Patch Day!!

It’s Patch Day and I find my self quite excited and disapointed at the same time.

Things I’m excited about:

  • Inscription – The more I read about this profession, the more I like it!  I’ve decided to just go for Inscription and decide on my other profession when I hit 80.  It seems like all of the professions will have some kind of extra “something” but nothing seems terribly OP, which is really good!  I never really cared for Tailoring in BC but it was so incredibly OP I couldn’t see not having it.  I’m hoping Blizz saw this and won’t make it game breaking for casters.
  • New Talents and Spells – Some of the new stuff seems really cool!  I’m excited to see how good of a job they did balancing.
  • Gear itemization changes – I think the consolidation of a lot of the stats on gear is a really good thing.  It will mean more classes competing for the same gear, but I think it also means a lot more options.  Also I think we’ll see a lot fewer “wasted” drops.  It really sucks when you see a great BOP drop get DE’ed because no one can really use it.
  • Mount at 30 – YAY!!!  That’s all I can say!

Things I’m disapointed with:

  • New Talents and Spells – yes, this one is here too and I’ll tell you why.  I won’t get to see or experiment with most of this stuff any time soon.  A lot of the new stuff is geared for raiding, not leveling.  I may go jump on my old NE toon (also named Galadria just like my BE) and play around a little but I’d rather devote my play time to leveling.  I’d like to be 70 by the time the expansion comes out.
  • Inscription – I’m not disapointed with the profession, just the wave of ganking I predict surrounding low level herbs.  I think we’re going to see a lot of high level players causing trouble for us lowbies farming up herbs for leveling Inscription.
  • Small Group Bible Study – This isn’t really WoW related, but since my Small Group meets on Tuesdays I won’t get much time (if any) to play tonight.  Oh well, it will still be there tomorow 🙂

There’s one more thing I want to talk about.  I like the effort Blizz has put into class balancing.  I’m hoping that we’ll hear a lot less QQ about how some other class is OP or how “Blizz hates my class.”  I like the idea of being able to take anyone on a raid as long as there is variety.  I really disliked the constant “You CAN’T do Encounter X with out Class Y.”  It was always possible to do it with out said class but it was ridiculous how much easier it was with that class.  On the other hand I really liked how everyone was unique and brought something to the table (on a side note, I do think that Holy Priests were constantly undervalued and the QQ’ing about how Holy Priests suck had more to do with bad raid leaders than anything Blizz did).  I’m thinking back to a Blog Azeroth shared topic I did a long time ago and wondering how I’ll respond in a few months: What do you like about the class you play the most?  I wonder if that will be a meaningful question…  I hope it will.  I’m really not trying to complain here; I’m curious how homogonized we’re going to be… just food for thought.

That’s all for today!  Have fun playing with all the new toys Blizz has given us today!

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