I’ll go to the effort to go somewhere to download.

Help!  I need Podcasts!

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5 Comments on “WoW Podcasts”

  1. Haitia Says:

    The Instance podcast
    WoW Insider has a ton on different topics
    Epic Dolls podcast
    Project Lore

    Those are my favorites. 😀

  2. Bremm Says:

    So glad to have you back!!!!

    I like both Epic Dolls and Elune’s Grace podcasts both from iTunes. If you don’t mind an explicit tag (which they rightly deserve) the guys from Outlandish are good. And BRK posts his own mostly-weekly cast on hunters.

  3. Joel Says:

    Probably the best-known WoW podcast is The Instance A good place to look for podcasts is

  4. Galadria Says:

    Thanks for the great sugestions! I’ll get them onto my iPhone tonight and maybe do a write up when I’ve listened to them.

    If there are any more ideas I’d love to hear them!

    @ Bremm
    Glad to be back 🙂

  5. Nibuca Says:

    My favorite potcas is Casually Hardcore @ WCRadio has other shows.. but I don’t enjoy them as much.

    BRK is highly entertaining.
    Warcast with Alachia is very interesting but she’s somewhat sporatic.
    World of Warcast with Starman and Renata is also very good.

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