Boss Tactics: The Curator

In order to get to Curator you’ll need to go in the back door.  After leaving the front door, go down the path a little ways and you’ll see a small river on your left, cross the river and go around the corner of the building.  Go up the stairs, and up, and up, and up until you cross a small bridge and enter the back door.  Once you get inside go to your left and up the ramp, then up more stairs, until you get into Curator’s room. [Edit: see comments, there is a second way to get to the back half of Kara]

Encounter Mechanics


Curator is an alternating 2 phase fight. Once you have cleared the trash pulls around the room Curator pats in (be very careful, his agro radius is HUGE, you mostly have to glue your butt to the wall) you need to organize your raiders before pulling. All ranged DPS and healers need to spread out in 2 or 3 rows, using Deadly Boss Mods to space yourselves properly (you won’t be able to space out all the way before pulling and DBM won’t show up until you engage, but you need to be organized and know which row you will be in before pulling).  You can see our group spread out behind Curator in the screenie.


Every 10 seconds Curator will spawn an Astral Flare (shown by the yellow arrow above). The flares have a chain lightning that will damage anyone near and chain to others. Melee can follow the flares around and help kill them, but it’s important for the ranged to stand still. They will get hit with the lightning, but if they move around it will just spread the lightning around to more people. Flares need to be burned down quickly, if you get 2 or 3 Flares out at the same time it can easily wipe your raid. To facilitate targeting it is a good idea to use a targeting macro: /target Astral Flare. Once a Flare goes down start spamming the macro and as soon as you get the next one targeted resume DPS.

Curator’s other ability in Phase 1 is Hateful Bolts. He will throw a Hateful Bolt to the raid member (excluding the tank) with the highest health. This can easily be healed through. If you have a tank with some Arcane resist gear you can have him be the bolt soaker, just make sure to have a healer assigned to top him off. Since the Bolt soaking tank will need to be at high health all the time he needs to stay with Curator and not DPS the Flares.

When Curator runs out of mana, he goes into Phase 2, called Evocation just like a Mage, and regens all of his mana. He takes 200% [Edit, see comments: WoWWiki says 300% damage, I’m not sure I belive that, but the point is that he takes LOTS of extra damage!] damage during this phase and there is no aggro so all out DPS is called for. However, any remaining Flares need to be taken care of before DPS on Curator; some groups will have melee peel off and move to Curator early to help with running time. When he has regained all of his mana he returns to Phase 1. Rinse and Repeat (In our early attempts we would go through 3 or 4 Evocations, now we get him down to about 10% in the first one).

[Edit: At 15% health Curator will enrage and stop spawning Astral Flares.  The Hateful Bolts will come more often and his melee attacks hit harder.  However with no flares it goes quickly!]

As a side note, Curator is immune to Arcane damage so all you NElf’s out there won’t be able to use Sharshards.

Key Players

Tree Druids are helpful in this encounter. The damage from flares is not significant but is wide spread and HOT’s on everyone will take care of it. I also recommend no more than 3 melee in this fight unless you have OP’ed and/or very skilled healers. An Arcane resist tank is helpful but by no means necessary.

Some arcane resist won’t hurt anyone in this fight (the trinket from one of the Kara quest chains comes to mind) but it’s not necessary and I’d almost say that it’s better to maintain higher DPS than to reduce incoming damage. If you have weak healers, it’s an option to consider.

Shadow Priest Specifics from Vladvin

This is the first fight where I’ve got something special for the Spriest! Stay on Curator the whole time. In order to be a good mana battery you need a target that will stay alive long enough to get a VE up and do some damage to it. Even with an undergeared group the Flares will only be around for 10-15 secs. That’s not enough time to do anything worthwhile. If you stay on Curator the whole time you can use your normal spell rotation and be a good mana battery (to yourself and the other casters in your raid). You do need to save the extras for Evocation. Wait to use Devouring Plauge if applicable, trinkets, and your Shadowfiend for the Evocation since they will all be more effective with Curator taking extra damage.

Holy Priest Specifics from Galadria

My usual role in this encounter is to heal the Melee DPS and keep the Hateful Bolt soaker topped off. This works quite well for us. I keep Renews on all of the Melee (and the MT) and throw a Flash Heal if necessary. When the Bolt soaker takes a hit, Greater Heal and Renew to make sure he’s topped off for the next Bolt. I also like to throw a Lightwell in the middle of the area where the ranged are standing, that way Melee can make a quick tap right after a Flare goes down and get a little extra healing before the next one. Just like the SPriests, save your Shadowfiend for Evocation, you’ll get a full mana bar with the extra damage curator takes. [Edit: Keep an eye out for the enrage, the tank will be taking spike damage, but there will be no more Flare damage]

Priest Loot

Object of the Encounter

This encounter is a gear check to see if your raid is ready to progress into the back half of Kara. Curator hits reasonably hard so your tank needs decent gear. The Flares have 12000 HP and need to be taken with in 10 seconds before the next one spawns. That means your raid needs to be doing at least 1200 burst DPS, not hard to achieve but not easy for an under geared group. This fight can be tough on healers if the DPS isn’t fast enough, but the larger hurdle that I see is healer organization. There is widespread raid damage so it can look like the healer assigned to heal the raid isn’t pulling their weight. The MT healer needs to trust that the raid healer will get his job done because if he leaves the MT to help heal the raid too often the tank can die. This is a common problem among healers and a fight like this really brings it to the surface.

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6 Comments on “Boss Tactics: The Curator”

  1. Brem Says:

    Good post. However, the Curator is accessible from the front door. After the Opera Event, a door on the stage will open. There is some clearing (and some of the “patron” mobs drop 11G or so each) that will eventually lead you to where the back door is. Just a clarification

  2. Vladvin Says:

    I have mentioned that method in previous posts but since I consider it very impractical to get to Curator I didn’t mention it here. I’ve only gone that way once and we struggled with the trash, I remember it being quite dificult.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. handypriest Says:

    I did Curator it a week ago and I was tasked to the flares, It was not hard to keep Curator DoT’ed but I saw that my Mana-battery performance were pretty low during the encounter(Due, I guess, by the fact that my mind blast was pretty much only used against the flares and when curator was on evocation mode). Next time I’m there il try to stay on him all the time to see if the increase of Mana is noticeable for the rest of my raid.
    Thanks for the info. (Oh and if you have any tips on how to survive against Aran longer I’d appreciate them)

  4. Vladvin Says:

    If you are getting over run with flares, I’d sugest Mind Flay’ing them until it’s under control, and then go back to Curator.

    As for Aran… make judicious use of your PW:S. Use VE and VT, since there’s no aggro you don’t have to worry about threat. What I had the most trouble with is being aware of your surroundings. You need to always know where the blizzard is and keep up with it. Find the back side of the Blizzard and get close to it, cast a spell or 2 and then move around the circle until you’re right behind it again. Rinse, Repeat. Make sure you’re using your bandage and HS cooldowns as well. If those don’t help the problems are more likley with your raid than you. Make sure that everything other than Arcane Missles are being interrupted and make sure your healers are pulling their weight.

    I just realized you might be Holy, I can’t seem to remember, if so I’ll get Galadria to give you some pointers!

  5. zemalf Says:

    “As a side note, Curator is immune to Arcane damage so all you NElf’s out there won’t be able to use Sharshards.”

    I didn’t know this, thanks for the info.

    I’m not sure, but I’ve read somewhere that Curator takes 250% damage during Evoc, not 200 (not that it matters that much).

    One more note about the low health enrage (at about 10-15% health) as then the flares stop spawning + Hateful Bolt and melee hurt a bit more (so be awake with healing).

    As a holy priest the most important thing in the fight is to pot early and release Shadowfiend on Curator during Evoc, especially with weaker dps raids the fight can be very long. If everything is under control healing-wise, I like to wand during Evoc, cos every bit helps 🙂

  6. Vladvin Says:

    I never really noticed the low health enrage, thanks for the info! I’ll check WoWWiki for the correct damage taken from Evocation and edit if necessary.

    I definatley agree. This fight can go really long if your DPS is on the weak side. The cool thing is that even as a Holy Priest you can get alonst a full mana bar during Evocation!

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