Vladvin: Arena 2/18

A friend and I started an Arena team Monday night, he wishes to remain anonomus so we’ll call him Bob with his pet Kitty.  We both wanted a way to get some Arena points and a no-pressure way to learn and get better at PvP.  For now we’re both keeping our raiding specs (he’s a BM hunter) and wearing our raiding gear (he changes 2 or 3 pieces; more Stam and Crit instead of Hit).  I’m going to chronicle this BRK style (I’ve really enjoyed reading his posts so I’m shamelessly copying!)  In the future we’re going to try another night, I think Mondays and weekends are going to be the worst, the ques were upwards of 10 mins that night.

2v2 – BM Hunter and Shadow Priest

  1. Pally/Rogue (I hadn’t figured out my addon yet so I don’t have specs; I think the Pally was Holy) – Loss – I did my usual get stunlocked, panic, forget I have 2 ways to get out of that (Undead racial and PvP trinket) and die.  I did manage to get a fear off and my partner put up a good show, got the Pally down but Crippling Poison FTL.
  2. BM Hunter/Affliction Warlock – Win! – Bob did a good job focus-firing the Hunter then the Lock, they put both pets on me I feared them, then the Lock chain feared me.  In between fears I got a few DOT’s off, but the Lock took me out.
  3. MM Hunter/Holy Pally – Loss – We decided to burn the Pally but I failed to notice when he Bubbled.  The hunter burned me down and his pet gave me too much pushback to do much of anything.
  4. Unknown Hunter/Resto Druid – Loss – We were very disorganized on this one.  The Hunter burned me, and the Druid healed his a$$ off.
  5. Prot Warrior/Combat Rogue – Loss – It was bad…  That’s all I have to say…
  6. Resto Shaman/Combat Rogue – Loss – This one started to get better.  Bob and I told ourselves to calm down and roll with the punches.  We burned the Shaman before the Rogue really got into the fight.  I think the Rogue missed me because he started on my partner but came back to me when the Shaman went down.  Crippling Poison FTL again.
  7. Combat Rogue/Feral Druid – Win!! – This one should have been much harder, but we played it right.  It was in BEM and we went up the ramp and out onto one of the rocks.  Partner put a trap right in the path onto the rock and threw flares in front of us.  When they finally came for us, one fell into the trap and we immediatley jumped down.  When they both figured out what hapened, and they came down after us, I feared both then we burned the Druid then the Rogue.  Woot!
  8. Holy Priest/Affliction Warlock – Win!! – This is where we figured out that we just needed him to tell me who to kill and I got a lot less flustered.  We took down the Priest very quickly, I DOT’ed the Lock and he returned the favor.  I died before he did, but Bob finished him off.
  9. Sublety Rogue/Assination Rogue – Win!! – We were stoked about this win.  Even though it can be a deadly combination, these 2 weren’t organized enough to pull it off.  We hid behind a pillar with flares and a Snake Trap.  When it became aparent they weren’t going to come for us, we ran off to the side to draw them out.  One came after me first, but I got outof the stun lock, feared him.  The other went after Bob.  In the end I went down, and it was close with the last Rogue and Bob but we pulled it out!
  10. Combat Rogue/Frost Mage – Loss – I would have liked to end on a high note, but they flat out-played us.  These 2 were very good and I was being a noob on top of it.  Mage killed me then they teamed up on Bob.

We ended the night 4-6 with a rating of 1470 (down from 1500).

What I need to work on:

  1. Targeting…  I spend more time trying to target than actually doing anything, going to try tab targeting and remember to use Proximo too.
  2. Proactive/Reactive – I need to get better at going on the offensive early.  Being a squishy I’m probaly going to be targeted first, I need to get my licks in while I can.
  3. Quicker with “Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free” buttons – need to be quicker with Will of the Forsaken and my Trinket, consider moving them to different buttons
  4. Remap keybindings – I use a whole slew of new buttons for PvP and I either need to learn the muscle memory to find them or remap them to more convient keys for PvP.
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7 Comments on “Vladvin: Arena 2/18”

  1. BigRedKitty Says:

    My Elune! You’re so… shameless! /laugh 🙂


  2. Vladvin Says:

    It’s BRK!!

    /calm down
    Glad you’re enjoying yourself!

  3. handypriest Says:

    I don’t know if you have that addon but check it out in curse : Arena Master. It makes a semi-transparent box appear in your UI when you do an Arena match. All you have to do is mouse over your two opponents to make their names and %Hp’s left. When you want to change targets you just have to click on the name of player you want to target and there you go. Instead of spending time clicking on that minuscule gnome rogue jumping around, at night, from afar. Hope it helps! 🙂

  4. Vladvin Says:

    I have Proximo. It’s very similar, but it doesn’t work on mouseover. It does however sync with your partner so if either one of us targets someone it comes up in the box. I simply wasn’t using the functionality!

    Thanks for the tip!

  5. Reznick Says:

    So, you all lost to a Prot warrior/Combat Rogue team, what made that so tough?

  6. Vladvin Says:

    I didn’t say it was tough… I said it was bad…

    I got taken down by the Rogue very quickly and Bob focused on the Warrior not realizing he was Prot. We played poorly… they owned…

  7. Reznick Says:

    Ok, i apologize for the bending of terminology. Being a prot warrior myself, I get roflpwned my hunters all the time….

    Ah, ok, forgot the rogue was still up, so while Bob was focusing on the well armored Warrior, the rogue got him, Gotcha and tank you 😉

    I am new to viewing your site and enjoy the summaries of your fights. My mage buddy and myself are about to start a 2v2 and we have been reading these, very informative 🙂

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